Wednesday, May 11, 2005

the amazing race 7- season finale

i apologize for the inevitable typos...i have not checked yet but want to post anyway.

And so it ends…this season of The Amazing Race…I guess you can say that the good guys won. It seemed that a lot of the teams were genuinely happy for the winners…there were even some tears. Now the real question is: were they all so happy that Uchenna and Joyce won, or were they just that happy that Rob and Amber didn’t win? One of the big “spoilers” of this season may have been that it had already been announced that Romber would be on Regis and Kelly tomorrow. Some say that they wouldn’t have announced it if they had won…who knows.
Anyway…there were some interesting times that were had in this episode. There was flying to Jamaica, Limbo-ing, raft building (or rafting, but everyone built), pit-stop driving, non-eliminating, onion finding, onion chopping, golfing, flying to Puerto Rico, bunching, bridge jumping, questionable flight allowing, “el rey de Havana” finding and pit-stop finding…Though in the written preview there was this “A Team makes the crucial mistake of leaving a clue behind while shopping” and we didn’t see that. I wonder what this was and where it happened???
In reverse order so that it has more suspense…oh wait, we all know who won, but who cares…

POW/Queen: They had a good first leg…all was great in Jamaica- Kelly was a good limbo-er…apparently Ron figured that because she was a dancer, she could do this one. Well, he was right about one thing (wrong in Africa about how dancing would help her carry things on her head…but hey). Unfortunately they didn’t have such a great time with the raft building and not only were the slowest, but fought the entire time. Ron kept saying “I’ve built a raft…like…never” and instead of allowing Kelly to help, he just made her feel like an idiot and made her sit there pretty much. But, they got lucky when both Romber and Uchenna and Joyce had some issues on the way to the pit stop. The golfing also went ok….though it looked like it was going to be a rough go, it worked for them. Even though Rob and Amber got a flight to Puerto Rico first, there was some bunching so it was ok. Things fell apart for them when they got lost on the way to the airport…they didn’t make the same flight as the other two so it was game over. Not even sure how long it took them to get to the Cigar shop or how far behind they were. Ah well. “Mat chat” with Phil at the end seemed to reveal that they will no longer continue the relationship after the race…I think we had all figured that out already though. Well, they were close…but no Cigar.

Rombuh: Well, they were darn close. And if it hadn’t been for a questionable flight allowance, they would have been hours ahead and would have won for sure (well, for almost sure). Their Jamaica leg was good…Amber limbo-ed it up like a pro, they built the raft well and they would likely have been first at the pitstop, but they were caught in a police check. Ah well, they started the first leg pretty much at the same time as Ron and Kelly…and they golfed up a storm…ok, not a storm, but Rob did hit the green and then it was off to Puerto Rico. They got the first flight out of Jamaica because of a delay, but because of the bunching, they started at the bridge jump all nice and together. For whatever reason, they sure didn’t do that bridge jump so well…they couldn’t find the bridge???? And ended up running around everywhere. Finally they found it and Amber did the jump and the swim and by the time she got to Rob she was just exhausted….cue the “jump on my back baby” cheese shot from the preview. So everything seemed to be falling apart…but then they got to the airport and got a killer flight. Figured no one would be able to make it because it was even questionable for THEM to make it on the flight due to “security reasons” (or so said the ticket agent). And here is where I think there was some CBS hanky-panky going on behind the scenes. The tunnel had been pulled back, the door had been closed, Rob and Amber were home free…and then, the Joyce and Uchenna begging worked and they opened the door for them. Ok, well that sucked but they could make it up by doing the Miami task quickly right? Unfortunately, they couldn’t figure out that the “King of the Havanas” clue for Little Havana should be translated into Spanish and that would be the name of the store. They were on Calle 8 (the right street)…just not in the right place. I am pretty sure that Rob thought he saw Uchenna as they were almost at the run to the mat…who knows, maybe it was someone else in a yellow shirt. But hey, Romber didn’t win a second million. That makes a lot of people happy. Too bad for them, but we all have to admit that they were good racers…

And the winners:
Joyce and Uchenna: They didn’t give up, that’s for sure, but they were also lucky. They were doing well in Jamaica…Joyce wasn’t as good a limbo-er as the other two so she and Uchenna had to leave 15 minutes later than the other two teams. Ok, they made that up well with the raft building…hooray. So they are free and clear on the way to the pitstop right? Wrong. They got a flat tire…boo. Ok so they’re back on the road and end up at the pitstop and of course, it’s a non-elimination leg. Bonus…so they give up their stuff (a good thing, give up their money (bad) and are told they have to start the next leg with $0 to their names (ok, so that means no begging before the leg begins). That’s rough…especially because the last few money amounts given have been pretty hefty and they were probably doing pretty well for money…plus the last leg usually gives you a fair bit as well. Crappy. So they open the clue and it’s “by taxi get to…” so they need a free taxi or some money…at 2am. I kept thinking, “just get a ride” until I realized they had to take a taxi. Anyway they figured the best way to get money was to go to the airport. I think they had a rough time…but managed some cash and found a driver that was willing to take them wherever they needed to go for the money they had…what a nice guy. So they got their onions, chopped them and then it was back to the airport and then to San Juan. On the way to the bridge jumping place Joyce was saying “you know, the other teams could be crossing the finish line right now…but we’re not giving up hope”. And thanks to the amazing race hours of operation…they were back in it. Though it does make a lot of sense that you shouldn’t be jumping off a bridge and swimming in the dark…Ok so they jumping went well, but Romber beat them to the airport…and beat them to the good flight…but as I mentioned earlier, some perhaps meddling by CBS got them on that flight. In some race brilliance (I think…thank you CBS) they didn’t get the hard to find clue until they actually got to Miami, so they couldn’t consult the people on the plane or the flight crew as to where they were going. But this team did get some luck in that their cab driver was all “donde esta el Rey de los Havanas” instead of “where’s the king of the havanas”….so they immediately knew that they needed to find 11th ave and 8th street. Then it was off to the mat…sort of. As the meter was creeping up, they started to get worried about money. Then they started asking the people in the cars next to them for money…when they got to where they needed to be, they were quite a bit short. So they were asking anyone and everyone for some cash (though there weren’t tones of people around). One person even said “well begging isn’t the way to get it” and props to Uchenna for not being snarky…he just said “well, we don’t have a lot of time and we just need to pay for our cab”. When asked what she needed money for, all Joyce could say it seemed was “we’re in a race”, though she seemed to be strategically holding her “Amazing Race” yellow envelope. So they finally got the money and the driver said it was enough and it was a run to the finish. The teams actually seemed happy for them. When Phil asked them what they would be doing with the money, there was a chorus of “a baby” from everyone. It was quite sweet actually. And as had been hinted at in previous episodes, it seems that the two of them have had a bit of marital discord as of late…but this has helped them get back on track. Again, nice to see. And so, the “nice guys” win the Amazing Race. I wonder if they have since given that cab driver a nice tip.

Here’s what I really would have liked to have seen: Uchenna and Joyce are still $5 short on their cab fare. Rob and Amber pull up. I really want to know if Joyce and Uchenna would have just taken off and started running…
I guess we will never know…unless of course they were asked on the CBS early show this morning.
So that’s the end of season 7. I don’t think it was the best season to date…but I love the show anyway. I’m a little worried about this next season that involves teams of 4. I think I’d rather see an all-star race. Perhaps next week I’ll think about who I’d like to see on an all-star version…

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

it's tuesday...the last amazing race tuesday of the season

SEASON FINALE Tuesday, May 10, 9PM ET/PT- It starts at 9pm MST on CTV and 10pm MST on CBS

Three Teams are racing in taxis when one taxi gets a flat tire. Will this put the Team out of the Race? this is Uchenna and Joyce...

A Team makes the crucial mistake of leaving a clue behind while shopping.

After 40,000 miles, Teams reach the end city. Every move, every minute, every decision and every stroke of luck can mean the difference between $1 million and second place. Who will win THE AMAZING RACE?

And if you haven't seen the cheeze-o-rific preview on the CBS website, you should really catch it for all it's awfullness.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

an amazing revalation

Ok, not so amazing, but it's amazing race related...
I just thought of something...since the advent of the "take all your money and then don't get money for the next leg" type of non-elimination round, there hasn't been a non-elimination leg right before the last leg. Starting in Season 5, it's been a non-elimination as the second last leg. So for the first time, there will be a team that doesn't get money for that last leg...
The way I see it, getting your STUFF taken away right before that last leg is actually an advantage because you don't have to worry about it (and most teams ditch it anyway)...but the no money might just make it more interesting...

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

the amazing race 7 -episode 10

Apparently they called this one “the devil made me do it”…due to Kelly saying that as she drew all over Rob and Amber’s faces at the Yield. I prefer to call it “Mr. and Mrs. Olderson go to London”. I’m not sure why…perhaps it’s because Gretchen seemed so happy to be there.
This episode involved flights to London, a trip to Abbey Road, the London Eye, Riddles or Boats, driving a double decker bus through some cones and a not so race to the mat.

In order of arrival at the bathmat:
Romber: This team has such good luck. When they do come in first, they get fabulous prizes…what’s with that. The two legs Uchenna and Joyce have come in first, they get nothing…Romber has two trips, a home entertainment system…not to mention the 1.25 million dollars the two of them won on Survivor. Oh yeah, and I’m guessing Mark Burnett paid for their wedding so that he could televise it. Anyway…they managed to secure a good flight: Istanbul-Frankfurt-London that got them in 2 hours ahead of the obvious Istanbul-London flight. They did risk a little by not having confirmed tickets to London, but of course it worked out for them. They found a guy in London to help them find their clues…and that of course worked out well for them. Rob was frustrated driving the bus, but I’m pretty sure he did it in fewer tries than the rest of the teams. Ooh, and they decided to yield Ron and Kelly…not sure why, maybe because they thought the Roadblock would take a long time? I think there will be a collective groan if they win.

POW/Queen: They also managed to get the same flight as Romber. They also managed to get a lot of money because they didn’t seem to be worried about it at all. You did see them doing a lot of begging, but it must have been quite successful. Anyway, they seemed to be navigating London quite well…and chose the detour I wanted to see…the Sherlock Holmes themed scavenger hunt type thing through London. Instead of taking the tube to the bus roadblock, they took a cab…and well, in London traffic, it took an hour. So that was their big time loser. Kelly did the task because Ron had already done 5 of his 6 allowed tasks. She of course struggled and Ron made a rude women drivers comment. Once the task was finished he then bragged about how good he would have been at it because he is trained to pilot expensive vehicles…he even said “lets go back, I’ll show you that I can do it in one, maybe two tries. I’d like to see it Ron. But they’re still in the race. We found out that Kelly is now thinking that maybe Ron is NOT the person she wants to marry…this theme I think is continued through to next week. Poor poor make-up-less Kelly.

Uchenna and Joyce: They didn’t want to risk a tough connection so they took the direct flight. That put them two hours behind the top two teams. Hmm…I don’t have much to say about them this leg except that they seem to be lacking a certain killer instinct. Uchenna…when it’s a race and you are fighting it out not to be last, don’t help the team that is behind you. That’s just stupid. They chose Brawn instead of Brains so they had to move boats instead of run around searching for Sherlock Holmes. They did pretty well at that. Joyce had to do the bus task…and they arrived as Kelly was still trying to do it (not sure how long the Yield was, but that was where Ron and Kelly had to wait it out and then try the busses) and Uchenna thought that meant they’d pass them…silly Uchenna. They finished and then had a hard time finding a cab to go to the mat…or so the editing wanted us to think. Who knows how long they actually were. But hey, they’re in the top three and now it’s just a race to the million.

Last and Philiminated…
The Oldersons: Well, they had a good run. Here is one of the reasons they were last this leg: when you’re in your seventies and you have the choice between Brains and Brawn, wouldn’t you choose Brains? Oh wait, these are the people that made mistake after mistake when it came to using brains and common sense…Who knows, maybe if they had chosen brains, they would have beat Uchenna and Joyce. But then again, maybe not. They have now been Philiminated. But boy did they enjoy London…and the race. Kudos to them for making it this far. They had a lot of luck, but you can’t knock their never give up attitude… I’m just glad I don’t have to listen to her voice being shrill again (though this was an ok episode for it…she kept the shrillness to a minimum). They survived a lot through the course of the race. Hooray for the Oldersons.

Next week is the final episode. I heard rumours of Vancouver as one of the destinations. Wherever they go, they’re jumping off a bridge into a river…and it looks like Amber twists her ankle…now judging from the light, it’s quite early in the morning, so it could be at one of the last tasks and maybe Rob is carrying her to the end. We also see Joyce crying about not making a flight…what’s going to happen….I don’t know. Seriously though...a collective TAR-watcher groan if Romber wins...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

today is tuesday....

Tuesday is "TAR" day.

Tuesday, May 3, 9PM ET/PT
Some take a chance on airline tickets without confirmed seats, while others get seats on a later flight. Will the gamble pay off? I think Romber would try this.

Forced to beg for money, one Racer shares a stranger's lipstick. Oh Kelly...forced to share poor poor dear. Just think of all the lipstick Ron didn't have when he was in a POW camp trying to get out of being in the military.

One Team is Yielded. Will this affect their standing? A Romber yeild? Maybe someone will do it....

Teams have trouble with double-decker buses, which they have to drive. This is where Ron has a sexist comment about women and driving...I'd like to see you do it Ron