Tuesday, April 26, 2005

it's tuuuuuesdaaaaay

One duo’s bickering fuels a much deeper discussion about commitment and the state of their relationship. Obviously this is Ron and Kelly. I wonder if she actually meant the POW comment as a bit of a joke...regardless, joking about being captured by Iraqis (or Americans for that matter) isn't really something to joke about.

Two Teams are confident they are ahead of two lagging Teams, but face a harsh reality when they learn they are the ones pulling up the rear. Romber and Ron and Kelly?

One Team's hard-fought lead is jeopardized when they have a hard time completing a task. Will this delay cost them the Race? Meredith and Gretchen wouldn't be leading would they?

Will this be non-elimination? Will it be elimination? We know they go to Turkey, that should be cool.

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