Wednesday, April 27, 2005

the amazing race 7 -episode 9

Aaah the sweet smell of irony and come-uppance. This was a fabulous episode for it. The teams had to travel to Turkey, find an island, find a Travelocity Gnome on the island, weigh people or follow a grid and open a box, climb a tower-find a key-repel down and then meet Phil at the mat. Whoever brought the Gnome with the airplane on it got a “fabulous prize” of a Travelocity gift certificate and a night at the 4 Seasons Hotel. The great part came in Rob being cocky AND responsible for the lead the other teams got. Oh and by the time they left, Rob was “so over India”.
So in order of arrival at the bathmat:

Uchenna and Joyce: They didn’t actually have much of a lead after last week…it looked like a maximum of a few minutes. Anyway…so there was a bunch up at the airport leaving India and Rob said to either them or Meredith and Gretchen, “so, did you get the earlier flight to Turkey” which as far as Rob was concerned, didn’t actually exist. But being the go-getter Uchenna is, he wrangles a cell phone and finds himself (and the oldies) an earlier flight to Turkey (via Dubai). They seem to be getting stronger…though it looks like a little bit of a Joyce meltdown next week.

The Oldies: It’s a good thing they caught that earlier flight or they would have been last. The only clue they found easily was on the island of about 5 square feet. There was no clue box too obvious for them. They also had a hard time finding the man with the scales…but no problem with the task so that wasn’t so bad. Then it was Gretchen that had to do all the climbing and finding and repelling…she did it, though slowly. Her voice seemed slightly less shrill this episode and hey, they’re still in it. Because they are still in it, they not only have the chance of winning, but I think they are starting to believe they could win it.

Rombuh: Oh Rob, you cocky bastard. It’s really because of you that the other teams are ahead. Not only did you put that idea in their heads, but you couldn’t find the flights they did when you tried to. AND…you made fun of them and called them stupid as they were gaining 2 hours on you. It was fabulous. The blind leading the blind eh? It was a great moment when Rob realized they were 3rd and not 1st. But to give them credit, they stepped it up a notch and raced to the mat. They knew their goal had to be to beat Ron and Kelly and that they did. It was really fun to watch him badmouth the other teams while they were ahead of him…have I said that yet?

And last…but not Philiminated.
Ron and Kelly: Also fun to watch them be so confident about being “in second place” when they were actually dead last. Muahahaha. The conversation in the cab about commitment definitely lived up to expectation. It started because Ron is realizing that there’s a great big world out there and he wants to see more of it before he settles down. Kelly is ready to settle and “isn’t going to wait around until he’s ready” and saying that his life pattern shows that he can’t make commitments in fact, he even got out of the military by being a POW. Ron definitely stood up for himself but in a way that really did make her comment seem so ridiculous without actually saying it. Well played by Ron. I’m sure they’ve broken up by now. Anyway, they fought through all the tasks and Ron was on top of the tower and could actually see Romber arrive at the bathmat…so when they did arrive, they knew they were last but were happy to see it was a non-elimination leg. I think they were expecting that. They ended up having the Gnome with the airplane on it so they won the prize…I wonder if they’ll end up begging at the 4 seasons? (oh and they were wearing a lot of clothes because it was cold out…so perhaps they’ll be fine with the clothes on their backs). Oh, and they were the only team to do the "follow the grid" task which definitely had some frustration potential if you couldn't follow it properly...but they did just fine.

So that was this week. Overall, good television watching. It looks like they might go to London next episode…the meltdown of every team seems to happen while there’s a detour that involves driving a red double-decker bus through some pylons…winning comment by Ron seems to be a sexist remark about women and driving. I hope they all have to get beat up by Turkish wrestlers before they leave the country though…Only 2 more episodes left I think…

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