Wednesday, April 13, 2005

the amazing race 7-episode 7

I will refer to this episode as “Hat the fu”. What the fuck is with the “to be continued…”????? Ah well. It involved airports, bitchy words, looking in boxes, shlepping tea and no closure! Though I’m still pretty convinced that this is a non-elimination leg
I can’t even put teams in order of arrival at the bathmat of Philimination…as only one team made it before the episode finished. I will put them in estimated order of arrival.

Rombuh: On camera, Amber was the only one that said “this clue seems different” when they got the supposed pitstop clue that wasn’t actually a pitstop clue. The looks on their faces when Phil was all “here’s your next clue” was pretty good. Rob is still as scheming as ever by trying to convince the Botswanese (?) airport lady not to tell the other teams about the flights he booked. He said “don’t help them, if they ask why you won’t, just point at me”.They were too busy being booked on other flights by Lynn anyway.

Pow/Queen: They are starting to feel the burn of being at the head of the pack. Apparently they don’t like that now that they are doing well, the other teams won’t help them and aren’t nice to them. Awww, poor babies. They seem to have reconciled a bit after the last couple of episodes. They were on the same flight as Rob and Amber and got to the yield before them. For some unknown reason, they didn’t yield Rombuh…why? Because Rob told them not to use the yield. Ok…whatever. I imagine they will be the next to arrive at the mat to be told they’re still racing.

Uchenna and Joyce: Them, Lynn and Alex and Meredith and Gretchen were all on the same flight to India. The amazing race line that shows how people get there lead us to believe that from the tiny airport in Botswana they flew directly to New Delhi…I think the line was lying. Anyway, they had a decent leg…they passed Lynn and Alex whilst delivering tea but not sure if they successfully made it to the non pitstop. Oh yes...and when they were taking a rickshaw the driver was just sitting on the seat with his legs up while Uchenna did all the was a pretty funny picture!

Lynn and Alex: I was a little angry with Alex this leg. The teams had to go to some sort of religious monument and in order to enter, your head had to be covered. Most of the men were already wearing hats so mostly the women had to put head scarves on. Alex didn’t have a hat but was all bitter that he had to wear the scarf and ended up just carrying it…I found that disrespectful. They did have a funny moment though…When in a rickshaw or something of the sort, Lynn was all “I could ride in one of these forever” to which Alex responded “Ow…my bum hurts”. They (like all the teams) seemed really tired so I think it will be quite a blow to the energy when they have to keep going.

Meredith and Gretchen: They had another rough leg. Gretchen didn’t seem very organized in looking through the 600 boxes to find one of 10 clues (talk about a task coming down to mostly luck…). Her voice complaining about it drove me nuts…but she did persevere and completed the task. They seemed to be the only ones who even considered hauling coal instead of delivering tea. But they did the tea…as they were looking for “Raj” a guy took the tea and told them to go away. They asked him for his business card (part of the task) and he made a shooing motion. Finally they found Raj down the table and were all “shame on you for taking his tea”. I’m sure they’ll make it to see Phil last and then maybe be rejoiced that they have to keep going, maybe cry because they are tired…we’ll see.
Next episode will probably include the required train ride through India. Hopefully Kelly puts some more clothes on. I am sick of her halter tops. I wonder what’s with Amber and wearing her coat all through the day…maybe she’s sick? I’m still thinking non-elimination because there should be two more left in the race…we’ll have to see what happens next episode.

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