Wednesday, April 06, 2005

the amazing race 7- episode 6

I will call this episode CURSES!
My favourite team hath been eliminated and I think the loss of them will take some humour and fun out of the rest of the season. I really wish I had paid attention as to how far behind they were at the beginning of the leg (but I was busy making a sandwich) just to know if they had a CHANCE at not being eliminated because for once, the producers didn’t find a way to lump them all together. The one time I wanted the teams to get somewhere and be told that they had to wait until it opened. Though I have a feeling that this last pit stop may not have been exactly 12 hours. My reasoning is that they didn’t say “Ron and Kelly who arrived at 5:29 pm will be leaving at 5:29 am” and conveniently, the sun was just starting to rise when they were leaving…something tells me they weren’t going to have them drive in the wilds of Botswana at night (and I think they probably aren’t allowed to.

Anyway, in order of arrival at the bathmat of Philimination:
Rombuh: Another first place finish and they won a trip to Monte Carlo (I think). Amber looked really impressed with the trip. Something tells me they are going to have one heck of a honeymoon. They’re working really well together (perhaps last week was just a blip of frustration) and have decided not to worry about anyone but themselves…though I thought that was their MO from the get go.

POW/Queen: They don’t have a very healthy relationship. Yet, they keep pulling through. Hopefully they don’t win the million and have to argue over who deserves more…the redneck or the whiner. But hey, he was in a POW camp in Iraq. He knows how to do everything. I wonder if he has PTSD…

Uchenna and Joyce: They were still third and had to go back and take their post out of the ground after arriving at the pit stop…they must have been pretty far ahead OR, the pit stop wasn’t all that far from the roadblock. I think they used their African power to balance stuff on their heads…none of the white folks could do it…I am hoping this doesn’t sound racist. Anyway, he was talking about how the people in his dad’s village in Nigeria were power balancers…too bad Nigeria is on the other side of the continent.

Lynn and Alex: Amid their bitching and potentially racist comments in the last few episodes, there was a bit of a light for them this episode. I have never seen anyone so patient with helping someone get through a driving problem. Alex is apparently not a very good driver at all, much less a stick shift driver (so he chose to do a driving roadblock) and Lynn just talked him through the whole thing. Twas nice. It cracked me up when Lynn was going on about how much he loved the landrover/truck they were driving and he wanted one and Alex made a comment about how useless it would be in LA.

The Oldersons: Well, they’re still in it. After not being able to find their clue and getting to the pitstop only to have to go back to pick up the clue…they must have been significantly ahead of Brian and Greg. So they’re still hanging on and Phil mentioned at the bathmat that they’re the team that just won’t die. They look funny traipsing around with their plastic bags. Scenes from next episode kind of make me wonder if they are behind again…and since it would make sense to have another non-elimination leg next, it really wouldn’t hurt them much to have their stuff taken away would it?

Last and very sadly Philiminated:
Brian and Greg: Great team, lots of humour, lots of fun. They were visibly very disappointed with being eliminated…but they went out in style but deciding to put their swimsuits, funny hats, scarves and sunglasses on for their bathmat trip. They figured they would dare them to make them continue the race with just the clothes on their backs if it was a non-elimination leg and if it was an elimination leg…hey they were going out in style. They must have been fairly far behind because even though they were looking at the wrong water tower for a bit…they couldn’t have been there THAT long could they? Who knows? But, they were fun to watch and the rest of the season won’t be as good without them.

Next week it looks like an India-esque locale. Does this mean they will skip over Europe this season? I wouldn’t be too disappointed if they did. I’ve heard a rumour they go to Vancouver or Victoria on their way back to the states…that would be fun.Anyway, that’s this episode. I’ll miss Brian and Greg and I’m now not sure who I’m rooting for.

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Did you see the episode of catch ups last night? It was great for me to be in the loop again.