Wednesday, April 27, 2005

the amazing race 7 -episode 9

Aaah the sweet smell of irony and come-uppance. This was a fabulous episode for it. The teams had to travel to Turkey, find an island, find a Travelocity Gnome on the island, weigh people or follow a grid and open a box, climb a tower-find a key-repel down and then meet Phil at the mat. Whoever brought the Gnome with the airplane on it got a “fabulous prize” of a Travelocity gift certificate and a night at the 4 Seasons Hotel. The great part came in Rob being cocky AND responsible for the lead the other teams got. Oh and by the time they left, Rob was “so over India”.
So in order of arrival at the bathmat:

Uchenna and Joyce: They didn’t actually have much of a lead after last week…it looked like a maximum of a few minutes. Anyway…so there was a bunch up at the airport leaving India and Rob said to either them or Meredith and Gretchen, “so, did you get the earlier flight to Turkey” which as far as Rob was concerned, didn’t actually exist. But being the go-getter Uchenna is, he wrangles a cell phone and finds himself (and the oldies) an earlier flight to Turkey (via Dubai). They seem to be getting stronger…though it looks like a little bit of a Joyce meltdown next week.

The Oldies: It’s a good thing they caught that earlier flight or they would have been last. The only clue they found easily was on the island of about 5 square feet. There was no clue box too obvious for them. They also had a hard time finding the man with the scales…but no problem with the task so that wasn’t so bad. Then it was Gretchen that had to do all the climbing and finding and repelling…she did it, though slowly. Her voice seemed slightly less shrill this episode and hey, they’re still in it. Because they are still in it, they not only have the chance of winning, but I think they are starting to believe they could win it.

Rombuh: Oh Rob, you cocky bastard. It’s really because of you that the other teams are ahead. Not only did you put that idea in their heads, but you couldn’t find the flights they did when you tried to. AND…you made fun of them and called them stupid as they were gaining 2 hours on you. It was fabulous. The blind leading the blind eh? It was a great moment when Rob realized they were 3rd and not 1st. But to give them credit, they stepped it up a notch and raced to the mat. They knew their goal had to be to beat Ron and Kelly and that they did. It was really fun to watch him badmouth the other teams while they were ahead of him…have I said that yet?

And last…but not Philiminated.
Ron and Kelly: Also fun to watch them be so confident about being “in second place” when they were actually dead last. Muahahaha. The conversation in the cab about commitment definitely lived up to expectation. It started because Ron is realizing that there’s a great big world out there and he wants to see more of it before he settles down. Kelly is ready to settle and “isn’t going to wait around until he’s ready” and saying that his life pattern shows that he can’t make commitments in fact, he even got out of the military by being a POW. Ron definitely stood up for himself but in a way that really did make her comment seem so ridiculous without actually saying it. Well played by Ron. I’m sure they’ve broken up by now. Anyway, they fought through all the tasks and Ron was on top of the tower and could actually see Romber arrive at the bathmat…so when they did arrive, they knew they were last but were happy to see it was a non-elimination leg. I think they were expecting that. They ended up having the Gnome with the airplane on it so they won the prize…I wonder if they’ll end up begging at the 4 seasons? (oh and they were wearing a lot of clothes because it was cold out…so perhaps they’ll be fine with the clothes on their backs). Oh, and they were the only team to do the "follow the grid" task which definitely had some frustration potential if you couldn't follow it properly...but they did just fine.

So that was this week. Overall, good television watching. It looks like they might go to London next episode…the meltdown of every team seems to happen while there’s a detour that involves driving a red double-decker bus through some pylons…winning comment by Ron seems to be a sexist remark about women and driving. I hope they all have to get beat up by Turkish wrestlers before they leave the country though…Only 2 more episodes left I think…

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

it's tuuuuuesdaaaaay

One duo’s bickering fuels a much deeper discussion about commitment and the state of their relationship. Obviously this is Ron and Kelly. I wonder if she actually meant the POW comment as a bit of a joke...regardless, joking about being captured by Iraqis (or Americans for that matter) isn't really something to joke about.

Two Teams are confident they are ahead of two lagging Teams, but face a harsh reality when they learn they are the ones pulling up the rear. Romber and Ron and Kelly?

One Team's hard-fought lead is jeopardized when they have a hard time completing a task. Will this delay cost them the Race? Meredith and Gretchen wouldn't be leading would they?

Will this be non-elimination? Will it be elimination? We know they go to Turkey, that should be cool.

Monday, April 25, 2005


So I heard that a father of two died this weekend. He died doing a “stunt” on his motorcycle. My initial reaction was “Bastard…you can’t do shit like that when you’re a parent, you’ve just devastated two kids”. But reaction got me thinking: When you become a parent do you “give up” your right to take risks?
On one hand, it’s a risk just to walk across the street. It’s a risk to get in the car to drive…those are obvious everyday risks that are necessary to take. But it’s also a risk to play hockey or go hiking or go rock climbing. Those risks aren’t as necessary as crossing the street, but can be necessary for enjoyment. Where do you draw the line? To me, driving your motorbike down a residential street at 80km/hr and then deciding to “pop a wheelie” is an unnecessary risk for anyone…especially a father, but then again, I won’t even get on a motorcycle. But for this guy, was it a risk he’d thought about and decided it was worth it? Or was it just an impulsive decision? Perhaps parents give up the right to make impulsive decisions about risk?
I guess since I am not a parent, I just don’t know.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

the amazing race 7- episode 8

Another episode of the Amazing Race done. I did enjoy this episode…much better than the last. It involved evil Camels, heavy wooden elephants and a 24 hour train ride through India. I wasn’t sure whether it would be a non-elimination or not…though I think last week I predicted the non-elim, I was wrong.
In order of arrival at the bathmat:

Uchenna and Joyce: They went for the fast forward. As soon as I saw that it was the fast forward and that they were in India, I figured it would be a head shaving. Season five involved a head shaving fast forward, but God’s favourite models didn’t want to do it (they were saved by the fact that it was a non-elimination leg). Anyway, so Uchenna already had no hair so it was clearly up to Joyce. You could tell it was causing her stress because she just kinda yelled “lets just do it” when Uchenna asked if she really wanted to do it. At first it was painful to watch because she was just sitting there crying as this guy cut all her hair off…but then Uchenna went over and held her hand and told her she was beautiful no matter what. How can you not root for this team now? She doesn’t look so bad with a shaved head…

Ron and Kelly: Had a pretty good leg. They were barely second…Rob and Amber were not even a second behind them. They pushed their elephant quite nicely and Kelly didn’t have nearly as much camel trouble as some of the other teams…they were matching nicely in their blue shirts…I was happy to see that Kelly wasn’t wearing a halter top again. Kelly actually showed some soul this episode…when she saw Meredith struggling with the elephant pushing she tried to convince the locals to help him…how sweet. Scenes from next episode show Kelly saying that Ron can’t make a commitment and that proof of that is that he even got out of being in the military by being a POW…can’t wait for that.

Rombuh: Good leg here too. I wasn’t impressed with Rob yanking kids off the street to help them push their elephant. Instead of asking people around us “can you help us?” it was “HELP US”! The tail off their elephant broke off…I wonder how much that costs. 600 pound teak elephants can’t be cheap. Poor Amber ended up with a camel that just didn’t want to run…but it got across the finish line in the end (after a tease that it was going to turn around and run the wrong way around the track). Apparently they got married in the Bahamas last weekend…look for their wedding show to come in May…

The Oldies: They just won’t die. And Meredith really looked like he was going to die whilst pushing the elephant. For whatever reason, Gretchen decided to get up into the compartment on top of the elephant and ride it instead of pushing. So there she was, yelling about pushing and driving us all nuts. Instead of then giving her poor husband a break, she made him do the camel racing. I truly think they were shocked when they weren’t eliminated. They just kind of walked up to the mat sheepishly…and it was then announced that they are now the oldest to get this far in the race. Man are they beat up…

Last and Philiminated:
Lynn and Alex: They were victims of a taxi driver that didn’t know where he was going. They would have beat the oldies, but they ended up at “the other” palace first. They made a key decision by noticing that Joyce and Uchenna were going for the fast forward and decided not to go. As it turned out, if they’d had a decent taxi driver, they probably would have gotten there first because it took J and U a long time to find the head shaving locale. I would have liked to see if those two would have shaved their heads…When they were eliminated, I really thought we’d see a kiss…but no, just a hug and perhaps a cheek kiss. Anyway…they’re gone.
It’s getting down to the important stuff now. Will next week be a non-elimination leg? Will a team that’s been doing really well make their first key mistake that just puts them out of the running? I guess we’ll find out soon.

Monday, April 18, 2005

something i got recently

1. What is your favorite word? I don't ever use it because I'm not british, but I love the word "bollocks"
2. What is your least favorite word?'s a toss up between twat and cunt
3. What turns you on? Being made to feel special, massages, hugs, kisses, all sorts of things
4. What turns you off? bad smells
5. What is your favorite curse word? fuck
6. What sound or noise do you love? music
7. What sound or noise do you hate? people and/or animals in pain
8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I would love to be a cast member in a Miss Saigon or Fame or Rent or something like that
9. What profession would you not like to do? A nurse, a garbage collector, anything that involves something really smelly.
10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Something that involves "welcome, you did ok, I've been waiting for you"

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

the amazing race 7-episode 7

I will refer to this episode as “Hat the fu”. What the fuck is with the “to be continued…”????? Ah well. It involved airports, bitchy words, looking in boxes, shlepping tea and no closure! Though I’m still pretty convinced that this is a non-elimination leg
I can’t even put teams in order of arrival at the bathmat of Philimination…as only one team made it before the episode finished. I will put them in estimated order of arrival.

Rombuh: On camera, Amber was the only one that said “this clue seems different” when they got the supposed pitstop clue that wasn’t actually a pitstop clue. The looks on their faces when Phil was all “here’s your next clue” was pretty good. Rob is still as scheming as ever by trying to convince the Botswanese (?) airport lady not to tell the other teams about the flights he booked. He said “don’t help them, if they ask why you won’t, just point at me”.They were too busy being booked on other flights by Lynn anyway.

Pow/Queen: They are starting to feel the burn of being at the head of the pack. Apparently they don’t like that now that they are doing well, the other teams won’t help them and aren’t nice to them. Awww, poor babies. They seem to have reconciled a bit after the last couple of episodes. They were on the same flight as Rob and Amber and got to the yield before them. For some unknown reason, they didn’t yield Rombuh…why? Because Rob told them not to use the yield. Ok…whatever. I imagine they will be the next to arrive at the mat to be told they’re still racing.

Uchenna and Joyce: Them, Lynn and Alex and Meredith and Gretchen were all on the same flight to India. The amazing race line that shows how people get there lead us to believe that from the tiny airport in Botswana they flew directly to New Delhi…I think the line was lying. Anyway, they had a decent leg…they passed Lynn and Alex whilst delivering tea but not sure if they successfully made it to the non pitstop. Oh yes...and when they were taking a rickshaw the driver was just sitting on the seat with his legs up while Uchenna did all the was a pretty funny picture!

Lynn and Alex: I was a little angry with Alex this leg. The teams had to go to some sort of religious monument and in order to enter, your head had to be covered. Most of the men were already wearing hats so mostly the women had to put head scarves on. Alex didn’t have a hat but was all bitter that he had to wear the scarf and ended up just carrying it…I found that disrespectful. They did have a funny moment though…When in a rickshaw or something of the sort, Lynn was all “I could ride in one of these forever” to which Alex responded “Ow…my bum hurts”. They (like all the teams) seemed really tired so I think it will be quite a blow to the energy when they have to keep going.

Meredith and Gretchen: They had another rough leg. Gretchen didn’t seem very organized in looking through the 600 boxes to find one of 10 clues (talk about a task coming down to mostly luck…). Her voice complaining about it drove me nuts…but she did persevere and completed the task. They seemed to be the only ones who even considered hauling coal instead of delivering tea. But they did the tea…as they were looking for “Raj” a guy took the tea and told them to go away. They asked him for his business card (part of the task) and he made a shooing motion. Finally they found Raj down the table and were all “shame on you for taking his tea”. I’m sure they’ll make it to see Phil last and then maybe be rejoiced that they have to keep going, maybe cry because they are tired…we’ll see.
Next episode will probably include the required train ride through India. Hopefully Kelly puts some more clothes on. I am sick of her halter tops. I wonder what’s with Amber and wearing her coat all through the day…maybe she’s sick? I’m still thinking non-elimination because there should be two more left in the race…we’ll have to see what happens next episode.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

tonight on the amazing race

Two factions form as groups of Teams race to secure flights together. (I'm thinking Rombuh is excluded from this)

The simple task of choosing a mode of transportation fuels tension between two Racers, straining their relationship.

A communication breakdown between one Racer and a local causes a commotion. (who will be this season's villain who loses it on a local????)

One Team shares an affectionate moment with locals when they are cheered on by a supportive crowd. (we know this is the oldersons...I almost called them Don and Mary Jean...but nope, it's Meredith and Gretchen)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

the amazing race 7- episode 6

I will call this episode CURSES!
My favourite team hath been eliminated and I think the loss of them will take some humour and fun out of the rest of the season. I really wish I had paid attention as to how far behind they were at the beginning of the leg (but I was busy making a sandwich) just to know if they had a CHANCE at not being eliminated because for once, the producers didn’t find a way to lump them all together. The one time I wanted the teams to get somewhere and be told that they had to wait until it opened. Though I have a feeling that this last pit stop may not have been exactly 12 hours. My reasoning is that they didn’t say “Ron and Kelly who arrived at 5:29 pm will be leaving at 5:29 am” and conveniently, the sun was just starting to rise when they were leaving…something tells me they weren’t going to have them drive in the wilds of Botswana at night (and I think they probably aren’t allowed to.

Anyway, in order of arrival at the bathmat of Philimination:
Rombuh: Another first place finish and they won a trip to Monte Carlo (I think). Amber looked really impressed with the trip. Something tells me they are going to have one heck of a honeymoon. They’re working really well together (perhaps last week was just a blip of frustration) and have decided not to worry about anyone but themselves…though I thought that was their MO from the get go.

POW/Queen: They don’t have a very healthy relationship. Yet, they keep pulling through. Hopefully they don’t win the million and have to argue over who deserves more…the redneck or the whiner. But hey, he was in a POW camp in Iraq. He knows how to do everything. I wonder if he has PTSD…

Uchenna and Joyce: They were still third and had to go back and take their post out of the ground after arriving at the pit stop…they must have been pretty far ahead OR, the pit stop wasn’t all that far from the roadblock. I think they used their African power to balance stuff on their heads…none of the white folks could do it…I am hoping this doesn’t sound racist. Anyway, he was talking about how the people in his dad’s village in Nigeria were power balancers…too bad Nigeria is on the other side of the continent.

Lynn and Alex: Amid their bitching and potentially racist comments in the last few episodes, there was a bit of a light for them this episode. I have never seen anyone so patient with helping someone get through a driving problem. Alex is apparently not a very good driver at all, much less a stick shift driver (so he chose to do a driving roadblock) and Lynn just talked him through the whole thing. Twas nice. It cracked me up when Lynn was going on about how much he loved the landrover/truck they were driving and he wanted one and Alex made a comment about how useless it would be in LA.

The Oldersons: Well, they’re still in it. After not being able to find their clue and getting to the pitstop only to have to go back to pick up the clue…they must have been significantly ahead of Brian and Greg. So they’re still hanging on and Phil mentioned at the bathmat that they’re the team that just won’t die. They look funny traipsing around with their plastic bags. Scenes from next episode kind of make me wonder if they are behind again…and since it would make sense to have another non-elimination leg next, it really wouldn’t hurt them much to have their stuff taken away would it?

Last and very sadly Philiminated:
Brian and Greg: Great team, lots of humour, lots of fun. They were visibly very disappointed with being eliminated…but they went out in style but deciding to put their swimsuits, funny hats, scarves and sunglasses on for their bathmat trip. They figured they would dare them to make them continue the race with just the clothes on their backs if it was a non-elimination leg and if it was an elimination leg…hey they were going out in style. They must have been fairly far behind because even though they were looking at the wrong water tower for a bit…they couldn’t have been there THAT long could they? Who knows? But, they were fun to watch and the rest of the season won’t be as good without them.

Next week it looks like an India-esque locale. Does this mean they will skip over Europe this season? I wouldn’t be too disappointed if they did. I’ve heard a rumour they go to Vancouver or Victoria on their way back to the states…that would be fun.Anyway, that’s this episode. I’ll miss Brian and Greg and I’m now not sure who I’m rooting for.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

it's practically tuesday

I know I didn't post last week but it was a busy one. I was getting ready for my cousin's wedding in Victoria...the trip and the wedding went really well...including my first stint as a wedding emcee.

Anyway, as it's already Tuesday on the East Coast:
-The strain of the Race takes its toll on one Team when one Racer reacts angrily to an unattractive side of her teammate.
(i'm pretty sure this is ron and kelly, i seem to remember a little clip of kelly calling ron a redneck)

-One Team member hastily chooses to do a Roadblock that involves driving a stick shift through the African bush, and he has only driven a stick once before. Will he be able to complete the task? (ok, who can't drive stick? more of ron? maybe rob? i doubt that it's meredith.)

-Teams drive for miles across the African bush over rough and muddy roads. They encounter giraffes, elephants, zebras and hippos roaming freely all around them, causing everyone a little trepidation, but great excitement over their experience of wild Africa.