Friday, March 04, 2005

some select few things i've learned from "my sweets"

-how to like spicy's nice and tasty even though it sometimes hurts
-how to laugh like a kid at Adam Sandler movies
-the Simpsons are DAMN funny
-Dave Chappelle is sometimes funny
-"jesus freaks" aren't always those people who make you feel like an idiot. in fact, they are some of the nicest people in the's just those unfortunate vocal few that ruin it for the rest
it's not really all i've learned...but it's time to watch my movie.
goodnight all.


The Rev said...

Are you referreing to J as "my sweets"? You call him that? Oh man, he's never gonna live that one down!

revswife said...

So glad you are posting more often! Yes spicy food...hmm it can do a number. "My Sweets" ??? Are you serious? That makes me grin.