Wednesday, March 23, 2005

the amazing race 7- episode 4

After last night’s “scenes from our next episode” which included the announcement that next week would be a TWO HOUR episode, it’s hard to concentrate on the episode that just happened, but oh well. I was watching some of the insider footage on the website last night…it was kind of interesting to hear some of the behind the scenes stuff. Phil was saying that at the last pitstop (after the meat) they were expecting people to roll in around 11am. Lynn and Alex were the first team to arrive at 3:49pm. Glad to see they can’t control everything in the race.
This episode still involved sticking to Argentina…which was cool because Argentina looks like a neat place. Folks had to ride horses, search for boats or islands, get to Buenos Aires…an ok episode.

In order of arrival at the bathmat:
Rombuh: They pulled off another first place finish and a prize. Somehow they arrived for a 9:30 flight at 9:25 and managed to get them to hold the plane for them. I’m thinking if it was an international flight or an international airport, there’s no way it would have happened. Too many teams concentrate on hating them instead of running their own race…good leg by Rombuh.

Brian and Greg: Slowly moving up in the ranks. I like their attitude and their comedy. They seem to be having a lot of fun. In their pre-race interview they said they likely wouldn’t have any problems with the two of them fighting or being mad…I think they’re right. They are laid back enough to have perspective but competitive enough to still run a good race. Plus, they have great clothes.

Uchenna and Joyce: Another team with a good attitude. Kudos to Joyce for getting back on the horse after she fell of TWICE. If that had happened to Deana, I think she would have freaked out. They seem to be supporting each other and having fun. I think he has some comedic value as well.

Ron and Kelly: I read somewhere that they are no longer together. This isn’t shocking to me since they don’t seem to have a lot of chemistry. Though I also don’t think they’ve been together for all that long. They were NOT happy to see Rob and Amber make it onto that first flight…in fact, on the way up the stairs to the plane Kelly was saying how nice it was to see that none of the quitters would make that first flight. Hehe…

Lynn and Alex: They had some bad luck this leg. Their boat stopped working so they had to wait for another. Of course you get the voice over about if equipment breaks down “through no fault of their own” they get a new boat but they are NOT issued a time credit for their bad luck. Lynn and Alex seemed to take that in stride and said “well, luck is a part of the race and it wasn’t with us today”. That’s really all you can do. Alex called the riding helmet “pretty” this episode. Now is that his inner gay or is he just trying to seem super gay for the camera?

Ray and Deana: He’s kind of a prick, she’s really whiny. Sound familiar? But they aren’t as bad as those involved in “shove-gate” last season. Right…so she was having trouble with the horse and was getting really frustrated. I think I would have too, especially because it looked REALLY hot out…though I don’t think I would have stated that I couldn’t do it. I think I’d be mad and just try to get it done. He was pretty much yelling at her throughout it…but was at least really supportive by the end when he realized his bitching was not effective. He will not tolerate being beaten so badly anymore…he said so himself.

The Oldersons: They look exhausted. Hopefully they have at least two more legs in them (that’s right, I’m predicting that next week will be a non-elimination leg, if I’m wrong, I’m wrong). Her voice still drives me crazy but I want them to beat Ray and Deana because Ray keeps making derogatory comments about how they just don’t belong in this race because they’re too old. She ends up cutting her face next week…as cuts on the face tend to bring on more blood than you think, I am assuming it’s a mere flesh wound.

And last, and therefore Philiminated:
Susan and Patrick: I feel bad that I’m glad they’re gone. They were really getting on my nerves. He’s so negative and pessimistic, she’s so freaky and optimistic. He was talking sass to his mother all the time and that annoyed me. She kept saying “we can’t give up, we’re not out of it until they say we’re out of it” and she is right…you never know when those non-elimination legs are going to pop up. But he insisted on bursting that bubble over and over. Anyway, they’re done. Maybe the race will help him find the boyfriend they both think he needs.

So there we have it…Next week is two hours. They go to Africa (it looks like Africa anyway), the brothas roll their truck, Gretchen as blood gushing down her face…looks like a winner of an episode. Usually these incidents are horribly over-dramatized in the previews. We’ll see.


revswife said...

Does this mean that it will be on earlier next week?

K said...

Looks like next week starts at 9 and goes to 11...maybe you'll get the first hour...

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