Wednesday, March 16, 2005

the amazing race 7- episode 3

I am tired….so I’m going to make this as short as possible, but I just can’t resist saying a bit about each team in the race…plus, most of it came down to the eating challenge. If the last two teams hadn’t gotten horribly lost, the eating challenge would really have been interesting I think.
I’m glad they stuck in South America…I wonder where they’ll go next.
Something I noticed: They kept talking about how beautiful and awe inspiring the view of the Andes was. Perhaps I have been spoiled living next door to the Rocky Mountains, but I didn't find it too out of the ordinary. But then again, I have been seeing good mountain views my whole life.

Ok, so in order of arrival on the bathmat:
Team Gay: First, they wanted to beat Romber in the rafting and they succeeded in doing so. I wonder why they hate them so much? And Alex, way to chow down that meat. I was quite impressed. I bet it was satisfying to finish that task. No prize for first though…too bad. They wouldn’t have been first if Uchenna and Joyce had made it to the pit stop without losing their way.

Uchenna and Joyce: He was also impressive in the eating of the FOUR POUNDS of meat. If anyone was going to do it, it was going to be him. He barely fit in that Pathfinder type vehicle they were driving through the Andes.

Brian and Greg: I like these guys and I’m glad to see them so far up after almost being eliminated last week. They were clearly frustrated that they chose biking instead of rafting because it was so much slower…but hey, they made up for it.

POW/Queen: I’m still annoyed by them for no apparent reason. He did make a comparison between the meat he had to eat and food in the Iraqi prison. Personally, I’m surprised he got any food…I guess the Iraqis feed their POWs better than my impression of what the Americans were doing. Oh wait, they DID get food…in exchange for being photographed in humiliating positions. But, he ate the meat…

Rombuh: He’s great at finding the easiest way of doing things. He got a little bit into the eating and quit. After that, he only needed to find one other team to quit and he would be fine…He found that person in Deanna, and then he was laughing. I can’t decide if Phil is finding it funny that he’s managed to find a way to be schemey and smarmy in TAR or if he’s appalled.

Ray and Deanna: After Ray’s comment about how they made a huge mistake by having Deanna do the challenge, they were convinced by Rob to just throw in the towel and then they waited their 4 hour penalty and off they went. So far, I’m unimpressed by this team.

The Oldersons: He knew he couldn’t do it and quit. So they waited and left around the same time as Ray and Deanna…unfortunately they got a little lost on the way to the pit stop…but they made it eventually.

Susan and Patrick: They got lost for almost 2 hours trying to get to the highway to get out of Santiago. It didn’t look like they had a map…I imagine that would have solved many of their problems. They got to the eating much before Debbie and Bianca but he couldn’t get serious about actually eating until she was there pushing him. Ah well. Not sure if they or the Oldersons are the weakest team left in the race. Perhaps they’ll surprise me.

Last…and Philiminated…
Debbie and Bianca: They almost deserved to be eliminated. They had a Lonely Planet travel guide, another map AND they’re fluent in Spanish and they went the wrong way and ended up along the coast instead of through the mountains. The clue said “go through the Andes”. You’d think they’d catch on when they weren’t. But oh well. They still made it to the eating while Patrick was still eating…and Debbie actually ate the 4 pounds of meat. WOW! Not sure I could do that…They really wanted to be the first all female team to win. But alas, they did not.

So that’s episode 3. Perhaps next week will be a non-elimination leg? Oh yes, and the yield made it’s first appearance in the race. No one was yielded, but I think that’s because Rob and Amber were the first ones there.

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