Wednesday, March 09, 2005

the amazing race 7 episode 2

Episode 2 was pretty good. We had lying, paying off, yelling, markets, books, shoe shining….all in all, a good time. Plus the line of the week from the gay guys about “bringing up the rear” and how that’s really nothing new for them. I wonder if there will me more legs with pre-arranged flights…in this leg, the first 5 teams done the shoe shining roadblock were on the first flight.

In order of arrival at the bathmat:

Romber: Good leg. Rob cracks me up with his scheming. This show doesn’t have a lot of scheming in general so it’s interesting to see people’s reactions to it. He first started by talking to a bus station guard and convincing him not to talk to any of the other teams. Then he pooled some money together with some other teams to get the bus driver to open only the front door (there was a middle door as well) and just paid the driver the other team’s money and didn’t chip anything in. They worked well together and were the best at the book hauling…and won a trip to the Atlantis resort from Travelocity. must have been dropped.

POW/Queen: Were second. They annoy me. She readily admits she can’t do much. Of all the roadblocks, you’d think she’d at least be able to shine some shoes, but he has had to shine his army boots all the time so perhaps it was a good idea for him to do it. We’ll see how it pans out. There was no announcement from Phil that any one team member could only do 6 roadblocks. But perhaps they’re saving that for later. She was kind of whiny about the books but hey, they finished second. Quite an improvement.

Ray and Deana: Didn’t really see a lot of them except when they were getting lost while doing the books. They have formed a bit of alliance with the two teams ahead of them. I get the impression he treats her like a child sometimes. Perhaps it’s the age difference.

Uchenna and Joyce: They too are in the little Romber alliance. Worked well for them. I was a little worried when Joyce was having shoe shining issues…but she pulled through. They seem ok. A little bland. But perhaps they’ll spice up along the way.

Lynn and Alex: For the shoe shining detour the clue was “who likes shoes”. They’re all “we both like shoes….what should be do?!?!” Pretty funny. Add that to the bringing up the rear and they make me laugh. They chose shop instead of shlepping the books. Why oh why would you choose to spend your money? They did get some stuff for free though and then when their fish wasn’t heavy enough, they called out the fish monger for rigging his scale…good times. They are bitchy…this makes them funny.

Debbie and Bianca: Since they were on the 2nd flight, they had a bit of catching up to do, but they did finish ahead of some of the 1st flight teams…good on them. They were good shleppers, though clearly not as smart as Rob with the book stacking because they needed 2 trips. They were one of the teams to call Rob out on lying about telling the guard not to talk to other teams…scenes from next episode make it look like they pay for that… No touchy feely this episode..,maybe it will return next time.

Oldies: She’s annoying. Her voice drives me crazy. They looked exhausted at the bathmat. Not sure how much longer they’ll last, but hey, you just never know. They seem to be wiley. But it might come down to exhaustion.

Susan and Patrick: She looked like she was going to cry when she realized she didn’t have enough local currency. She decided she needed to “beg for money” instead of seeing if anyone would exchange it for them. Eventually they then had to beg for money when they were shopping and Patrick was given a flower…which he then traded for money. Hooray. Her voice is annoying when she panics. There was a bit of drama, but I think it’s normal in their lives.

Brian and Greg: Jordan thinks he saw one of them in a Starbucks in Miami. I wonder if it was him. Anyway, I like their attitude. When Brian was shining shoes he was “putting on a show” and there were people all around him. I’m sure he didn’t have trouble getting people to get a shoe shine. He did however, take a long time. They had to take two trips with the books and knew they were close to being last. Then in the cab to the pitstop they actially pulled up next to Megan and Heidi whilst driving…so they knew how close it was and ended up getting to the mat first. They had bonded with the hottie blondes so they were sad. You could tell they were also a little shaken up at being so close to being eliminated.

Megan and Heidi: Were clearly Philiminated. This episode also proved my point that sometimes the elimination legs say “last team to arrive MAY be eliminated”. Some didn’t believe me and thought that only the non-elimination legs say that. Anyway, they were just behind, that’s all there is to it. Maybe if their packs weren’t so darn big they would be able to move faster. They had “formed a bond” with the team ahead of them and wish them the best. How sweet.

The scenes from next episode were disappointing, only two little blurbs. Oh well.Anyway…that’s how I saw it.

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