Wednesday, March 02, 2005

the amazing race 7 episode 1

Ok, so an exciting start to the new season…hooray. I was reading in the paper that this is Phil’s favourite season thus far; it felt as exciting as the first season. So, that sounds quite promising. It started with a little introduction to all the teams, I’m sure we’ll end up feeling like we know them.
This episode involved flights to Peru, wandering Lima, busses to Ancon, digging in the sand, telling others the wrong place to dig in sand, not digging in the right place to start with, flights to Cusco, huffing and puffing in altitude, zip lines, llamas, baskets, cool ponchos and toques, more busses and some great advantages to being proficient in Spanish or Portuguese.
I was reminded that I would really like to go to Peru…It looks gorgeous (and it has gorges)
My favourite line of the night came from Gretchen (the older lady) while being strapped in for the zip line: “This is what the kids call a wedgie”.
In order of arrival at the bathmat of Philimination (nicknames are still in the works):

Debbie and Bianca: They seem to be a little on the weird side. They may be trying to drive the guys nuts by touching and hugging (it worked in the airport). They must have worked out a strategy of “think about which detour to do before deciding” because when it came to the llama/basket they spent far too much time discussing, not enough time doing. Both were fluent in Spanish and can get bitchy with eachother. Not sure how they got to the mat first…there was either a task we didn’t see or they had the best taxi driver in all of Peru. Oh, and they each won $10 000 for being first this leg.

Susan and Patrick: I am not disappointed with the first mother son team. He definitely has a bit of that “gay bitchy” thing going, but it’s funny. They really want to beat Rob and Amber. I think that when he talks about Romber, he’s talking about people. Just because they were on TV doesn’t make them not people (maybe I should take my own advice when I write about these people and not be so bitchy sometimes…). Anyway, they thought they were first to the bathmat, but they weren’t.

Rombuh: They only have a nickname because it’s a leftover nickname from Survivor and I just can’t go back from that. I wasn’t sure about them at first but I did find myself cheering for them a bit. Rob is pretty funny…I knew that I wanted them to be around for awhile because of that. Still not sure I want them to win though. They kind of dragged at the beginning but managed to catch up. We’ll see how this plays out. I think Amber might be affected by everyone being out to get her.

Brian and Greg: They’re kinda cute. According to their video, they were approached by recruiters for the race and encouraged to try out. My favourite line from them was “do you want to get a jog on”. They seem like California guys. I think they’ll do well.

Lynn and Alex: They were what I expected from “a gay couple from West Hollywood California”. They cracked me up. They aren’t quite team ChaChaCha…but they will be amusing. I think they’ll do ok for a bit, but I don’t think they’ll win.

Meredith and Gretchen: I’ve already said that she had the best line of the episode. He (Meredith…I’ve hear of men named Claire, but not Meredith…I wonder if it’s a family thing or a regional thing) already isn’t sure he’ll make it much longer. He tripped going into a bus and nearly took out a little Peruvian man. I expect a Don and Mary Jean like performance as opposed to a Terri and Ian

Ray and Deana: Ray spent most of the episode telling Deana to “suck it up”. From the get go he looked Jonathan like. And he is annoying, but I don’t think he’ll be as brutal as Jonathan. The “on again off again” relationship people are usually not the best at communicating, so I expect a blow up or two.

Uchenna and Joyce: Those poor bastards. One of them worked for World-Com and the other for Enron. Apparently they will use their money if they win to help them have a baby because they’re having fertility or conception problems. They both seemed to be trying too hard to be nice, but maybe that’s just they way they are.

Megan and Heidi: May just become “team Barbie”. They look creepily alike for not being related. They seem quite competitive…I feel like I have to root for the all female teams because they never seem to break the top three at the end. Maybe this year will be different. (not sure if this will be the team to do it, but you never know) They are hoping that people will think they’re dumb and that will be an advantage.

Ron and Kelly: Not sure why, but she bothers me. Perhaps it’s the inner pageant girl in her, but she bugs me. I’m guessing the zip line was nothing for the helicopter pilot who was shot down and taken prisoner…seriously, anything crappy they do will be nothing for him. And anytime anyone complains about anything, he can play the POW card. Not my favourite team though.

And last and therefore Philiminated:
Ryan and Chuck: Sigh…they seemed funny. They both were fluent in Portuguese so they got by pretty well in Peru. Somehow, if you speak Portuguese, you can get by in Spanish, but if you speak Spanish, you have no hope in Portuguese…how does that work? Anyway, they had such thick southern hillbilly accents that they had to subtitle them sometimes. I thought they were funny and it’s too bad they won’t be around longer. BUT…it was an actual foot race to the mat. They were about 5 seconds behind. That sucks even though it made for better TV.

And that’s episode 1. Next week it looks like there’s a bit of a rumble…Romber vs. the rest.


revswife said...

Ahh, yes it was a good one. I only saw the first little while and then fell asleep. Tired old me. I found myself interested in Rob and Amber, didn't think I would, but did. Those kissy girls were a bit out there though. I loved how the girls almost got in a car crash and then had to pull over. That's women drivers for you! I know, I am a crazy woman driver!
Good description this week, what time is it on next week? I hope 9pm again, then I have a hope in watching some.

K said...

I'm pretty sure we're back to 10pm next week. I know it's bad for you...but I'm happy about it ;-)
Though I would rather a Wednesday at 9 timeslot. Oh well.

dogsled_stacie said...

Hey, thanks for the update on the new season! I was stuck and work and totally forgot to tape it!! Arghhh....

At least now I know what's going on!! :-)

K said...

Glad you enjoyed the read. I'm sure it's on again on saturday...isn't that the pattern? Though I think it's usually on the outdoor life you might not have that channel.

The Rev said...

Call me. Or Lori. Call whatever # you have.