Wednesday, March 30, 2005

blogger is annoying me

annoying me so much, i can't post at the moment. will try to post later...otherwise it will have to wait until next week as i am skipping town.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

the amazing race 7- episode 4

After last night’s “scenes from our next episode” which included the announcement that next week would be a TWO HOUR episode, it’s hard to concentrate on the episode that just happened, but oh well. I was watching some of the insider footage on the website last night…it was kind of interesting to hear some of the behind the scenes stuff. Phil was saying that at the last pitstop (after the meat) they were expecting people to roll in around 11am. Lynn and Alex were the first team to arrive at 3:49pm. Glad to see they can’t control everything in the race.
This episode still involved sticking to Argentina…which was cool because Argentina looks like a neat place. Folks had to ride horses, search for boats or islands, get to Buenos Aires…an ok episode.

In order of arrival at the bathmat:
Rombuh: They pulled off another first place finish and a prize. Somehow they arrived for a 9:30 flight at 9:25 and managed to get them to hold the plane for them. I’m thinking if it was an international flight or an international airport, there’s no way it would have happened. Too many teams concentrate on hating them instead of running their own race…good leg by Rombuh.

Brian and Greg: Slowly moving up in the ranks. I like their attitude and their comedy. They seem to be having a lot of fun. In their pre-race interview they said they likely wouldn’t have any problems with the two of them fighting or being mad…I think they’re right. They are laid back enough to have perspective but competitive enough to still run a good race. Plus, they have great clothes.

Uchenna and Joyce: Another team with a good attitude. Kudos to Joyce for getting back on the horse after she fell of TWICE. If that had happened to Deana, I think she would have freaked out. They seem to be supporting each other and having fun. I think he has some comedic value as well.

Ron and Kelly: I read somewhere that they are no longer together. This isn’t shocking to me since they don’t seem to have a lot of chemistry. Though I also don’t think they’ve been together for all that long. They were NOT happy to see Rob and Amber make it onto that first flight…in fact, on the way up the stairs to the plane Kelly was saying how nice it was to see that none of the quitters would make that first flight. Hehe…

Lynn and Alex: They had some bad luck this leg. Their boat stopped working so they had to wait for another. Of course you get the voice over about if equipment breaks down “through no fault of their own” they get a new boat but they are NOT issued a time credit for their bad luck. Lynn and Alex seemed to take that in stride and said “well, luck is a part of the race and it wasn’t with us today”. That’s really all you can do. Alex called the riding helmet “pretty” this episode. Now is that his inner gay or is he just trying to seem super gay for the camera?

Ray and Deana: He’s kind of a prick, she’s really whiny. Sound familiar? But they aren’t as bad as those involved in “shove-gate” last season. Right…so she was having trouble with the horse and was getting really frustrated. I think I would have too, especially because it looked REALLY hot out…though I don’t think I would have stated that I couldn’t do it. I think I’d be mad and just try to get it done. He was pretty much yelling at her throughout it…but was at least really supportive by the end when he realized his bitching was not effective. He will not tolerate being beaten so badly anymore…he said so himself.

The Oldersons: They look exhausted. Hopefully they have at least two more legs in them (that’s right, I’m predicting that next week will be a non-elimination leg, if I’m wrong, I’m wrong). Her voice still drives me crazy but I want them to beat Ray and Deana because Ray keeps making derogatory comments about how they just don’t belong in this race because they’re too old. She ends up cutting her face next week…as cuts on the face tend to bring on more blood than you think, I am assuming it’s a mere flesh wound.

And last, and therefore Philiminated:
Susan and Patrick: I feel bad that I’m glad they’re gone. They were really getting on my nerves. He’s so negative and pessimistic, she’s so freaky and optimistic. He was talking sass to his mother all the time and that annoyed me. She kept saying “we can’t give up, we’re not out of it until they say we’re out of it” and she is right…you never know when those non-elimination legs are going to pop up. But he insisted on bursting that bubble over and over. Anyway, they’re done. Maybe the race will help him find the boyfriend they both think he needs.

So there we have it…Next week is two hours. They go to Africa (it looks like Africa anyway), the brothas roll their truck, Gretchen as blood gushing down her face…looks like a winner of an episode. Usually these incidents are horribly over-dramatized in the previews. We’ll see.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

another tuesday....

According to the preview, the other teams declare "all out war" on Rombuh...
It looks like Joyce falls off a horse and Ray whines about being at the back of the pack.

These previews are just not informative enough...oh well.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

the amazing race 7- episode 3

I am tired….so I’m going to make this as short as possible, but I just can’t resist saying a bit about each team in the race…plus, most of it came down to the eating challenge. If the last two teams hadn’t gotten horribly lost, the eating challenge would really have been interesting I think.
I’m glad they stuck in South America…I wonder where they’ll go next.
Something I noticed: They kept talking about how beautiful and awe inspiring the view of the Andes was. Perhaps I have been spoiled living next door to the Rocky Mountains, but I didn't find it too out of the ordinary. But then again, I have been seeing good mountain views my whole life.

Ok, so in order of arrival on the bathmat:
Team Gay: First, they wanted to beat Romber in the rafting and they succeeded in doing so. I wonder why they hate them so much? And Alex, way to chow down that meat. I was quite impressed. I bet it was satisfying to finish that task. No prize for first though…too bad. They wouldn’t have been first if Uchenna and Joyce had made it to the pit stop without losing their way.

Uchenna and Joyce: He was also impressive in the eating of the FOUR POUNDS of meat. If anyone was going to do it, it was going to be him. He barely fit in that Pathfinder type vehicle they were driving through the Andes.

Brian and Greg: I like these guys and I’m glad to see them so far up after almost being eliminated last week. They were clearly frustrated that they chose biking instead of rafting because it was so much slower…but hey, they made up for it.

POW/Queen: I’m still annoyed by them for no apparent reason. He did make a comparison between the meat he had to eat and food in the Iraqi prison. Personally, I’m surprised he got any food…I guess the Iraqis feed their POWs better than my impression of what the Americans were doing. Oh wait, they DID get food…in exchange for being photographed in humiliating positions. But, he ate the meat…

Rombuh: He’s great at finding the easiest way of doing things. He got a little bit into the eating and quit. After that, he only needed to find one other team to quit and he would be fine…He found that person in Deanna, and then he was laughing. I can’t decide if Phil is finding it funny that he’s managed to find a way to be schemey and smarmy in TAR or if he’s appalled.

Ray and Deanna: After Ray’s comment about how they made a huge mistake by having Deanna do the challenge, they were convinced by Rob to just throw in the towel and then they waited their 4 hour penalty and off they went. So far, I’m unimpressed by this team.

The Oldersons: He knew he couldn’t do it and quit. So they waited and left around the same time as Ray and Deanna…unfortunately they got a little lost on the way to the pit stop…but they made it eventually.

Susan and Patrick: They got lost for almost 2 hours trying to get to the highway to get out of Santiago. It didn’t look like they had a map…I imagine that would have solved many of their problems. They got to the eating much before Debbie and Bianca but he couldn’t get serious about actually eating until she was there pushing him. Ah well. Not sure if they or the Oldersons are the weakest team left in the race. Perhaps they’ll surprise me.

Last…and Philiminated…
Debbie and Bianca: They almost deserved to be eliminated. They had a Lonely Planet travel guide, another map AND they’re fluent in Spanish and they went the wrong way and ended up along the coast instead of through the mountains. The clue said “go through the Andes”. You’d think they’d catch on when they weren’t. But oh well. They still made it to the eating while Patrick was still eating…and Debbie actually ate the 4 pounds of meat. WOW! Not sure I could do that…They really wanted to be the first all female team to win. But alas, they did not.

So that’s episode 3. Perhaps next week will be a non-elimination leg? Oh yes, and the yield made it’s first appearance in the race. No one was yielded, but I think that’s because Rob and Amber were the first ones there.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

it's tuesday

Which means another episode of the Amazing race.
They don't seem to have a text of what's up next anymore...just the video preview and I keep forgetting to watch it. I probably would have over the weekend but I was without computer access.
Anyway, we'll see if Rob is up to more scheming and what the other folks have to say about it.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

the amazing race 7 episode 2

Episode 2 was pretty good. We had lying, paying off, yelling, markets, books, shoe shining….all in all, a good time. Plus the line of the week from the gay guys about “bringing up the rear” and how that’s really nothing new for them. I wonder if there will me more legs with pre-arranged flights…in this leg, the first 5 teams done the shoe shining roadblock were on the first flight.

In order of arrival at the bathmat:

Romber: Good leg. Rob cracks me up with his scheming. This show doesn’t have a lot of scheming in general so it’s interesting to see people’s reactions to it. He first started by talking to a bus station guard and convincing him not to talk to any of the other teams. Then he pooled some money together with some other teams to get the bus driver to open only the front door (there was a middle door as well) and just paid the driver the other team’s money and didn’t chip anything in. They worked well together and were the best at the book hauling…and won a trip to the Atlantis resort from Travelocity. must have been dropped.

POW/Queen: Were second. They annoy me. She readily admits she can’t do much. Of all the roadblocks, you’d think she’d at least be able to shine some shoes, but he has had to shine his army boots all the time so perhaps it was a good idea for him to do it. We’ll see how it pans out. There was no announcement from Phil that any one team member could only do 6 roadblocks. But perhaps they’re saving that for later. She was kind of whiny about the books but hey, they finished second. Quite an improvement.

Ray and Deana: Didn’t really see a lot of them except when they were getting lost while doing the books. They have formed a bit of alliance with the two teams ahead of them. I get the impression he treats her like a child sometimes. Perhaps it’s the age difference.

Uchenna and Joyce: They too are in the little Romber alliance. Worked well for them. I was a little worried when Joyce was having shoe shining issues…but she pulled through. They seem ok. A little bland. But perhaps they’ll spice up along the way.

Lynn and Alex: For the shoe shining detour the clue was “who likes shoes”. They’re all “we both like shoes….what should be do?!?!” Pretty funny. Add that to the bringing up the rear and they make me laugh. They chose shop instead of shlepping the books. Why oh why would you choose to spend your money? They did get some stuff for free though and then when their fish wasn’t heavy enough, they called out the fish monger for rigging his scale…good times. They are bitchy…this makes them funny.

Debbie and Bianca: Since they were on the 2nd flight, they had a bit of catching up to do, but they did finish ahead of some of the 1st flight teams…good on them. They were good shleppers, though clearly not as smart as Rob with the book stacking because they needed 2 trips. They were one of the teams to call Rob out on lying about telling the guard not to talk to other teams…scenes from next episode make it look like they pay for that… No touchy feely this episode..,maybe it will return next time.

Oldies: She’s annoying. Her voice drives me crazy. They looked exhausted at the bathmat. Not sure how much longer they’ll last, but hey, you just never know. They seem to be wiley. But it might come down to exhaustion.

Susan and Patrick: She looked like she was going to cry when she realized she didn’t have enough local currency. She decided she needed to “beg for money” instead of seeing if anyone would exchange it for them. Eventually they then had to beg for money when they were shopping and Patrick was given a flower…which he then traded for money. Hooray. Her voice is annoying when she panics. There was a bit of drama, but I think it’s normal in their lives.

Brian and Greg: Jordan thinks he saw one of them in a Starbucks in Miami. I wonder if it was him. Anyway, I like their attitude. When Brian was shining shoes he was “putting on a show” and there were people all around him. I’m sure he didn’t have trouble getting people to get a shoe shine. He did however, take a long time. They had to take two trips with the books and knew they were close to being last. Then in the cab to the pitstop they actially pulled up next to Megan and Heidi whilst driving…so they knew how close it was and ended up getting to the mat first. They had bonded with the hottie blondes so they were sad. You could tell they were also a little shaken up at being so close to being eliminated.

Megan and Heidi: Were clearly Philiminated. This episode also proved my point that sometimes the elimination legs say “last team to arrive MAY be eliminated”. Some didn’t believe me and thought that only the non-elimination legs say that. Anyway, they were just behind, that’s all there is to it. Maybe if their packs weren’t so darn big they would be able to move faster. They had “formed a bond” with the team ahead of them and wish them the best. How sweet.

The scenes from next episode were disappointing, only two little blurbs. Oh well.Anyway…that’s how I saw it.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

in other news

Even though I subscribed to the Amazing Race Newsletter, I didn't get anything telling me what to expect tonight.
Here's what I know:
-they go to Chile
-someone tells Rob that it's too bad he can't be voted off
-there is a question of whether the brothers will be concentrating hard enough on the race...too many blonde distractions
...who will be eliminated next?


Apparently the girl in Toronto isn't doing as well as people thought.
Link here

Monday, March 07, 2005

what makes me mad...

This made me swear this morning. A man wanted to kill himelf (and succeeded) so he and his 5 year old daughter went to a bridge over one of the busiest highways in Toronto. Police were called when he was seen dangling his daughter over the bridge. Eventually, he jumped and brought his daughter with him. He died. His daughter didn't even break a while that's the good part of the story, I don't imagine she'll ever forget it. Could you just imagine falling like that? And then probably looking over and seeing your dad? Knowing your dad did this to you???
Of course I don't know the whole story...but in the article it says he may have wanted to punish his wife for what went wrong in their relationship. AAAHHHH! There has to be some sort of illness at work too...because most parents I know wouldn't hurt their child to get back at their spouse.
Anyway, I just had to get that out. It's bothering me that it happened.

Friday, March 04, 2005

some select few things i've learned from "my sweets"

-how to like spicy's nice and tasty even though it sometimes hurts
-how to laugh like a kid at Adam Sandler movies
-the Simpsons are DAMN funny
-Dave Chappelle is sometimes funny
-"jesus freaks" aren't always those people who make you feel like an idiot. in fact, they are some of the nicest people in the's just those unfortunate vocal few that ruin it for the rest
it's not really all i've learned...but it's time to watch my movie.
goodnight all.

as i was walking home from work

I wondered if the old lady walking her shih tzu thought I was crazy for just being a t-shirt as she was wearing a winter coat, snow pants and a toque. By the look she gave me, I seriously thought that I was the crazy one. But it was 15 degrees....
It took me about an hour to walk home....not bad considering I wasn't really walking THAT fast.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

the amazing race 7 episode 1

Ok, so an exciting start to the new season…hooray. I was reading in the paper that this is Phil’s favourite season thus far; it felt as exciting as the first season. So, that sounds quite promising. It started with a little introduction to all the teams, I’m sure we’ll end up feeling like we know them.
This episode involved flights to Peru, wandering Lima, busses to Ancon, digging in the sand, telling others the wrong place to dig in sand, not digging in the right place to start with, flights to Cusco, huffing and puffing in altitude, zip lines, llamas, baskets, cool ponchos and toques, more busses and some great advantages to being proficient in Spanish or Portuguese.
I was reminded that I would really like to go to Peru…It looks gorgeous (and it has gorges)
My favourite line of the night came from Gretchen (the older lady) while being strapped in for the zip line: “This is what the kids call a wedgie”.
In order of arrival at the bathmat of Philimination (nicknames are still in the works):

Debbie and Bianca: They seem to be a little on the weird side. They may be trying to drive the guys nuts by touching and hugging (it worked in the airport). They must have worked out a strategy of “think about which detour to do before deciding” because when it came to the llama/basket they spent far too much time discussing, not enough time doing. Both were fluent in Spanish and can get bitchy with eachother. Not sure how they got to the mat first…there was either a task we didn’t see or they had the best taxi driver in all of Peru. Oh, and they each won $10 000 for being first this leg.

Susan and Patrick: I am not disappointed with the first mother son team. He definitely has a bit of that “gay bitchy” thing going, but it’s funny. They really want to beat Rob and Amber. I think that when he talks about Romber, he’s talking about people. Just because they were on TV doesn’t make them not people (maybe I should take my own advice when I write about these people and not be so bitchy sometimes…). Anyway, they thought they were first to the bathmat, but they weren’t.

Rombuh: They only have a nickname because it’s a leftover nickname from Survivor and I just can’t go back from that. I wasn’t sure about them at first but I did find myself cheering for them a bit. Rob is pretty funny…I knew that I wanted them to be around for awhile because of that. Still not sure I want them to win though. They kind of dragged at the beginning but managed to catch up. We’ll see how this plays out. I think Amber might be affected by everyone being out to get her.

Brian and Greg: They’re kinda cute. According to their video, they were approached by recruiters for the race and encouraged to try out. My favourite line from them was “do you want to get a jog on”. They seem like California guys. I think they’ll do well.

Lynn and Alex: They were what I expected from “a gay couple from West Hollywood California”. They cracked me up. They aren’t quite team ChaChaCha…but they will be amusing. I think they’ll do ok for a bit, but I don’t think they’ll win.

Meredith and Gretchen: I’ve already said that she had the best line of the episode. He (Meredith…I’ve hear of men named Claire, but not Meredith…I wonder if it’s a family thing or a regional thing) already isn’t sure he’ll make it much longer. He tripped going into a bus and nearly took out a little Peruvian man. I expect a Don and Mary Jean like performance as opposed to a Terri and Ian

Ray and Deana: Ray spent most of the episode telling Deana to “suck it up”. From the get go he looked Jonathan like. And he is annoying, but I don’t think he’ll be as brutal as Jonathan. The “on again off again” relationship people are usually not the best at communicating, so I expect a blow up or two.

Uchenna and Joyce: Those poor bastards. One of them worked for World-Com and the other for Enron. Apparently they will use their money if they win to help them have a baby because they’re having fertility or conception problems. They both seemed to be trying too hard to be nice, but maybe that’s just they way they are.

Megan and Heidi: May just become “team Barbie”. They look creepily alike for not being related. They seem quite competitive…I feel like I have to root for the all female teams because they never seem to break the top three at the end. Maybe this year will be different. (not sure if this will be the team to do it, but you never know) They are hoping that people will think they’re dumb and that will be an advantage.

Ron and Kelly: Not sure why, but she bothers me. Perhaps it’s the inner pageant girl in her, but she bugs me. I’m guessing the zip line was nothing for the helicopter pilot who was shot down and taken prisoner…seriously, anything crappy they do will be nothing for him. And anytime anyone complains about anything, he can play the POW card. Not my favourite team though.

And last and therefore Philiminated:
Ryan and Chuck: Sigh…they seemed funny. They both were fluent in Portuguese so they got by pretty well in Peru. Somehow, if you speak Portuguese, you can get by in Spanish, but if you speak Spanish, you have no hope in Portuguese…how does that work? Anyway, they had such thick southern hillbilly accents that they had to subtitle them sometimes. I thought they were funny and it’s too bad they won’t be around longer. BUT…it was an actual foot race to the mat. They were about 5 seconds behind. That sucks even though it made for better TV.

And that’s episode 1. Next week it looks like there’s a bit of a rumble…Romber vs. the rest.