Monday, February 28, 2005

i'm such a loser

I was actually feeling anxiety that I thought the new season of the Amazing Race was on at 9pm every week. I have yoga until 9 on Tuesdays (which is why I much preferred the Wednesday night time slot...but whatever) and was worried that I would have to either tape it and watch it at 10 (which would involve buying a recording device....) or race from yoga to my mum's house, watch it there and then go home (as her house is about 5 minutes from the yoga class).
BUT- it looks like it just starts at 9 this week because it's a two hour special episode.
So, I just have to figure out what I'm doing tomorrow. Perhaps I'll have to leave a few minutes early from yoga. (yup, that's how much of a dork I am).

Anyway, I'll start posting more. I was going to do it over the weekend, but my sister took her computer with her to work.

Hooray for a new season of the Amazing Race...we've got Romber, the first mother/son team, matching blondes, an ex-POW/beauty queen team, an on again off again dating couple (always fun)....should be fun. Hopefully it makes up for a slightly lackluster season 6. I fear for season 8 due to the addition of the 4 person team.


revswife said...

Oh happy day, you are alive. Are you coming to the market on Saturday, if not we won't go. It's all on you. I am also excited about this week's Amazing Race. Glad you are posting again. KEEP IT UP LADY!!!!

K said...

As long as you can handle me without my significant other. The lucky bastard will be in Miami for the weekend at a conference.

The Rev said...


K said...

Not sure he'll be venturing out to croc country...but I'm pretty sure he'll be frequenting Little Havana. Perhaps he will get mocked by two gay cubans a la Seinfeld with the two gay Puerto Ricans..."who does not wear the ribbon?"
I'm secretly hoping he'll meet Danny and Oswald of TAR but he keeps reminding me that there are a lot of people in Miami.

Mrs.Strizzay said...

Hey K, visit my site were gonna do a blog exchange.