Friday, February 18, 2005

i feel so lost

witout the amazing race....when it comes to this blog, I feel like The Amazing Race is "my thing".
I'll try to be more interesting from now on...but I've been really sick this week so I've been lacking in enthusiasm and ideas.


revswife said...

Have no fear Kristen, the new Amazing Race starts up again soon. Besides you have a very interesting life just talk about it. Your journey to work, the people on the bus, JORDAN, your sister, work, church, YOU, your latest bowl of cereal, the free trade movement and where we can find products, there is a lot to write about so start writing.

Mrs.Strizzay said...

Tuesday right. I hope Boston Rob and Amber win woohoo.

K said...

really? you do? (or are you being sarcastic?)
I do hope that they stick around for awhile for some comic relief...but I don't know how I feel about the media-whoring. I don't think I've really picked a favourite yet, but I do enjoy the fact that there is the first mother-son team.

Tinkerbell said...

I've watched Rob and Amber on the Survivors they were in and then Survivor All Star. I didn't like either of them in any of the shows. I really hope they don't win, I know they will be a strong team though. I agree with K I think it's awesome they have their first son and mom team. I don't have a favorite so far but I'm sure I will have one soon!!! Can't wait till Tuesday!!!