Wednesday, February 09, 2005

the amazing race 6- episodes 12 and 13 (i think)

I like to subtitle this double episode “No one likes a quitter….except Aaron”
Ok, so it was the finale, which automatically makes it more exciting because it REALLY means something.
Tasks: Paint a car or find Chinese characters on bolts of cloth. Open one of 3000 locks with your key (fits only one lock). Paddle a canoe or find a fancy outfit. Sky dive into the ocean. Eat a pizza. I hope the locks that they racers opened were ones that the race officials put on…otherwise they have ruined the love symbol of a few Chinese couples.
Since it was extra long and it’s a special episode, I’m going to count DOWN the teams…
So without further adieu…

In 4th place: Hayden and Aaron. I just wanted her to SHUT UP the entire first half. Obviously, since they were fourth, they only lasted an hour. Thank the lord! I was honestly telling her to shut up from my couch. She absolutely crumbled under the pressure of this leg. Their cab driver was always lost and so she was always yelling about it. More than once, she said “Aaron, he doesn’t know where he’s going, do something”. Aaron, being the rational man that he is knew full well there was nothing he COULD do except hope they were going the right way. They were fine with the car painting (though their cab driver got lost) but it just went downhill from there. They decided to stay with the bad cab driver…and off to Mt. Hua. Except the cab driver went the wrong way and so they stopped in the middle of the road, didn’t want to pay him, and got another cab. Hayden was crying and upset that Aaron wasn’t upset. Aaron was upset but knew it was pretty counterproductive to express his emotions like Hayden. He was really sweet with the “no amount of money is worth it…I love you, it’s ok if we don’t win”. It just solidified in my mind that Aaron is a good guy. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of it. They got to Mt. Hua just as Kris and Jon were leaving. Hayden was still extremely frustrated…and was yelling at the poor Chinese girls who were trying their hardest in their broken English to explain to her what she needed to do. Really, she should have stood back and let Aaron deal with the people. I wonder if she’s from North Dakota…she sounded just like that Fargo lady when she was talking to the Chinese… Anyway, they get to the top and the other two teams are still struggling with their keys. Kendra gets it, and it’s just Rebecca and Hayden doing it. Hayden is getting more and more frustrated and then BREAKS HER KEY in a lock…they get a new key and keep going. (wouldn’t it have been a kick in the pants if that new key fit the lock that the old key was stuck in?) They only have until 7pm because that’s when the last gondola leaves. Hayden is crying and her hands are bleeding and she wants to give up. I guess the clue says that you get a 4 hour penalty if you do that. Just as she gives up, Rebecca opens her lock so they all go to the pit stop together. Aaron tries to reassure her in the gondola that it’s Ok. Hayden and Aaron get there first…hehehe. Anyway, they are eliminated BUT, Aaron then asked Hayden to marry him. I figure, if he still wants to do that after all that whining…it must be love. They were Philiminated all the same. An interesting note: I wonder if there are rules on how long you have to try before you give up…if they had given up just a few minutes into the lock/key task (potentially, even half an hour into it), the 4 hour penalty still would have put them at the bathmat ahead of Adam and Rebecca…

In 3rd place: Team Hellboy. Sometimes I like to cheer for the underdogs. These underdogs were a little too yappy…and would probably pee on the carpet. They started off well…got the kick ass cab driver and got to the car painting first and therefore left first. After that, they had to get their clue at a warrior museum…’twas cool looking. They were pretty crafty though and knew that Kris and Jon were right behind them so they ran to the other side of the museum to read their clue (they succeeded in faking out team visor). Anyway…off to Mt. Hua…and the keys of death. As I said before, it took them a long time. Adam was pretty annoying throughout. When Aaron was telling Hayden that it was ok if she gave up, Adam was all “that’s not an option, find the lock NOW”. Ok Adam…I DO understand the giving up is not an option, but she’s doing what she can. When she finally did find the lock, there was much rejoicing, and they were off to the Bathmat and the final three. Unfortunately they were more than 5 hours behind the 1st place team at that point and they just never made that time up (though they did make SOME time up). They left the pit stop and found out they had to fly to beautiful Honolulu. The rest of their leg just seems so uneventful because I think they had resigned themselves to the fact that they couldn’t win…but Adam DID skydive. I wonder if he peed his pants. Anyway, they were third. I’m not sure how far behind they were though…I would imagine not more than an hour. Rebecca had one of the more memorable lines of the episode (once again). When they were in China, they were in a cab, about their driver she said: “we could say anything to this guy and he wouldn’t know what we were saying” pointing at Adam “he has three testicles” and then did the thumbs up. Come on Rebecca, you’ve been telling us all season that Adam has NO balls and now you’re saying he has an extra one? Be consistent. Oh, when they had to eat pizza, Adam says “I hope it’s plain cheese”…they get there (it looked like pepperoni) and Rebecca asks if it’s soy cheese (maybe in LA ‘Becca, but not in Chicago). Adam complained the entire time that “I don’t eat tomato” to which Rebecca replied “well, I don’t eat cheese, and I’m eating”. I bet her stomach hurt after that.

In 2nd place: Team Visor. I wanted them to win. They were so nice to each other and to the people around them. Almost immediately, they got screwed by each of the other three teams when trying to get a cab. They would hail the cab and then another team would grab it as it pulled up (bastards). To which they simply said “what goes around comes around”. They were pretty quick with the painting and had a brief foil at the hands of Adam and Rebecca getting the clue at the warriors…but once at Mt. Hua they kicked some ass. Kris just patiently put the key in each lock and tried to turn it. Kudos to her for also putting up with Jon’s “nice and easy” “slow and steady” “be methodical”. She was the first to open the lock and then it was off to the pitstop…where they won a trip to “the sunny Caribbean” for being the first. They started first, finished second. But again, they were having fun. They got a little screwed with the flights to Hawaii, there was only about a 10-15 minutes difference. SO they had to choose between “outfits” or “outrigger”. Kris wanted to do outrigger, Jon thought it was a bad idea since it was raining…so they chose outfits. I thought it was a bad idea…but it turns out it wasn’t. They got a new outfit AND finished the task first. Off to the skydiving place. Jon got to do that, I think Kris was a little jealous, but excited for Jon. She was even waiting at the cluebox in the water for him when he landed. Off to the airport to go to Chicago (that’s where they started right?). They go to AMERICAN AIRLINES (you know, the airline that seems to sponsor the show. The ones that give the free trips to the first teams at the pitstop?) They ask them “is this the fastest flight into Chicago…any airline in this entire airport” and they say YES. Those bastards, there was a United flight that got in half an hour earlier. Luckily, the AA flight arrived early and the United flight arrived late, leaving Kris and Jon with a 5 minute deficit to make up. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t meant to be. They hussled their asses off, ate pizza as fast as they could and jumped into a cab. Cue the back and forth shots giving us a feint hope that they might make it. The hopes were dashed as they got out of the cab to make the final sprint, have to cross the train tracks and are just a little too late…the arms come down and here comes the train. Oh well. There was the shot of the two of them waiting for the train to pass, hugging and Jon says “it’s ok…I’ve got you”. Again, kudos to them for sprinting to the finish after that train left. They kept in their mind “you just never know” and didn’t give up. Hooray for Kris and Jon. Two of my favourite people to play the game. I now can’t decide between them and team Cha Cha Cha…

And the winners: Fredra. Well, Freddy got more disheveled throughout the race, so even his hotness just wasn’t doing it for me. They started off in China well…got some good cabbies, Kendra did well being patient and “methodical” with the locks and they ended up second at the first pit stop. I don’t think Kendra was too impressed with a 17-hour train ride from Shanghai to Xi’An, but she sucked it up. Ok, so off to Hawaii. And this is where they got all the luck with flights. They got into Hawaii a few minutes earlier, though their Outrigging wasn’t as fast as Kris and Jon’s Outfitting. Freddy got to skydive…and Kendra stayed in the boat. Then the airport…damned airport. United was kind to them. Even so, both teams did end up on the same train from the airport to the next clue…but Fredra out ran and out ate and outwitted team Visor I guess. Sigh. Get this...Freddy actually went up to a cop car in Chicago and said "please tell us where it is, it's an EMERGENCY". Kendra bitched him out with the "you can't tell a police officer it's an" Freddy looked like an old man in his sprint to the finish. But they hugged and love each other. Hooray. Bonus? I really do think that Kendra realized her mistake with her Dakar comments about the filthy hellhole and the breeding and breeding. I’m not sure she’ll want to venture into many more “ghetto countries” but I think her narrow view of the world has changed a little. Now they have a million dollars. Lucky bastards.

And so there ended season 6. BUT the preview for season 7 was next. And they go to Peru. And some guy was a POW in Iraq. Also, media whores Rob and Amber will be participating…maybe this will discourage them from doing a Mark Burnett produced televised wedding. Oh wait, I think it’s already in the works.

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Tinkerbell said...

I watched the final show last night and I wasn't happy with Freddy and Kendra being the winners. I wasn't a huge fan of them.
I was totally cheering for Kris and Jon but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I think they were too nice of a couple and that's why they came in second (not that there is anything wrong with being nice). They were my favorite couple and they were so nice to each other and everyone else.
Team Hellboy was annoying at times but funny too. I had a feeling they weren't going to win.
I thought Hayden and Aaron were going to be in the final 3, I was so shocked when they just quit. She was driving me nuts the whole show and I didn't think they deserved to win. It must be love, with Aaron getting yelled at by Hayden and he still wants to marry her.