Wednesday, February 02, 2005

the amazing race 6- episode 11

Ok…so as I expected, they brought back the non-elimination leg before the final episode so that you have 4 teams in the finale. It surprised me last season (I was so looking forward to the Colin/Christie elimination) but this time it was old hat. I wonder if it surprised the teams though…they may have been off racing around the world when the last episodes of season 5 were going on…
Anyway – CHINA. Shanghai looks pretty cool looking, hot feeling (it looked pretty hot and humid). Right. I clearly don’t know much about China, because apparently, two things really commonly found in China are Bricks and Ice. Who knew?
Also, the return of Phil’s bad white pants. I really thought he learned in Calcutta last season that Phil and White pants just should not go together…last season’s white pants were a disaster…these ones, also bad.
Right…so in order of arrival at the Amazing Bathmat of Philimination:

Hayden and Aaron had a decent episode. Hayden did a lot of whining, Aaron did a lot of telling her to stop whining and to suck it up. Hayden doesn’t deal well with uncertainty and stress so naturally, she makes for a good TAR contestant. I think Aaron is getting a little unnerved with it and that is why he’s getting a bit mean. Since she has a “crippling” fear of heights, he had to do the window-washing roadblock. They had it easy when they got to the Tai Chi people because they were using their swords…had they only noticed that the masters had the red tassels and the others had the yellow ones, it would have been a breeze…not that it was too hard anyway. She had a nice time with the brick hauling. She loved every second…so much that she complained about it the whole time. It DID look hard…Oh yeah, they won a trip to “beautiful” Hawaii for finishing first. Hayden loves Hawaii.

Fredra loved China. She thought it was beautiful…I’m guessing that if she left the heart of Shanghai she wouldn’t think it was so beautiful, though for the Chinese “breeding and breeding” is pretty much illegal. Ok. So they had a decent episode. She is afraid of heights but decided to do the window washing anyway…good for her. It didn’t really slow them down any. She also didn’t seem to complain too much about the brick carrying. Maybe she was hearing Hayden’s whining and didn’t want to add to it. They were a little disappointed about not finishing first but realized that at least they weren’t last. Oh yeah…and they used their Yield to payback team Hellboy. They COULD have Yielded Kris and Jon…but revenge was more appealing.

Team Visor had a very frustrating leg. They had supremely bad luck with cabbies. No one knew where they were going, they were stuck in traffic…Kris had the best (not funny best, best as in “I am not an ugly American” best) line when she said “We’re having trouble communicating…it’s our fault, we’re in their country”. Because of that, I want her to win. For once they were showing some negative emotion, even Hellboy said “this is the first time I’ve seen Jon show emotion”. The nice thing was that instead of personally attacking each other or even the cab driver, they were just expressing frustration. Why is it that when Kris suggests not paying the cab driver it doesn’t seem as bad. Maybe because you know they’ll pay (even if Jon DID throw the money into the cab and run off). Anyway, they did the tasks well and didn’t really make any mistakes except to “choose” the wrong cab driver. The visors were out most of the episode…perhaps that was their saving grace.

Team Hellboy was last, but not Philiminated. They were yielded by Fredra and Hellboy was REALLY upset about it. He was all “it’s just out of revenge, a more strategic yield would have been Kris and Jon”. Rebecca was much more calm about it and realized that what goes around comes around…when you yield someone because Jonathan told you to, expect that the yielding will be returned. They fought the entire time the sand was pouring through the hourglass. Nice foreshadowing for showing the hourglass, then them fighting and not looking at it…yup, the time had finished and they were still bitching at each other. HA! Rebecca seemed to have a harder time than most with the side of the building…maybe the wind had picked up. Adam showed some initiative and had a cab waiting, along with a guy who spoke English to tell the cab driver where to go once they had the clue…I hope Rebecca was impressed. The bricks were kind of funny, Rebecca dropped a whole load into the water… Anyway, they weren’t Philiminated even though they were last, so they will start the final leg with no money. Colin and Christie managed a 2nd place finish after that last season…so we’ll see. I just realized that both Adam and Rebecca are personal trainers. I wonder if this will affect their clientele…

One of the better lines was from Rebecca...Adam: "call me baby one more time and I'll bash your head" Rebecca: Ok, I'll call you ass
So…next week is the final, 2-hour episode. Kris and Jon were not mentioned in the previews. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Fredra may fall apart…who knows. Hayden and Aaron are pretty strong as long as the bitching stops. And Adam and Rebecca could be the “dark horse” team…anything could happen I guess.

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