Monday, January 10, 2005

Next...on the Amazing Race

January 11 9PM ET/PT (that's 10pm for us in the MST zone)

-During a Roadblock, Teams go barefoot to complete a task popularized by Lucille Ball.
Looks like they'll be doing some grape squashing.....I can just see Jonathan now "no Victoria, squish're so should be doing this so much better because you love food"

-When a Team goes for the Fast Forward, one teammate struggles to maneuver the gear and gets discouraged. Ultimately, will the Fast Forward help them or harm them?
hmmm...whoever it is, I think they'll still pull through. Two FF legs in a row eh? Remember the old days when all the legs had the fast forward?

-The pressures of the Race take their toll on one Team, who experience a meltdown while getting lost on the road to the next clue.
I'm thinking this is the Hayden and Aaron meltdown that was shown in last week's "scenes from our next episode". Hopefully Aaron doesn't ruin how damn funny he is.

-One Team tries to get an edge over the others by ducking into a store to make telephone reservations, thus avoiding the airport wait. But while there, one teammate has an allergic reaction.
That would really suck. Ok, who wouldn't go straight to the airport? Maybe Victoria has an allergic reaction. She seems like she may have perhaps she has allergies as well.


dogsled_stacie said...

Hey k - amazing race night! Who do you predict to win!?

I'm enjoying your ramblings - an entertaining blog among so many crappy blogs out there. I'm from calgary (tho in the yukon now) so it's nice to hear about my old stomping grounds once in a while too.

K said...

Ok, I'm not sure about the order but I'm thinkint that Victoria and Jonathan are in the top 3 (booooo!!!). I'm hoping that Kris and Jon are as well...but I figure it's either them or Aaron and Hayden (not both) and team Roid Rage. So that's a fake top three I know, but I just can't commit any further ;-)
Yukon...brrrrr...and I think I'm suffering the cold right now.

dogsled_stacie said...

OH! I was SO hoping Jonathan was going to get flipped outta that raft thingy!!! Damn.

Good episode. Adam had a breakthrough...awwww....