Tuesday, January 25, 2005

it's amazing race tuesday

Next on The Amazing RaceTuesday, January 25 9PM ET/PT

In an Olympic-style event, one Racer smokes the competition.
Not sure what this one is...couldn't really tell from the previews.

Tension continues to rise for one Team as one member is on the brink of quitting the Race.
This is Adam and Rebecca....he wants to go home...

A fear of heights plagues one Racer, who breaks into tears while racing through a Detour. Will fear keep her from completing the task?
This is Hayden...we saw that last week too. I'm sure Aaron is able to talk her through it.

Some Team members make a crucial mistake reading a clue.
Come on people....learn from people's mistakes and READ THE CLUE before you start....

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K said...

I now remember what the task is...they have to run against an Ethiopian olympic runner (a marathoner or steeplechaser I imagine)....Rebecca was pretty speedy getting to one of the pitstops...