Wednesday, January 12, 2005

the Amazing Race 6- episode 8

What a letdown. Ok not really, but it was looking so good for a team Scream Philimination. Of course, that could easily have been editing, but you just never know (ok, we'll know next week when the teams leave the pitstop). But seriously...the best part of this episode was the Scenes from next episode. Since I'm most excited about that: scenes from next episode look like they are in another country that Kendra will hate. Bali? Ethiopia? I don't know. Some sort of hut in the hear Phil say "one team is plagued by injuries", you see Victoria scream and go running (meanwhile the men watching run towards her), then you see Kendra having a temper tantrum and screaming "Jonathan....HELP...HER!!!" So we'll see how that pans out (although if it's anything like this week's so called allergic reaction, it will be a letdown).
In order of arrival at the bathmat:
Team Hellboy did the fast forward this leg. What good is a fast forward on a non-elimination leg...come on TAR, get with the program. Anyway...they were one of the first to get their clue with the FF in it so they immediately went there. They knew it was a dive and I guess Rebecca is a certified diver. Surprise surprise, Adam is not. They get there and have to put on ye olde fashioned dive suits (that weight 100 lbs) and walk along the bottom of the ocean to a lobster trap and get a clue. BOTH team members had to walk to the trap and back. Well, Adam had a bit of a freak out because he couldn't work his suit and started to panic. So they haul him back on the boat and take his helmet could tell he was trying not to cry on TV. Rebecca gets up and makes fun of him, calls it the "Slow Forward" he is bullied into trying again. Hooray, he does it...then they get to go in a Cessna...where they are all lovey dovey. Talk about manipulative...that Rebecca (scenes from next episode show her crying and saying that she wants the relationship to be over once they get home...I'm sure that means he'll threaten suicide again)

I think Fredra is getting their stride. They worked quite well together....though they ditched their model alliance buddies when they got lost. But as Kendra said "it's a race and they can't wait on them forever". Ah well. Kendra had fun playing GI Jane on the climbing task and also enjoyed the grape sqashing. I can't wait for next week when she freaks out. I can't think of any ugly Kendra moments for this episode...though I'm sure there was one.

The 'roid rage in team 'Roid Rage was back this week. Lori was a complete bitch. I actually felt bad for Bolo...the only think I can think of right off the top of my head was just kind of the last of the bitchy comments. The road block (which can only be performed by one team member) involved squishing grapes, filling bottles with the juice and then drinking a glass of the juice. So she yelled at Bolo the entire time he was squishing...then as he finishes drinking the glass of juice she's all "you can't even save me a sip?"...uh lady, it's a roadblock, he has to do it...PLUS, one of the things about doing the work is that you get the reward...(oh yeah, and jonathan hates the way she talks)

Kris (of Kris and Jon) was the one who suffered this mysterious allergic reaction...which meant, they were making a few calls from a dog groomer's shop and she was sneezing because she's allergic to dogs. I was worried about them this leg because they made reservations on a flight and then the guy at the counter said they couldn't get a ticket. As usual...thanks to the TAR gods (or the production staff...they probably buy up a few tickets and then mysteriously cancel their reservations) they got on the flight. This wasn't a stellar leg for them, but it was good enough...and that's all that counts for now.

Team Ugly was ugly all over this episode. They also decided to go for the fast forward...when they saw that Hellboy was already there, Jonathan wanted to wait because "they can't do it". Ok're not the only one that can do anything...Victoria conviced him that they should go to the tasks and not do the FF (good move). But it is Victoria's fault that Adam and Rebecca got to the FF, I'm not sure. They get to the task and of course Victoria has to choose the task...Jonathan gets mad because she hesitates as to what to pick...once they are putting their gear on to climb the wall, he gets mad because "I don't think we should do this" and so they take everything off and he is shrieking "I'm not going to do something I can't do" (yup, he got mad at her because she chose something he can't do) So they go to the water where he is being dragged behind a boat and Victoria has to direct them to the buoys...(sound familiar?) and he has to dive in and find the clue...not all the buoys have clues, some have "try again". Victoria is freaking out because she can't find the she makes him dive down and check a non race buoy (hehehe). More yelling and cursing...they find some race buoys and get it their second to the grape squashing, which Jonathan does. More yelling, Victoria throws her stuff everywhere, Jonathan doesn't know what a moat is....three teams pass them...then they get going. They get stuck in traffic and the editing makes us wonder if they might be the last team...but alas, they are second last. For once, they both look genuinely happy on the bathmat of Philimination.

Hayden and Aaron...I can't remember what kind of fight they had last episode, but apparently they did because she was pissed off at him from the start. That just led to all sorts of problems. She (once again) couldn't drive the car so Aaron had to...well, she can't read a map, so they got lost. Very lost (and their Model alliace buddies didn't wait) Eventually, she decides she's going to drive (which she was suddenly able to do...) and there was lots of yelling and some name calling. She has decided that Aaron is too laid back. They aren't intense enough unless she is freaking out. So they were bringing up the rear for the entire leg...I don't know how close they were to Jonathan and Victoria, but Victoria claimed to have seen them as they were running to the we'll see next week. Anyway, it was a non-Philimination leg (not surprising) so they have lost their money. I don't think it should be too tough to beg for money in's not Senegal. In one of the little interviews, Aaron voiced his annoyance for Hayden's freak outs. I wonder if there will be another blow up....

I don't have a line of the week...except for the one above for next week's scenes. Though Jonathan's Lori imitation was humourous...she does sound quite like a redneck...
Anyway, that's this week...


Taco Bell Superfreak said...

Fredra. That's good. The "model alliance" rules...not. Oh god, jonathan and Victoria are pathetic.

The Rev said...

Okay, this has nothing to do with your current post. You now have permission to complain about the frickin freezing weather.