Wednesday, January 05, 2005

the amazing race 6 - episode 7

At long last, a team has been Philiminated once more. Unfortunately, it was a team I liked...but I did predict after the first episode that they could not win. Ok. So this episode involved some rain, some trains, a super easy water polo challenge, really spicy soup and puking...lots of puking.
In order of arrival on the bathmat:
Team 'roid rage pulled it off. They went from "sure" elimination to first by luck of opening times and the Fast Forward. Lori was pretty darn cranky this leg of the race. Even when they were en route to the Fast Forward task, she wouldn't let Bolo get too excited, but she downed that pig blood (as did he) like a trooper. Maybe it was the editing, but they were so unphased by the task that I wonder if they drink blood for breakfast everyday.

Team Visor had the visors back on, hence their higher finish. Kris was happy to be alive and in Hungary. I think it was Jon that said Budapest was like Disney World, only real. Jon did well with the spicy soup eating...I can't remember if he puked or not, but if he did, he only did once.

Team Asshole was in fine form. He tried to calm Freddy down after his incident (more about that later) seemed so insincere. He's willing to be nice to another team but not his wife...oh dear. Apparently he insults her to motivate her. That's what he told her in the cab after she had so much trouble with the spicy soup. She was the first (or second, not sure) one there and was the first one puking. Victoria did a lot of puking, so much in fact that the musicians in the restaurant were disgusted by the smell of puke...and she made Aaron puke as well. Jonathan was berating her so much that KRIS started cheering her on. He told her she was dumb this episode. Jonathan, you're a gem.

Hayden and Aaron crack me up. Ok, Aaron cracks me up. He just makes me laugh...that's all there is to it. He had a hard time with the soup as well...but of course once it was all over, Hayden said "oh I should have done it, I would have done it faster because I can put tabasco sauce on anything". Ok lady...putting a few drops of tabasco on your eggs is very different than eating 24 ounces of firey soup...but you can keep telling yourself that you'd be better.

Team Hellboy....oh Hellboy (Adam), you need to accept that the relationship is over. I think Rebbeca has. She doesn't seem the type to want to be the toughest one in the relationship and it seems to be that way in this one. I'm not sure Adam could have eaten that soup...but Rebecca downed it like a champ. She did throw up in the bushes afterward...I think that made them lose some time. At least he didn't treaten to throw himself off the bridge as they were arguing on it.

Fredra had a rough leg...or at least Freddy did. He got cranked in the head by a big metal gate (like the ones that block the highway when it's closed due to snow). Because of that (and likely the stress of the race) he FLIPPED out. He threatened to break whoever pulled the bar down in half. Fortunately for all those involved, no one knew who did it (I kept hoping for a replay with a highlighted circle showing who did it). You know you've lost it when JONATHAN is the one trying to calm you down. But yes...he himself in his post bathmat interview said that it was a little much. To top it off, when he puked during the soup challenge, a little bit of puke got in his he got to eat it. What did Kendra do when she found out he had puke in his bowl? that was going to help. Oh well.

Oh Gus and Hera, why do you always choose the harder/slower challenges. I guess Gus didn't want to get into a speedo to play water polo...or perhaps they don't swim, I don't know. But because they chose to paddle the Danube, they were behind and couldn't catch up. (come on, weren't we all hoping to see Gus in a speedo...)Gus did use his CIA skills to eat the soup...but he didn't look good afterward. I'll miss this team. They were good people, had some humourous moments...and Gus called Jonathan a little bastard. Great team all around. Too bad you couldn't win.

So that was the episode. Best line came from Kris "This is really vibratey"
Oh yes and Yeah Canada....finally winning the World Jr. championship!


K said...

Other Fabulous lines included the Check in guy.. "Welcome to Budapest.....HUNGARY!" and Aaron yelling back at him "THANK YOU"
Bolo: "Oh my supermodel face" (in reference to Freddy and the bar)
And Phil's "I think the blood may have gotten to you" after Lori jumped on him and seemed to chomp on his neck once Phil announced they were first.


Anonymous said...

Jonathon makes me so angry!!! I'm pretty easy going, but, if I saw him in person I'm not sure I'd be able to control myself. He'd get a good tongue-lashing.

dogsled_stacie said...

Hi - came to your blog via LP. I'm missing the AR talk so its nice to catch up on your blog. FWIW, I did tape the episode and replayed the gate smashing scene a few times. It wasn't obvious that anyone pulled it down! Not at all. I think Freddy there lost part of his mind when it wacked him.

And you're right - they slammed down the blood like it was water... or beer! I'm for team muscle-heads!

K said...

Thanks for reading...I wondered whether the gate just fell on it's own.
Any top three predictions?

dogsled_stacie said...

Top 3. Hmmm... I sucked on the last AR, but I'll give it a go:

1) Freddy/Kendra
2) Team Abusive Husband
3) Roid Rage!

I agree, Aaron is hilarious and it seems Hayden doesn't understand nor appreciate his humour!