Wednesday, January 26, 2005

the amazing race 6- episode 10

Not a bad episode. The first one without Jonathan and Victoria...I found it refreshing not to be cringing everytime Jonathan opened his mouth.
As usual, the preview was a little deceptive with the “one racer smokes the competition”….really, there was no smoking. Hayden just claimed that she was a track star and Aaron agreed with her. Ahh the running…most people were crap at it. I would have been too. Kendra and Freddy were the only ones to choose the Elephant Polo. It looked a lot more fun than the tree climbing…
This episode had a little preface, letting us know that it was shot in Sri Lanka “several weeks” before the deadly Tsunami. I’m pretty sure they were in the areas most profoundly affected by it…it looks like it was a beautiful place.

Anyway, by order of arrival on the bathmat:
Team Visor: Good leg. We saw a little more personality and intensity from them this episode. They were determined to stay in the race and they did a pretty good job. We saw evidence of Kris’s snarky side…when Lori and Bolo had the clue reading problem, she came out with “it’s all about the details” and looked a little smug. Who knew? They made fun of themselves when they had a hard time with the running...and that's what I like about them. Anyway, previews show them getting a little nastier…now that they have to give them more camera time; they’re showing a little more personality.

Hayden and Aaron: Managed to recover from Hayden’s height freak out. He did a good job of talking her through it. He also said something about being sick of her bitching when they were doing something else. Good on you Aaron…don’t let her bring you down. Her boobs were out again in fine form (as were Kris’s…I bet the guys loved this episode). Both of them are pretty quick swimmers and managed to beat Freddy and Kendra to the bathmat (though that was Kendra’s fault…not Freddy’s).

Fredra: Kendra started out the leg quite ill. She figures it was the Ethiopian food. I’m guessing it was a combination of factors…including the food. We got to hear her puke…it was lovely. Not sure what Freddy was thinking with the Poncho he was wearing, but whatever. They made a pretty crucial mistake in not reading the clue properly in the stair climb and Freddy had to go back to get the ticket. They probably would have been second if that hadn’t happened. Anyway…there was much confusion with the “swim the length of the pool” to Phil so they were caught in the mess of people doing that. Freddy reached in and grabbed her right out of the pool, ‘twas a good shot. Not sure if she’s redeemed herself after Dakar…but Phil seems to think she learned a lot from Ethiopia and realized her comments in Senegal were ignorant.

Team Hellboy: No wonder some people call Rebecca “Manipula”. She stated that if she has to pretend to be his girlfriend to get through the race, so be it. When they missed the first train, Adam wanted to give up…so Rebecca made fun of him. They ended up waiting, but she was visibly upset on the train. Ok buddy…she’s upset, hot, sweaty and going on little sleep…that sounds like a great time to exercise your lack of understanding about need of personal space. Ugh…I’d kill him. Anyway, they were saved by the “hours of operation” of something. He looks funny when he runs…kind of like Michael Johnson only not as fast. Anyway, Rebecca didn’t really take stock of the confusion around her and ran up to the bathmat and was all “hey, we’re here” before Phil was all “gotcha….gotta swim”. Not that it put them that far behind anyway.

And Philiminated was Team 'Roid Rage. They had a pretty good leg. They weren’t so good at the tree climbing and Lori was bitching the entire time. Their downfall was the clue reading. She didn’t bring it and had to go back down and then back up. It was kind of fun to hear her try to talk her way out of having to go back. “I’ll bring it back to you I promise.” “I dropped it, I don’t know where it is”. Good times. Anyway, she blamed Bolo for not reading the clue properly, right in front of Phil…Bolo was all “you can read too”. Good for him for not just taking the abuse. They had a pretty good run and they were pretty fun to watch. I’ll miss the wardrobe watch for Lori…she had some interesting pieces. Goodbye Lori and Bolo….

So that was the episode. Best line came from Aaron(edited note: it was Freddy, not Aaron that made this comment): “Adam’s such a nancy boy, I kicked his ass down the stairs”.
So it’s now down to the final four. I wonder if they’ll freak us out like last time and have the next leg be the final non-elimination so that they go into the last episode as 4 teams instead of the usual 3. Will Kris and Jon ruin their “Vanilla”/Nice reputation now that it’s getting down to the end? I guess we’ll find out next week!

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