Wednesday, January 19, 2005

the amazing race 3-episode 9

I will subtitle this episode "ding dong the witch is dead"
They were back in Africa this week, so of course Kendra had something to say about that. Apparently the poverty of Ethiopia didn't bother her as much as Senegal because the Ethiopians choose to live the way they do. Seriously...we would like you more if you didn't try to justify your comments.
Anway, Ethiopia looked beautiful. No wonder the Rastafarians think it's the holy land.
The producers were on to something last year with the animals...when I saw the donkeys, I had last year's "my ox is broken" scene running through my head.
Ok, in order of arrival at the bathmat of Philimination:

Hayden and Aaron: I'm sure all the guys out there were happy to see the return of their favourite two racers: Hayden's boobs. They were back in fine form this episode. Hayden and Aaron got it back together this episode. They weren't fighting and Aaron was damn funny. As they were walking their donkeys down the trail, Aaron made a comment about being pretty good ad leading an ass (or something of the sort). Pretty funny. Anyway...they won a trip to "exotic Mexico" for their first place finish (they went from first to last...good job).

Team Roid Rage: A pretty good leg for them. My question: When you have the choice between a strength challenge (carrying the roof for a mud hut and then "raising it" onto the hut) and a longer task why oh why would two muscley people choose throwing mud at the wall? I just don't get it. But, it worked out for them I guess. Lori was still saying weird things and Bolo was still being Bolo (I wonder if that's the name his mother gave him? Maybe he comes from a long line of wrestlers)

Team Visor needs to step it up a notch for the next legs. They are making good decisions, keeping their cool and doing pretty well...but if they are going to win, they just need that extra kick. Luckily, they've been saving the power of the visor for that. Jon's visor made a brief appearance but Kris's hasn't been seen for a few episodes...they are probably saving them for the final few legs. Anyway...they seemed to choose the right tasks (the raising of the roof) and Kris seemed to do well at the church (which was really cool looking) finding the pendant on the neck of a worshipper...but they must have been a little slow getting to the pit stop because they left before Lori and Bolo but got there after. The kids showing them the way must have taken them the scenic route. They were happy to be there though. I hope they keep it up.

Fredra had a bit of a rough leg. As soon as they found out they were going to Ethiopia, she said "we were just in a 3rd world country...." and complained about going back. I think the people of Ethiopia may have opened her eyes a bit because they were helping her every step of the way. When she wasn't able to breathe due to a panic/anxiety type attack, they carried her bag and were all "come on Kendra, you can do it, we'll go together". Way to go kids of opened her eyes a little. But yes...they were yielded. In fact, Jonathan told Rebecca and Adam to yield them (notice neither of those teams finished ahead of Fredra?!?!). And so they waited. Then they kept going. There were some uncomfortable moments as both Freddy and Adam were doing the roadblock and Kendra said "why did you yield us and not them" to which Rebecca responded "so many questions".

well crap...I just lost what I had written about team Hellboy and the start of Jonathan and Victoria. boo. I'll have to try again I guess.

Team Hellboy followed their regular pattern. She berates him for being a wuss but pouts if he tries to stick up for himself. This time, he was again, passive aggressive. Rebecca spilled to Kris that they had a better flight and Kris and Jon got on it. Adam was mad about it but instead of asking Rebecca "why did you do that", tells the "audience" and the camera "Rebecca can't keep her big mouth shut". So they fight, blah blah....he DOESN'T threaten suicide. I wonder if the producers said something to him. Anyway....they didn't want Kris and Jon to get the first charter flight...and they didn't. They chose the right task (raise the roof) but it fell apart a little from there. They chose to yield Fredra (a yelling Jonathan told them to) but that kind of backfired when Adam chose to follow a little boy far away from the church to look for the matching pendant instead of looking at the people standing just outside of it. He had a hissy fit and stomped around like a toddler once he was back to Rebecca. Oh well, they weren't last.

BUT...Jonathan and Victoria were last. They started off allright...but they ended up losing it. They got the first charter...but that didn't help that much because Jonathan insisted on finding an english speaking guide. When he couldn't find one at the cars...he abducted one off the side of the road. Of course they picked putting mud on the walls instead of raising the roof (which was so much easier). So Jonathan strips down to his bright red boxer briefs...that's right...he was trapsing around Ethiopia in his UNDERWEAR and they start at it. Victoria started to howl when she cut her finger and Jonathan pretty much blocked her out and pretended it didn't happen. I imagine he tunes her screeching out a lot....Once it was done, they were off to the donkeys. Jonathan didn't bother putting his clothes back on and didn't even want Victoria to put her shoes on (not sure why they were off in the first place) Anyway, they took ONE donkey instead of two. Of course once they found that out, it was Victoria's fault....cue the yelling and also the Jonathan yelling at Rebecca to yield Freddy and Kendra. They ruminated on how it was over, then they went back to find another Ass. Blah blah they finally stole the clothes off some Ethiopians (Victoria wasn't wearing a shirt and had to go to a holy place) and it was off to the pit stop. Walking the last bit to the pit stop, Jonathan insisted that his posse of kids join him in a Malcom X type "put your arms up". Not sure why, but it was increadibly annoying....but then at this point, he could donate millions of dollars to a needy cause and I'd find it annoying. Once they hit the bathmat, there was much rejoicing when Phil said "Jonathan and Victoria, you are the last team to arrive.....I'm sorry to say, you've been eliminated from the race". Then Jonathan tried to say some meaningful things...
I guess the rave won't be as interesting without them...but I now know that his behaviour will not be rewarded. He was awful to her...she wasn't very nice back.

Anyway, that's how I saw it (even though I had to write the Jonathan and Victoria section 3 times). The line of the week came from Rebecca in reference to Adam: "Never send a woman to do a man's job"

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dogsled_stacie said...

Woohoo! I must say I was damned happy those two got the boot. But... it will be a lot less interesting not to have those idiots to get mad at. Oh well! There ARE other idiots (Adam).

Lori is becoming more and more psycho each episode. She's so harsh on Bolo! She's just never happy. Also, she's looking a bit haggard lately...she definitely needs some beauty sleep.

Phil looked good though!