Monday, January 31, 2005

hotel rwanda

I saw Hotel Rwanda on Friday night. It's hard to call it a "great movie" because it's about would be like calling Schindler's List a great movie. It made me laugh at parts, it made me cry at parts and it made me really angry at other parts.

I don't know how much of the movie was real and how much was fiction, but according to the movie, the Belgians were responsible for the Tutsi/Hutu division. They needed a "ruling class" in their new colony so they divided the people. The lighter skined, taller, larger footed people with skinnier noses were the Tutsi ruling class and everyone else was Hutu. So the Hutu people were abused by both the European colonists and the Tutsi ruling class. They of course didn't like that and so the Hutu formed the Interhamwe (a militia). It was the Interhamwe that was responsible for trying to decimate the Tutsi population...if they killed all the children, they could wipe out the next generation of Tutsi people.
*please forgive the history in a nutshell...I did warn I'm just going off the movie

In the movie, there's a camera crew from the BBC (i think) there to cover a peace agreement that was being signed. When the crew gets film of dead bodies laying in the streets and entire "neighbourhoods" being burned, the main character (wonderfully portrayed by Don Cheadle) says to them "good, I'm glad you have that, if you play that in your countries they will see it and there will be outrage and we will get help". The journalist (pretty sure it was the Joaqin Phoenix character) says something to the effect of "they'll see it on the 6 o'clock news and they'll continue with thier dinners...they don't care about you". It's disgusting that that "searing" commentary on western society is so true.

It sickens me to think about the fact that there have been times of genocide (and there are times of genocide) that the "western world" and other parts of the world were aware of but did NOTHING or next to nothing. Bush rushes into Iraq because he thinks there are weapons of mass destruction. Where was the US when the Iraqi government was gassing the Kurds? Where are they for the Sudanese people right now? Where are they in the Congo, where the entire Tutsi and Hutu conflict is continuing and women are being raped and children are being massacred?

Romeo D'Allaire's book is subtitled "the failure of humanity in Rwanda". It's so sad to think that there are failures of humanity so often because we just don't want to get involved. I hate war, I hate killing...but after seeing the movie (and I'll be reading D'Allaire's book next) I can now understand when war is justifiable.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


So yesterday, I was pretty much called weak for showing emotion. We were talking about what age was a good age for kids to go to sleepovers…and I remembered this one sleepover I had when I was 5ish and woke up at night and was upset and wanted to go home. I was laughing about it because I was DOWN THE STREET from my house. I could see my house from the window…and I wanted to go home. Aah…the things we do when we’re kids.
Anyway, someone said to me “I would have expected that from **** but not from you; I though you were strong”. There are several things that are wrong with that, most of all, the fact that the incident occurred ALMOST 20 YEARS AGO so I’m not the same as I was when I was five. But also, since when does showing emotion make you weak?
This conversation continued on…and I revealed the fact that I have a hard time not getting teary eyed when other people are crying. I have no problem with the fact that I’m that way. My co-worker’s mother is quite ill. She got a little teary when she was talking about the latest news about her mother, because she was teary…so was I. I have no problem with that. The only problem I have with that is the fact that if I want to be a therapist, I’ll have to learn to control that a little more.
Right. So there was an entire conversation about how people who cry and show emotion are weak. I just didn’t get it. When I learned that it was ok to cry in front of someone, I felt stronger. It’s scary to show your vulnerable side…doing that means admitting you’re not perfect. It means you’re human and that you too get hurt sometimes and make mistakes and don’t always know all of the answers.
I felt so judged. I felt like this person now sees me as a different person as the person she say the day before. I feel like now, everything I say to her will be taken as “oh well, she’s weak so that’s why she is doing that” or “I can’t listen to that advice, the person who gave it to me is weak”. I know that it is not my problem it’s hers. But it scares me that this is a person who is in a “helping” field.
Showing compassion and emotion is not a weakness. I think I’d rather be thought of as weak and emotional than cold and uncaring.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

the amazing race 6- episode 10

Not a bad episode. The first one without Jonathan and Victoria...I found it refreshing not to be cringing everytime Jonathan opened his mouth.
As usual, the preview was a little deceptive with the “one racer smokes the competition”….really, there was no smoking. Hayden just claimed that she was a track star and Aaron agreed with her. Ahh the running…most people were crap at it. I would have been too. Kendra and Freddy were the only ones to choose the Elephant Polo. It looked a lot more fun than the tree climbing…
This episode had a little preface, letting us know that it was shot in Sri Lanka “several weeks” before the deadly Tsunami. I’m pretty sure they were in the areas most profoundly affected by it…it looks like it was a beautiful place.

Anyway, by order of arrival on the bathmat:
Team Visor: Good leg. We saw a little more personality and intensity from them this episode. They were determined to stay in the race and they did a pretty good job. We saw evidence of Kris’s snarky side…when Lori and Bolo had the clue reading problem, she came out with “it’s all about the details” and looked a little smug. Who knew? They made fun of themselves when they had a hard time with the running...and that's what I like about them. Anyway, previews show them getting a little nastier…now that they have to give them more camera time; they’re showing a little more personality.

Hayden and Aaron: Managed to recover from Hayden’s height freak out. He did a good job of talking her through it. He also said something about being sick of her bitching when they were doing something else. Good on you Aaron…don’t let her bring you down. Her boobs were out again in fine form (as were Kris’s…I bet the guys loved this episode). Both of them are pretty quick swimmers and managed to beat Freddy and Kendra to the bathmat (though that was Kendra’s fault…not Freddy’s).

Fredra: Kendra started out the leg quite ill. She figures it was the Ethiopian food. I’m guessing it was a combination of factors…including the food. We got to hear her puke…it was lovely. Not sure what Freddy was thinking with the Poncho he was wearing, but whatever. They made a pretty crucial mistake in not reading the clue properly in the stair climb and Freddy had to go back to get the ticket. They probably would have been second if that hadn’t happened. Anyway…there was much confusion with the “swim the length of the pool” to Phil so they were caught in the mess of people doing that. Freddy reached in and grabbed her right out of the pool, ‘twas a good shot. Not sure if she’s redeemed herself after Dakar…but Phil seems to think she learned a lot from Ethiopia and realized her comments in Senegal were ignorant.

Team Hellboy: No wonder some people call Rebecca “Manipula”. She stated that if she has to pretend to be his girlfriend to get through the race, so be it. When they missed the first train, Adam wanted to give up…so Rebecca made fun of him. They ended up waiting, but she was visibly upset on the train. Ok buddy…she’s upset, hot, sweaty and going on little sleep…that sounds like a great time to exercise your lack of understanding about need of personal space. Ugh…I’d kill him. Anyway, they were saved by the “hours of operation” of something. He looks funny when he runs…kind of like Michael Johnson only not as fast. Anyway, Rebecca didn’t really take stock of the confusion around her and ran up to the bathmat and was all “hey, we’re here” before Phil was all “gotcha….gotta swim”. Not that it put them that far behind anyway.

And Philiminated was Team 'Roid Rage. They had a pretty good leg. They weren’t so good at the tree climbing and Lori was bitching the entire time. Their downfall was the clue reading. She didn’t bring it and had to go back down and then back up. It was kind of fun to hear her try to talk her way out of having to go back. “I’ll bring it back to you I promise.” “I dropped it, I don’t know where it is”. Good times. Anyway, she blamed Bolo for not reading the clue properly, right in front of Phil…Bolo was all “you can read too”. Good for him for not just taking the abuse. They had a pretty good run and they were pretty fun to watch. I’ll miss the wardrobe watch for Lori…she had some interesting pieces. Goodbye Lori and Bolo….

So that was the episode. Best line came from Aaron(edited note: it was Freddy, not Aaron that made this comment): “Adam’s such a nancy boy, I kicked his ass down the stairs”.
So it’s now down to the final four. I wonder if they’ll freak us out like last time and have the next leg be the final non-elimination so that they go into the last episode as 4 teams instead of the usual 3. Will Kris and Jon ruin their “Vanilla”/Nice reputation now that it’s getting down to the end? I guess we’ll find out next week!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

it's amazing race tuesday

Next on The Amazing RaceTuesday, January 25 9PM ET/PT

In an Olympic-style event, one Racer smokes the competition.
Not sure what this one is...couldn't really tell from the previews.

Tension continues to rise for one Team as one member is on the brink of quitting the Race.
This is Adam and Rebecca....he wants to go home...

A fear of heights plagues one Racer, who breaks into tears while racing through a Detour. Will fear keep her from completing the task?
This is Hayden...we saw that last week too. I'm sure Aaron is able to talk her through it.

Some Team members make a crucial mistake reading a clue.
Come on people....learn from people's mistakes and READ THE CLUE before you start....

Monday, January 24, 2005


I'm sure you've already seen it....but here is the link to the story about Sponge-bob promoting gayness.
Now apparently, promoting TOLERANCE is a bad thing. I just don't get it. in accepting the people around you for who they are...not judging them regardless of whether or not you agree with the way they live or what they do. It just baffles me why so much money and so much energy goes into this stuff...seriously. Issuing a "gay-alert" because of something that might help a kid not kill themselves because they feel so persecuted at school...that is oh so Christian.
What would Jesus do? Well, he wouln't be hanging around with these reactionary rich white dudes....

jonathan and victoria on the CBS morning show

Here is a link to their interview. I think it can only be used with Windows media player.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

the amazing race 3-episode 9

I will subtitle this episode "ding dong the witch is dead"
They were back in Africa this week, so of course Kendra had something to say about that. Apparently the poverty of Ethiopia didn't bother her as much as Senegal because the Ethiopians choose to live the way they do. Seriously...we would like you more if you didn't try to justify your comments.
Anway, Ethiopia looked beautiful. No wonder the Rastafarians think it's the holy land.
The producers were on to something last year with the animals...when I saw the donkeys, I had last year's "my ox is broken" scene running through my head.
Ok, in order of arrival at the bathmat of Philimination:

Hayden and Aaron: I'm sure all the guys out there were happy to see the return of their favourite two racers: Hayden's boobs. They were back in fine form this episode. Hayden and Aaron got it back together this episode. They weren't fighting and Aaron was damn funny. As they were walking their donkeys down the trail, Aaron made a comment about being pretty good ad leading an ass (or something of the sort). Pretty funny. Anyway...they won a trip to "exotic Mexico" for their first place finish (they went from first to last...good job).

Team Roid Rage: A pretty good leg for them. My question: When you have the choice between a strength challenge (carrying the roof for a mud hut and then "raising it" onto the hut) and a longer task why oh why would two muscley people choose throwing mud at the wall? I just don't get it. But, it worked out for them I guess. Lori was still saying weird things and Bolo was still being Bolo (I wonder if that's the name his mother gave him? Maybe he comes from a long line of wrestlers)

Team Visor needs to step it up a notch for the next legs. They are making good decisions, keeping their cool and doing pretty well...but if they are going to win, they just need that extra kick. Luckily, they've been saving the power of the visor for that. Jon's visor made a brief appearance but Kris's hasn't been seen for a few episodes...they are probably saving them for the final few legs. Anyway...they seemed to choose the right tasks (the raising of the roof) and Kris seemed to do well at the church (which was really cool looking) finding the pendant on the neck of a worshipper...but they must have been a little slow getting to the pit stop because they left before Lori and Bolo but got there after. The kids showing them the way must have taken them the scenic route. They were happy to be there though. I hope they keep it up.

Fredra had a bit of a rough leg. As soon as they found out they were going to Ethiopia, she said "we were just in a 3rd world country...." and complained about going back. I think the people of Ethiopia may have opened her eyes a bit because they were helping her every step of the way. When she wasn't able to breathe due to a panic/anxiety type attack, they carried her bag and were all "come on Kendra, you can do it, we'll go together". Way to go kids of opened her eyes a little. But yes...they were yielded. In fact, Jonathan told Rebecca and Adam to yield them (notice neither of those teams finished ahead of Fredra?!?!). And so they waited. Then they kept going. There were some uncomfortable moments as both Freddy and Adam were doing the roadblock and Kendra said "why did you yield us and not them" to which Rebecca responded "so many questions".

well crap...I just lost what I had written about team Hellboy and the start of Jonathan and Victoria. boo. I'll have to try again I guess.

Team Hellboy followed their regular pattern. She berates him for being a wuss but pouts if he tries to stick up for himself. This time, he was again, passive aggressive. Rebecca spilled to Kris that they had a better flight and Kris and Jon got on it. Adam was mad about it but instead of asking Rebecca "why did you do that", tells the "audience" and the camera "Rebecca can't keep her big mouth shut". So they fight, blah blah....he DOESN'T threaten suicide. I wonder if the producers said something to him. Anyway....they didn't want Kris and Jon to get the first charter flight...and they didn't. They chose the right task (raise the roof) but it fell apart a little from there. They chose to yield Fredra (a yelling Jonathan told them to) but that kind of backfired when Adam chose to follow a little boy far away from the church to look for the matching pendant instead of looking at the people standing just outside of it. He had a hissy fit and stomped around like a toddler once he was back to Rebecca. Oh well, they weren't last.

BUT...Jonathan and Victoria were last. They started off allright...but they ended up losing it. They got the first charter...but that didn't help that much because Jonathan insisted on finding an english speaking guide. When he couldn't find one at the cars...he abducted one off the side of the road. Of course they picked putting mud on the walls instead of raising the roof (which was so much easier). So Jonathan strips down to his bright red boxer briefs...that's right...he was trapsing around Ethiopia in his UNDERWEAR and they start at it. Victoria started to howl when she cut her finger and Jonathan pretty much blocked her out and pretended it didn't happen. I imagine he tunes her screeching out a lot....Once it was done, they were off to the donkeys. Jonathan didn't bother putting his clothes back on and didn't even want Victoria to put her shoes on (not sure why they were off in the first place) Anyway, they took ONE donkey instead of two. Of course once they found that out, it was Victoria's fault....cue the yelling and also the Jonathan yelling at Rebecca to yield Freddy and Kendra. They ruminated on how it was over, then they went back to find another Ass. Blah blah they finally stole the clothes off some Ethiopians (Victoria wasn't wearing a shirt and had to go to a holy place) and it was off to the pit stop. Walking the last bit to the pit stop, Jonathan insisted that his posse of kids join him in a Malcom X type "put your arms up". Not sure why, but it was increadibly annoying....but then at this point, he could donate millions of dollars to a needy cause and I'd find it annoying. Once they hit the bathmat, there was much rejoicing when Phil said "Jonathan and Victoria, you are the last team to arrive.....I'm sorry to say, you've been eliminated from the race". Then Jonathan tried to say some meaningful things...
I guess the rave won't be as interesting without them...but I now know that his behaviour will not be rewarded. He was awful to her...she wasn't very nice back.

Anyway, that's how I saw it (even though I had to write the Jonathan and Victoria section 3 times). The line of the week came from Rebecca in reference to Adam: "Never send a woman to do a man's job"


So I AM writing up my amazing race recap...but I've lost information twice I'm a little frustrated. It will come. I hate you blogger.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

today on the Amazing Race

Tuesday, January 18 9PM ET/PT

One Racer is injured during a Detour, and the teammate shows no concern, which shocks the other Teams.

A mistake reading a clue affects one Team's ability to complete a task. Will this jeopardize their position in the Race?

An encounter with some local children brings one Racer to tears.

One Racer is frustrated that his Teammate helped another Team, which leads to a much deeper discussion about the future of their relationship.

Hooray, it's tuesday. We get to watch Kendra flip out at Jonathan... I'm wondering who can't read the clue...perhps it's Rebecca and Adam? Anyway, same bat time, same bat channel...

Monday, January 17, 2005

what shall i do with my life?

That is the frustrating part of my life right now. I don't really know where I want to go to school, whether that's the path for me...what kind of program I should be looking at and all that jazz. Plus, once I decide, I may or may not get it. Bah. Grad are causing havok in my life before I have even attained that goal. Unsettled...that's how I feel about it all.
Just needed to get that out...thanks.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

doeth mine eyes deceive me?

Check out the Weather Network
Scroll down and look at the long range forecast for next Tuesday, Wednesday and seems far too good to be true. I highly doubt it will come true, but I can dream can't I?

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

the Amazing Race 6- episode 8

What a letdown. Ok not really, but it was looking so good for a team Scream Philimination. Of course, that could easily have been editing, but you just never know (ok, we'll know next week when the teams leave the pitstop). But seriously...the best part of this episode was the Scenes from next episode. Since I'm most excited about that: scenes from next episode look like they are in another country that Kendra will hate. Bali? Ethiopia? I don't know. Some sort of hut in the hear Phil say "one team is plagued by injuries", you see Victoria scream and go running (meanwhile the men watching run towards her), then you see Kendra having a temper tantrum and screaming "Jonathan....HELP...HER!!!" So we'll see how that pans out (although if it's anything like this week's so called allergic reaction, it will be a letdown).
In order of arrival at the bathmat:
Team Hellboy did the fast forward this leg. What good is a fast forward on a non-elimination leg...come on TAR, get with the program. Anyway...they were one of the first to get their clue with the FF in it so they immediately went there. They knew it was a dive and I guess Rebecca is a certified diver. Surprise surprise, Adam is not. They get there and have to put on ye olde fashioned dive suits (that weight 100 lbs) and walk along the bottom of the ocean to a lobster trap and get a clue. BOTH team members had to walk to the trap and back. Well, Adam had a bit of a freak out because he couldn't work his suit and started to panic. So they haul him back on the boat and take his helmet could tell he was trying not to cry on TV. Rebecca gets up and makes fun of him, calls it the "Slow Forward" he is bullied into trying again. Hooray, he does it...then they get to go in a Cessna...where they are all lovey dovey. Talk about manipulative...that Rebecca (scenes from next episode show her crying and saying that she wants the relationship to be over once they get home...I'm sure that means he'll threaten suicide again)

I think Fredra is getting their stride. They worked quite well together....though they ditched their model alliance buddies when they got lost. But as Kendra said "it's a race and they can't wait on them forever". Ah well. Kendra had fun playing GI Jane on the climbing task and also enjoyed the grape sqashing. I can't wait for next week when she freaks out. I can't think of any ugly Kendra moments for this episode...though I'm sure there was one.

The 'roid rage in team 'Roid Rage was back this week. Lori was a complete bitch. I actually felt bad for Bolo...the only think I can think of right off the top of my head was just kind of the last of the bitchy comments. The road block (which can only be performed by one team member) involved squishing grapes, filling bottles with the juice and then drinking a glass of the juice. So she yelled at Bolo the entire time he was squishing...then as he finishes drinking the glass of juice she's all "you can't even save me a sip?"...uh lady, it's a roadblock, he has to do it...PLUS, one of the things about doing the work is that you get the reward...(oh yeah, and jonathan hates the way she talks)

Kris (of Kris and Jon) was the one who suffered this mysterious allergic reaction...which meant, they were making a few calls from a dog groomer's shop and she was sneezing because she's allergic to dogs. I was worried about them this leg because they made reservations on a flight and then the guy at the counter said they couldn't get a ticket. As usual...thanks to the TAR gods (or the production staff...they probably buy up a few tickets and then mysteriously cancel their reservations) they got on the flight. This wasn't a stellar leg for them, but it was good enough...and that's all that counts for now.

Team Ugly was ugly all over this episode. They also decided to go for the fast forward...when they saw that Hellboy was already there, Jonathan wanted to wait because "they can't do it". Ok're not the only one that can do anything...Victoria conviced him that they should go to the tasks and not do the FF (good move). But it is Victoria's fault that Adam and Rebecca got to the FF, I'm not sure. They get to the task and of course Victoria has to choose the task...Jonathan gets mad because she hesitates as to what to pick...once they are putting their gear on to climb the wall, he gets mad because "I don't think we should do this" and so they take everything off and he is shrieking "I'm not going to do something I can't do" (yup, he got mad at her because she chose something he can't do) So they go to the water where he is being dragged behind a boat and Victoria has to direct them to the buoys...(sound familiar?) and he has to dive in and find the clue...not all the buoys have clues, some have "try again". Victoria is freaking out because she can't find the she makes him dive down and check a non race buoy (hehehe). More yelling and cursing...they find some race buoys and get it their second to the grape squashing, which Jonathan does. More yelling, Victoria throws her stuff everywhere, Jonathan doesn't know what a moat is....three teams pass them...then they get going. They get stuck in traffic and the editing makes us wonder if they might be the last team...but alas, they are second last. For once, they both look genuinely happy on the bathmat of Philimination.

Hayden and Aaron...I can't remember what kind of fight they had last episode, but apparently they did because she was pissed off at him from the start. That just led to all sorts of problems. She (once again) couldn't drive the car so Aaron had to...well, she can't read a map, so they got lost. Very lost (and their Model alliace buddies didn't wait) Eventually, she decides she's going to drive (which she was suddenly able to do...) and there was lots of yelling and some name calling. She has decided that Aaron is too laid back. They aren't intense enough unless she is freaking out. So they were bringing up the rear for the entire leg...I don't know how close they were to Jonathan and Victoria, but Victoria claimed to have seen them as they were running to the we'll see next week. Anyway, it was a non-Philimination leg (not surprising) so they have lost their money. I don't think it should be too tough to beg for money in's not Senegal. In one of the little interviews, Aaron voiced his annoyance for Hayden's freak outs. I wonder if there will be another blow up....

I don't have a line of the week...except for the one above for next week's scenes. Though Jonathan's Lori imitation was humourous...she does sound quite like a redneck...
Anyway, that's this week...

Monday, January 10, 2005

Next...on the Amazing Race

January 11 9PM ET/PT (that's 10pm for us in the MST zone)

-During a Roadblock, Teams go barefoot to complete a task popularized by Lucille Ball.
Looks like they'll be doing some grape squashing.....I can just see Jonathan now "no Victoria, squish're so should be doing this so much better because you love food"

-When a Team goes for the Fast Forward, one teammate struggles to maneuver the gear and gets discouraged. Ultimately, will the Fast Forward help them or harm them?
hmmm...whoever it is, I think they'll still pull through. Two FF legs in a row eh? Remember the old days when all the legs had the fast forward?

-The pressures of the Race take their toll on one Team, who experience a meltdown while getting lost on the road to the next clue.
I'm thinking this is the Hayden and Aaron meltdown that was shown in last week's "scenes from our next episode". Hopefully Aaron doesn't ruin how damn funny he is.

-One Team tries to get an edge over the others by ducking into a store to make telephone reservations, thus avoiding the airport wait. But while there, one teammate has an allergic reaction.
That would really suck. Ok, who wouldn't go straight to the airport? Maybe Victoria has an allergic reaction. She seems like she may have perhaps she has allergies as well.

would you be insulted?

I can't decide whether our neighbour is just really weird or doesn't like us. This morning was quite chilly...(Steve, I'm sure you knew that). As my sister and I were brushing off the car, our neighbour, who was going to the same place we were, came outside. His car was gone as his wife had already left for work. He was very bundled up so we knew he was either walking all the way or walking only to the bus stop. Being the nice people we are, my sister and I offered him a ride. He said "no thanks, I've got a lot of layers on, I'll walk". Now maybe his morning walk is the only chance he gets for excercise, but would anyone else have refused the ride? Does he just not like us?'s really cold

When it was this cold last year, I didn't have a job. I didn't have to worry about getting out of bed before the heat came back on or starting the car when the windchill was -35 or hoping my feet would unfreeze before 9...I got to stay inside. It is in weather like this that I wish I could have my own home based business/job so that I didn't have to go outside unless I wanted to. It's not supposed to get much better anytime soon either. Sure, it might go up to -10 today, but not while I'm outside. I hope my car (that does not have a block heater) continues to start all week.
Why oh why do I still live in the land of winter. Why do I work in an office with no natural light? I only see the sun on the weekend...

Friday, January 07, 2005

i think my blog is broken

I'm not sure what's wrong...but it's not working properly. Hopefully it will all get sorted out soon. Until that time comes, I will wallow in my own pity. Yup, that's what I'll do.

are you kidding me?

According to the CBC website, someone is suing NBC because an episode of Fear Factor made him ill. So ill he couldn't turn the TV off and stop watching?!?! Apparently he's just trying to prove a point...hmmm prove a point by giving the show MORE PUBLICITY? Brilliant.

Does this mean thousands of people can now sue Stephen King because his book "It" made them afraid of clowns?

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

the amazing race 6 - episode 7

At long last, a team has been Philiminated once more. Unfortunately, it was a team I liked...but I did predict after the first episode that they could not win. Ok. So this episode involved some rain, some trains, a super easy water polo challenge, really spicy soup and puking...lots of puking.
In order of arrival on the bathmat:
Team 'roid rage pulled it off. They went from "sure" elimination to first by luck of opening times and the Fast Forward. Lori was pretty darn cranky this leg of the race. Even when they were en route to the Fast Forward task, she wouldn't let Bolo get too excited, but she downed that pig blood (as did he) like a trooper. Maybe it was the editing, but they were so unphased by the task that I wonder if they drink blood for breakfast everyday.

Team Visor had the visors back on, hence their higher finish. Kris was happy to be alive and in Hungary. I think it was Jon that said Budapest was like Disney World, only real. Jon did well with the spicy soup eating...I can't remember if he puked or not, but if he did, he only did once.

Team Asshole was in fine form. He tried to calm Freddy down after his incident (more about that later) seemed so insincere. He's willing to be nice to another team but not his wife...oh dear. Apparently he insults her to motivate her. That's what he told her in the cab after she had so much trouble with the spicy soup. She was the first (or second, not sure) one there and was the first one puking. Victoria did a lot of puking, so much in fact that the musicians in the restaurant were disgusted by the smell of puke...and she made Aaron puke as well. Jonathan was berating her so much that KRIS started cheering her on. He told her she was dumb this episode. Jonathan, you're a gem.

Hayden and Aaron crack me up. Ok, Aaron cracks me up. He just makes me laugh...that's all there is to it. He had a hard time with the soup as well...but of course once it was all over, Hayden said "oh I should have done it, I would have done it faster because I can put tabasco sauce on anything". Ok lady...putting a few drops of tabasco on your eggs is very different than eating 24 ounces of firey soup...but you can keep telling yourself that you'd be better.

Team Hellboy....oh Hellboy (Adam), you need to accept that the relationship is over. I think Rebbeca has. She doesn't seem the type to want to be the toughest one in the relationship and it seems to be that way in this one. I'm not sure Adam could have eaten that soup...but Rebecca downed it like a champ. She did throw up in the bushes afterward...I think that made them lose some time. At least he didn't treaten to throw himself off the bridge as they were arguing on it.

Fredra had a rough leg...or at least Freddy did. He got cranked in the head by a big metal gate (like the ones that block the highway when it's closed due to snow). Because of that (and likely the stress of the race) he FLIPPED out. He threatened to break whoever pulled the bar down in half. Fortunately for all those involved, no one knew who did it (I kept hoping for a replay with a highlighted circle showing who did it). You know you've lost it when JONATHAN is the one trying to calm you down. But yes...he himself in his post bathmat interview said that it was a little much. To top it off, when he puked during the soup challenge, a little bit of puke got in his he got to eat it. What did Kendra do when she found out he had puke in his bowl? that was going to help. Oh well.

Oh Gus and Hera, why do you always choose the harder/slower challenges. I guess Gus didn't want to get into a speedo to play water polo...or perhaps they don't swim, I don't know. But because they chose to paddle the Danube, they were behind and couldn't catch up. (come on, weren't we all hoping to see Gus in a speedo...)Gus did use his CIA skills to eat the soup...but he didn't look good afterward. I'll miss this team. They were good people, had some humourous moments...and Gus called Jonathan a little bastard. Great team all around. Too bad you couldn't win.

So that was the episode. Best line came from Kris "This is really vibratey"
Oh yes and Yeah Canada....finally winning the World Jr. championship!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

'tis tuesday

There is no "preview" for this episode on the CBS website so I have to make up my own with some questions...
Will Lori and Bolo pull reap the rewards of opening times and airport delays and catch up?
Will Kendra's precious "research" pay off?
Will Jonathan enjoy the fact that since Victoria's mouth will be full due to the eating challenge, she will finally "be the woman and be quiet?

According to the CTV website, the show is on at the regular time of 10pm MST tonight.

Monday, January 03, 2005

design woes

Ok so I'm trying to post a picture link in the sidebar that would be something like this

    But it's not working properly. In fact, I don't even know if this is going to work properly. Grrrr I hate not knowing html....anyway, donate to the Red Cross or a similar organization. Hopefully I'll be able to post some links soon.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

i knew it was too good to be true

So after having a flat tire yesterday evening (yup, the tire had to be changed in the -25 degree weather...Jordan, you're the best) I knew it sounded too good to be true when Canadian Tire called to tell me the tire had been patched and was ready to go. Turns out the caller dude read the sheet wrong and we actually need two new tires. Hooray

Saturday, January 01, 2005

happy new year

I hope everyone has a happy new year...and I hope new years eve was nice and safe.