Monday, December 20, 2004

when does the tickle hating begin?

So many mentions of tickling lately have got me wondering: when does the tickle hating begin? Lets look at this picture. That is clearly a face of joy versus the face of horror that I am convinced dominates my face at the though (much less action) of being tickled. I can't think of any adult person that enjoys being tickled, yet kids seem to like it.
I remember torturing my sister with the "almost" tickle. For her, the anticipatory tickle was far more laugh-prevoking than the real tickle. Perhaps it is for that reason that we all don't like being tickled anymore...we were tortured with it.
Maybe we should get rid of weapons and just use tickles...I would do pretty much anything to make it stop....

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revswife said...

I too would do ANYTHING to make the tickles stop. My dad used to torture me and so did my older brothers, with the anticipatory tickle and the real thing. Mean, mean, mean! By the way, that is one cute girl there.