Monday, December 06, 2004

tomorrow is amazing race tuesday

From the cbs site:
-Four Teams fall behind when some locals give them bad information.

-One teammate gets sick while trying to complete a Detour. To the Team's surprise, it helps them accomplish the task quicker.

-One seemingly fit Racer struggles through a Roadblock, watching others easily complete the task, taunted and chided all the while by the teammate watching in frustration from the sidelines.

-Overcome by his partner's effort during a task, one Racer breaks down in tears of appreciation.

Ok, so I know that the racer that breaks down is Don because I saw that on "scenes from our next episode" last week. Also, I think it's Hellboy/Adam that gets taunted and chided due to the "you're letting a girl beat you" comment from Rebecca on last weeks preview...I'm sorry but the "girl" she was talking about was Lori and she's stronger that most people. I don't really have any guesses about the other two...getting sick making you quicker eh? Not sure if that would work in a food challenge, but maybe.

Any other guesses?

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Tinkerbell said...

I saw on a preview on the cbs website, that Don thows up and everytime he does that Mary Jean is able to catch fish. Go figure!!!