Monday, December 06, 2004

national day of remembrance

Today is National day of remembrance and action on violence against women.
15 years ago, Canada's worst multiple shooting occured. 14 women died because they were women.
It's sad that I feel like I should be lucky that something like that hasn't happened to me nor someone I have known. It makes me angry that I should have to feel lucky. But I do. I'm also happy to be living in a country where we can recognize that it is wrong to discriminate against women and also happy to be living in a place where a man can go to jail for beating his wife.

note to self, learn to edit before posting.
also, men, i am also glad that women can go to jail for beating their husbands...i just thought that the wife comment was appropriate for such an occasion.


Cristina said...

So where'd you get the idea of "dooce" as part of your title?

K said...

I'm not the most html person so if this doesn't work I apologize.
I was inspired by dooceHeather or "dooce" has been writing about her life via this website for years. She is a fantastic writer, great photographer and is as witty as they come. It's fantastic to read. So even though I was already a loyal follower of The Rev and Noggin Bits (among others), I was inspired by her page to start writing.

K said...

ok so i now just went to your page and saw that you had "dooce" on your links.
So yes...I was inspired to write because of her