Tuesday, December 14, 2004

it's amazing race tuesday

It's the best day of the week....in this episode:
-One Racer is overwhelmed with emotion, breaking down with tears at a stop along the course.
We know this is Gus....at a tribute to the slaves. I can't imagine what that would be like. Much like jewish people visiting a holocost memorial. I'm sure it was a powerful experience for him, hopefully it spurs he and Hera along.

-While completing a Detour, one team member takes the liberty of sampling the handled goods to the exasperation and disgust of fellow Racers.
Why do I have the feeling it's Jonathan??? Or maybe Bolo?

-Tempers flare during a rush for tickets at the airport where one Team is angered by two Teams working together.
Maybe this is the incident that causes Hayden to say to Bolo "just because you're 5'5 and on steroids"...we saw this in the preview last week.

-A footrace to the Pit Stop brings one team to the breaking point.
Hmmmmm.....I'm hoping it's drama queen Hellboy and Rebecca

I'm sure it will be a fun episode for Don and Mary Jean as they will have to beg for money in Senegal. I wonder if they will have changed the rules from last year where some teams asked people for money even before it was their time to start the leg of the race. For some reason that seemed unfair to me.
Anyway, happy viewing...

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