Tuesday, December 21, 2004

it's amazing race tuesday once more

Next on The Amazing Race
SPECIAL TIME: Tuesday, December 21 8PM ET/PT (That's 9pm MST)
While riding in a taxi, a Team member irritates the driver to the point of getting the pair kicked out.

Teams are required to drive cars unlike any they've ever seen before.

During a run-in with the law, one Racer pours on the charm to miraculously turn the situation to their benefit, while the teammate looks on in amazement.

Transportation proves disastrous for one Team as they find themselves left behind. How will this setback affect their game?

Sounds like a good episode to me. I'm quite happy about the earlier time for this week. I was worried I wouldn't be able to watch it "live" because I have to get up really early tomorrow. Hooray.


revswife said...

They should permanently move it to nine o'clock!

K said...

I agree! I even miss the summer when it was on at 8...that was the best.

revswife said...

Steve doesn't believe me that it was on that early. Thanks for confirming that.