Thursday, December 02, 2004

"insider video" information

Well, being the true geek that I am, I watched some of the insider videos on the TAR website. Apparently first and second place for this leg were decided by the old rock/paper/scissors method (which is trully infallible, especially in trivial persuit). Aaron picked paper and Ken/Jon picked rock. So that's how they did it.

Another revalation from the insider video...the producers and Phil CLEARLY dislike Jonathan. One of the videos has Victoria talking about Jon and how if he only commented on her downfalls once it would be ok, but he persists and repeats it until she snaps. The caption on the video says something like "Victoria talks about what bothers her about Jonathan...surprise it's about his attitude"
Also, Phil seems increadibly sarcastic when he talks about Jonathan in his "Phil's Diaries". It's like he's disappointed they're still in the race.
Good times.

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Tinkerbell said...

I guess I'm a true geek too cuz I watch the insider videos too!!!