Wednesday, December 22, 2004

the amazing race 6- episode 6 aka "worst episode ever"

Seriously though...why oh why must you do this to me oh Amazing Race. I can't even recap in order of arival at the bathmat of Philimination....because it was "to be continued". You can't do's just not fair. Ok, yes, I know that CBS can do anything they want to do but it doesn't mean I can't complain about it.
My mum would have kicked ass at the car driving part of this leg.
I guess I'll recap in the order I feel like....

Fredra...oh Kendra. I think I liked you a bit when the race started, but now not so much. But you do make me laugh. The first clue said "get to Checkpoint Charlie"...Freddy, being the smart one says "ok lets go"...Kendra "shouldn't we go back to the hotel and do some Research?". RESEARCH??? what are you going to research? It's not as if you need to write an essay on the political implications of Checkpoint Charlie during the communist regime of East Germany once you get there!! You just need to get there and read the new clue. She complained that Freddy doesn't like to be as thorough (is that how you spell that?) as she does...well Kendra, you'd still be in Sweden if Freddy didn't insist you do the race. Oh yes, and Freddy sounds like Luke looks like he flips out next episode though.

Victoria and husband had a slightly less tumultuous episode...but still plenty of yelling. They managed the weird cars quite well. But had some fabulous moments at the Berlin airport. When they missed out on tickets on the first flight to Hungaray, Jonathan flipped out. He yelled at the ticket agent, he yelled at Gus and Hera (for getting on the flight when he and Victoria did not), I'm sure he yelled at everyone he came into contact with. Come on buddy, throwing your tickets in someone's face and telling them they just lost the race for you is NOT going to help.
Now, Victoria seems to be a little on the bitchy side (with her "be the man" comments) but can you really blame her? Jonathan told her she had to be the woman and shut up. He also told her she wasn't carrying her weight on the team...hmmm, when they had to get 5 more cannon balls to complete the task, she took 4 and he took 1.

Gus and Hera are fun to watch. He was great at driving the car with the gear shift on the steering column (yup, this is why my mum would have rocked this task...the first car she drove had the stick shift on the steering column). I can just see him in his old CIA days, driving through Hungary incognito in one of those cars. He took up pretty much the entire front of it.
Once they had to do "cannon balls or catapults" he wanted to do the catapult because it looked like more fun...they had to switch because it was hard to hit the target...this meant he took his shirt off again. Nothing better than seeing a shirtless Gus hauling cannon balls. At least he put his shirt on again once the task was done...Jonathan paraded around without his for pretty much the rest of the episode. Kudos to them for staying at the Internet cafe as soon as they got there. Freddy and Kendra left as soon as they saw that it didn't open for awhile (probably to do some research)

Kris and Jon are still nice to eachother and are working well together. Since they are a long distance dating couple, maybe they haven't learned to fight yet, I don't know. But it's nice to see people working together. They had an ok episode. Ever since they took off their visors, they aren't doing as well. Perhaps they should put them back on. She was showing quite a bit of cleavage this episode...her boobs got more camera time than both her face and Hayden's boobs this week. They both got a kick out of the car...until it broke down on the side of the road. Luckily, they got a new one fairly quickly and were on their way. They have good reasoning with figuring out which task to do...they always figure out which one they have the most control over and do that one. Hopefully they can get back to the top of the pack.

Hayden and Aaron made me laugh a bit this time. She had a rough go. She is usually the driver because (as she put it) she is retarded with direction. Unfortunately, she couldn't drive the weird they got lost. Ah well...they're still in it due to the hours of operation on at the internet cafe. I think Aaron called her a psycho...

Rebecca and Adam figured that Checkpoint Charlie was where the Gestapo hung out. Perhaps they need to do some of Kendra's research. She wouldn't let him do the bungee thing because of his wussy boy status. They had big car problems as well...but some Hungarian with really tight short shorts was nice enough to help them out.

Team Roid Rage is WAAAAY behind. They had so much car trouble and I think navigating trouble that they missed the last train of the night back to Budapest. They thought they could make time up with the cannon ball task since they're so strong...but when they finished they had already missed the train. So our episode ended with them sleeping at the train station. Now the Internet cafe opens at 10pm and their train doesn't leave until 7:25 they are pretty far behind. Not sure they'll pull through.

So there we have it...not an elimination, not even a non-elimination. I don't even know if the scenes from next episode are before an elimination or not. BUT...looks like an eating challenge and Victoria is doing it. I bet Gus kills that challenge.

Hopefully the next episode brings me some closure.


Anonymous said...

Such a disappointing episode. And to think that I was sick all day and stayed up to watch it.

revswife said...

I can't believe I missed it! I had the flu. Darn it.

K said...

awww....that sucks. The one time it's on early enough for you! One of these days you'll get to see an entire episode.