Wednesday, December 15, 2004

the amazing race 6 episode 5

I will call this the episode of the Ugliness. Here are some of the things heard on this leg:
-They just keep breeding and breeding
-This city is wretched (said in a cab, in front of the cab driver)
-I'd so like to be in Paris right now eating a croissant
-I would love to get out of Africa, no wonder so many people escaped (last time I cheched, these "escapees" were actually sold into slavery
-It's a big difference from the ghetto third world (while stepping into a Mercedes in Berlin)
Now none of those were spoken by Jonathan, because they are degrading places, not his wife.
The tasks in this leg included:
-a tribute to the slaves
-soabpox racing
-beer or brats (serve beer or make bratwurst)
Here's the breakdown of the teams in order of arrival at the pitstop bathmat:

Fredra aka Freddy and Kendra had a successful leg race wise. Unfortunately, 4 of the 5 above lines were spoken by Kendra. I'm surprised that Freddy didn't say anything to her about it (perhaps he did and it was edited out) because it was a very ugly moment for Kendra. Now I do understand that everyone has different reactions to situations that make them uncomfortable and this was clearly Kendra's way of dealing with it. But it seemed like a total lack of compassion. The only reason I'm glad they were first is because it meant Jonathan and Victoria weren't first.

Abuse is really the only word for the was Jonathan treated Victoria this leg. I apologize if I go on and on about it, but it was really unacceptable behaviour. Jonathan was looking a little better last leg...but all that is now forgotten. Some may say that editing can make nice people look like bad people...I mean I'm sure that Flo from the third (I think third anyway) season isn't normally nearly as whiney as they made her out to be...but even she said that you have to give them the material to make you look bad. Ok, so where do I even start. Things were actually going quite well for them (Jonathan was yelling at another team instead of Victoria at first) and then the put downs started. First, she wasn't moving fast enough after the detour, then she couldn't find the map to help him get where he needed to go. So he pulled the car over and told her to drive (not nicely)...when she couldn't get the seat forward, he wouldn't help her by pushing it (he was sitting RIGHT behind her it wouldn't have been tough) so he told her to get out of the car again and he went back to the driver's seat (yelling at her to hurry up and close the door. And then disaster struck...both them and Fredra arrived at the pitstop about the same time, so they had to run. Now Jonathan was whining about running with his backpack he was all "i can't do it Victoria" and she was all "come on Jonathan yes we can" so she (with a heavier bag than he) keeps on running (meanwhile Fredra is catching up and you can hear Freddy saying "all you have to do is beat let me take your bag"). All of a sudden you see Jonathan without his bag...he has dropped it on the side in the middle of Berlin. (keep in mind she is being yelled at the whole time) So she picks up the bag and is running with both of them. Of course she is having a hard time doing this...and starts to cry and Jonathan finally comes and gets his bag (whilst berating her)...they arrive at the curb by the bathmat and he pushed her bag(causing her to drop the stuff she was carrying and almost fall over). So she's sobbing, Jonathan is yelling, and Phil is looking VERY uncomfortable. He tells them they are second and Victoria runs over to sit down as she is really out of breath...Jonathan is still fuming and screaming and Phil says "Jonathan, maybe you should go talk to Victoria". Thanks Phil...I know you can't comment, but that was SOMETHING. The quote on their website is: If your going to lead, lead. If your going to follow, follow. Anything else get the fuck out of my way. We areplaying a GAME for One Million Dollars. Why am I hoping Jonathan wrote it? Because there is a grammar mistake. treating someone like that worth a million dollars? Clearly a wrecked marriage is worth it for him. I'm sorry but if I was treated that way, even in the context of a game, I'm not sure how easy it would be to forgive and continue with a marriage.
Ok, enough about them.

Hayden and Aaron were once again boring. With the exception of a run-in with Lori and Bolo whilst buying tickets. Roid rage was mad that Hayden and Aaron were going to buy Fredra's they were arguing about it and this is when Hayden made the "5'5 on steroids comment" Bolo shot back with "I'm not on steroids"...they seemed mad but after awhile he then joked "I'm still not on steroids" and all had a good laugh about heartwarming.

Kris and Jon made the mistake of taking the train to the pub to serve beer instead of a cab so they took awhile...therefore their position suffered a bit, but they were pretty quick with it. She ALWAYS has a smile on her face. It's quite refreshing.

Hilarious and emotional leg for Gus and Hera. It started with the tribute to the slaves. Each team got to walk down the walkway to the door where the slaves were taken to the boats and place a rose at the doorway. I think it was powerful for most teams, but especially powerful for Gus and Hera...they actually took a little time to think and reflect about their own ancestors having to take the same walk. He later apologized for embarassing her by crying (don't worry, she told him she wasn't embarassed). The hilarious came during the beer detour. Gus kept drinking the beer he was supposed to serve and Hera kept scolding him, telling him to stop being such a lush. He wanted to "enjoy the beer". The best came when they were leaving the pub and he was all "Hera, just go ahead, I'm picking up my bag" as he was reaching for a beer. She would have none of it and made him leave, telling him "he had problems" once they were in the cab. I like this team.

Team Hellboy had an ok leg. She was the one who talked about the people escaping from Africa. Ah to be that sheltered. He didn't threaten suicide and she didn't call him a wussy boy. They made HUGE bratwursts...a little overkill.

Apparently, team Roid Rage isn't on the 'roids. He told us so. The grossest moment of the episode came from this team. As they are making brats (let us be reminded that the meat is raw), Bolo ATE some of it. Seriously man...this is raw meat and not the "nice parts" of meat either. Then for the rest of the episode, he had a little but of sausage bit stuck on the corner of his mouth that just made me want to barf. Their big mistake was taking the train to the soapbox course; first they got on the wrong train, then they ended up with a huge walk. Ah well, they didn't get the Philimination.

The Oldersons were finally Philiminated. Since they were the last in the non-elimination leg last episode, they didn't have money. But, being good people, they couldn't bring themselves to ask the people of Senegal for money so they asked the other teams. Jonathan's one good moment was when he gave them $20 (but they had to promise to pay him back...ooops, they were eliminated so they can't). So they got lucky that the teams would do that. They got lost in Berlin and couldn't find a route marker, had to take the train everywhere...and were just generally slow. Mary Jean happened to see her reflection and said she looked 40 years older than normal. It was funny to watch her in the soapbox...she looked terrified and focused at the same time. Then she crashed at the end...quite humourous.
They had a good run...but I don't think they had the stamina to compete.

Can't wait till next week...looks like Kendra gets sick on the reverse bungee....

Quote of the week by Mary Jean: 7 inches is REALLY BIG


Anonymous said...

Great breakdown of the Race. Every episode I get so angry at Jonathon, but last night was the asolute worst. I could not believe how he was yelling at Victoria. No amount of money is worth the abuse she receives. I'd be gone. I love Gus. I was laughing so hard when he kept trying to drink the beer. I was grossed out by Bolo and the raw bratwurst. Disgusting!

Tinkerbell said...

I couldn't believe that things that Kendra was saying. I was pretty shocked. I was happy they came in 1st cuz like you said, it meant Jonathan and Victoria didn't come in 1st.

I can't believe how Jonathan treats Vicotria:( I thought Phil looked so uncomfortable standing there, listening to them fighting.

I don't really care for Hayden, Aaron, Team Hellboy, or team Roid Rage.

I like Gus and Hara, Kris and Jon and I did like the old couple. I was sad to see those teams not do well and I felt bad for Don and Mary Jean.

revswife said...

So glad you posted. We rigged our tv so that we get more channels now and we get the Race and tried so hard to stay up but could only make it through half of it. I was shocked at the absurdities coming out of Kendra's mouth. Rude.