Wednesday, December 08, 2004

amazing race 6 episode 4

I can't help but think how much funnier the episodes would be if the Jewish boys were still in the race...but alas. For me it was a pretty obvious non-elimination by the end. It just didn't have that tense build up that made me think someone would get eliminated....though perhaps I wasn't paying enough attention because I am sick.
What a comeback by Kris and Jon. Ok so I guess if you look at the results of last week versus this week, not a comeback. But considering they made a pretty big mistake, it is. I guess that's what you get for trusting the local opening times. They have now learned to go check the sign I guess. I liked their reaction to making the mistake yelling, no berating eachother just a few "man we're stupid"s and back on task. Plus, she was so happy to be in Africa even though it was smelly. Oh yeah, and Jon loved watching his girlfriend all wet and hauling salt...I'm sure he wasn't the only one.

Jonathan and Victoria had a surprisingly quiet leg. We saw a little bit of Jonathan's "softer side" in that he gave some candy to the Senegalese children and only yelled at Victoria once or twice (that we saw...and something tells me they'd show it if it was there). Jonathan did rant about finding someone that spoke english...and found one. They had him come with them for every task of the race. I hope they paid him handsomely.

Is this Lori and Bolo's highest finish so far? I think so but I'm just too lazy to check. Pretty good leg for them. Lori showed her superstar muscles with the salt carrying task. That looked like it wasn't fun. I bet if you had any nic or cut on your body it burned and burned.

I don't remember much about Hayden and Aaron this leg. She did the salt and was upset that Kris kicked her ass. Not only that, but Kris looked much hotter doing it. Ah well. Big loss of position for them on this one, but I doubt it ends up being that much time.

Freddy and Kendra might be heading for a breakdown a la Nicole of last season. I think the lack of sleep, food and comfort is getting to Kendra. She had a bit of a whiny leg and I think she realized it. She was angry with Freddy a lot about spending their money on cabs instead of hotels. I don't think Freddy has much faith in her intelligence because he was all "I shouldn't have let her do this task" when she wasn't really sure what to do with the salt. Honestly people...just READ the clue before you start the task and all should be well. (I still think he's cute).

Oh Adam and are going to loose by self distructing. Again, we see Adam's "immaturity" (for lack of a better word) come out with his "I still live with my mommy and daddy" (I'm sorry but a 27 year old should not refer to their parents that way...perhaps to their face...perhaps...but not in public). He again threatened suicide to get what he wanted buy offering to jump off the ferry because Rebecca was saying that she was having a hard time dealing with him. She was also being a bit of a bitch by berating him for getting "beat by girls" at the salt hauling challenge. First off, she was upset about him being beat by Lori...not fair, she's all muscle. But he did get beat by some others too. Mostly, he whined the whole time and that's why I would be upset. She was out of line as well. Somehow they are sticking in there.

Gus and Hera clearly chose the wrong task when it came to "stack up or pull up". They chose to fish instead of stack fish. I guess what they hopefully learned is to do the task you have the most control of. You can't control whether a fish will be caught, but you can control putting fish on a table. Hera was puking while fishing...eww. I think they're working well together. Perhaps they'll pull through. Oh and Gus...PLEASE PLEASE keep your shirt on.

Again, an emotional leg for Don and Mary Jean. He was puking all over the place when they were fishing and apparently that helped her catch fish. Who knows, maybe the puke attracted fish. Because he was sick, she had to haul salt and he felt bad about that so he cried about being proud of her...good on you Don, not afraid to show your emotions. I think that happens more with older men. Anyway, when they missed the ferry that Gus and Hera were on, Mary Jean said "son of a bitch"...for some reason that really cracked me up. They got lucky with it being a non-elimination leg. I'm wondering how easy it will be to get some money in Senegal since they got their money taken away and won't get money for the next leg as "punishment" for finishing last. Hmmm...good luck.

Overall, good episode. Line of the week: "If you're going to be my boyfriend, you have to cut your own toenails"


revswife said...

Juat what I have been waiting for! Thanks Kristen, again you have not let me down. I enjoy this much better than watching it on tv.

K said...

I had taped the first three episodes for you...but since I don't have a VCR, I did it at my mum's house. I didn't tell my mum this and she ended up taping over the episodes...
But I did tape this last one and it's set to do next week too.