Wednesday, December 01, 2004

the amazing race 6 episode 3

Yesterday was a fun day in TV. Not only was it Ken Jennings' last day on Jeopardy, but of course, it was Amazing Race day.

It was a tough episode.
Hayden and Aaron had a pretty good episode. They expended a lot of energy trying to beat kris and Jon up a hill on a bicycle built for two. Whatever pumps you up I guess.
Ken and Barbie again showed that staying calm and working together is a good idea. They pretty much let Hayden and Aaron come in first. They could have raced to the bathmat, but they all ran together these two let the others go first. Lack of killer instinct? I think they know which battles to choose.
Gus and Hera got lost in Stokholm trying to find the Ice bar...but managed to keep it together and completed the ice bar task before some people that had been there quite awhile. It's Gus's sick CIA skills. He did show his out of shapeness though...this will be their downfall.
Team Abuse was in fine form. Her nice thing to say about Jonathan was that she likes it when he yells at her. He did say "nice work" when she found the haybale clue quite quickly. Unfortunately, she was forced to do the task even though she was having a hard time breathing and he is CLEARLY stronger than her. Bah...
Hellboy and his master chose "count" instead of "build". Why oh why would you choose to count 2000+ items when you could build an Ikea desk? They have those nifty diagrams to help you even. They managed to do it after about 5 tries.
The Models did ok. I think he's cute even though he can't pronounce Ikea (he pronounced it I-key-eh). He tried to reassure Lena in the hay roadblock. I think he felt bad that she had been at it so long, and they arrived and found it pretty easily.
Team 'roid rage couldn't count pots, pans and stuffed animals either. They tried for so long without getting it right that they switched to the desk building. They managed to do that. Never pick count.
The oldies ended up getting a 30 minute penalty for stealing hellboy's car. So they left the pitstop later than they thought they would. Oh well. He almost died this leg. He also tried to cheat by telling the ikea lady that because they were 40 years older than everyone else, they had trouble with counting. He was panting while trying to talk. Finally they gave up on counting and put together the desk. I'm not sure they did it right, but the Ikea girl told them they did.
Los Mormones were the victims of bad luck. Sure they chose count, but they were the first to get it right and left Ikea in 4th place. They did nothing stupid. There were 270 haybales and 20 of them had clues in them. Somehow, Lena (who was doing the roadblock) could not catch a break and get a good hay bale. As the other teams came and went, she just kept trying. 8 hours of hay. At one point she talked about giving up but they as a team decided she should keep going because it could be a non-elimination leg. I think even Phil wanted it to be one as he came to the hay field after 8 hours of them being there and let them know that the last team had checked in over 2 hours before. He let them know it wasn't a non-elimination leg (as you could see Lena fighting the tears) so they were eliminated. When Phil asked her why she kept going, she said that she didn't want to let her sister down.
That is the major downfall of TAR...they were a good team, made smart decisions but had some really crappy luck.
I guess I need a new favourite team now.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your analysis of the race- I am so glad that I clicked on your link in Dooce's comment section! I liked the Mormon sisters too- but I have to say that Ken and Barbie are my current favorites. Mostly because they are the only team made up of a couple (that I can remember) that hasn't yelled at each other or freaked out on each other. Have a good day!


revswife said...

Enlightening. Thank you. I thoroughly enjoy your rundown each week of the race. I look forward to it every Wednesday morning. That is good reading.

K said...

I could talk about the show all the time...but people would get annoyed. This is why I must post it on the web. That way I get it out, and my friends aren't sick of hearing about it.

Tinkerbell said...

Great post again this week!!! I was on the cbs web site and found out why Hayden and Aaron came in first. I guess Aaron and Jon did rock, sissors, paper to decide who would be first and second. I guess Aaron won so they went first!!!