Wednesday, December 29, 2004

oh amazing race

Thou hath forsaken me.
First with a to be continued episode and then with a clip show.
Next week better be good.

Monday, December 27, 2004

so lucky

As I sit here and watch CBC Newsworld, I feel very lucky. In the last few days I have not been worried about an earthquake, a tsunami, a car bombing, voting corruption... Sure it's -15 (which isn't even that cold out), but I have shelter and heat and water.
I just couldn't imagine being in Sri Lanka or Thailand or India right now (or especially yesterday).
Even when I complain about the cold and the snow, I am very happy to be living here.

Friday, December 24, 2004

merry christmas-eve

I don't have a lot of time, but Merry Christmas eve. I hope everyone has a safe and happy christmas

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

the amazing race 6- episode 6 aka "worst episode ever"

Seriously though...why oh why must you do this to me oh Amazing Race. I can't even recap in order of arival at the bathmat of Philimination....because it was "to be continued". You can't do's just not fair. Ok, yes, I know that CBS can do anything they want to do but it doesn't mean I can't complain about it.
My mum would have kicked ass at the car driving part of this leg.
I guess I'll recap in the order I feel like....

Fredra...oh Kendra. I think I liked you a bit when the race started, but now not so much. But you do make me laugh. The first clue said "get to Checkpoint Charlie"...Freddy, being the smart one says "ok lets go"...Kendra "shouldn't we go back to the hotel and do some Research?". RESEARCH??? what are you going to research? It's not as if you need to write an essay on the political implications of Checkpoint Charlie during the communist regime of East Germany once you get there!! You just need to get there and read the new clue. She complained that Freddy doesn't like to be as thorough (is that how you spell that?) as she does...well Kendra, you'd still be in Sweden if Freddy didn't insist you do the race. Oh yes, and Freddy sounds like Luke looks like he flips out next episode though.

Victoria and husband had a slightly less tumultuous episode...but still plenty of yelling. They managed the weird cars quite well. But had some fabulous moments at the Berlin airport. When they missed out on tickets on the first flight to Hungaray, Jonathan flipped out. He yelled at the ticket agent, he yelled at Gus and Hera (for getting on the flight when he and Victoria did not), I'm sure he yelled at everyone he came into contact with. Come on buddy, throwing your tickets in someone's face and telling them they just lost the race for you is NOT going to help.
Now, Victoria seems to be a little on the bitchy side (with her "be the man" comments) but can you really blame her? Jonathan told her she had to be the woman and shut up. He also told her she wasn't carrying her weight on the team...hmmm, when they had to get 5 more cannon balls to complete the task, she took 4 and he took 1.

Gus and Hera are fun to watch. He was great at driving the car with the gear shift on the steering column (yup, this is why my mum would have rocked this task...the first car she drove had the stick shift on the steering column). I can just see him in his old CIA days, driving through Hungary incognito in one of those cars. He took up pretty much the entire front of it.
Once they had to do "cannon balls or catapults" he wanted to do the catapult because it looked like more fun...they had to switch because it was hard to hit the target...this meant he took his shirt off again. Nothing better than seeing a shirtless Gus hauling cannon balls. At least he put his shirt on again once the task was done...Jonathan paraded around without his for pretty much the rest of the episode. Kudos to them for staying at the Internet cafe as soon as they got there. Freddy and Kendra left as soon as they saw that it didn't open for awhile (probably to do some research)

Kris and Jon are still nice to eachother and are working well together. Since they are a long distance dating couple, maybe they haven't learned to fight yet, I don't know. But it's nice to see people working together. They had an ok episode. Ever since they took off their visors, they aren't doing as well. Perhaps they should put them back on. She was showing quite a bit of cleavage this episode...her boobs got more camera time than both her face and Hayden's boobs this week. They both got a kick out of the car...until it broke down on the side of the road. Luckily, they got a new one fairly quickly and were on their way. They have good reasoning with figuring out which task to do...they always figure out which one they have the most control over and do that one. Hopefully they can get back to the top of the pack.

Hayden and Aaron made me laugh a bit this time. She had a rough go. She is usually the driver because (as she put it) she is retarded with direction. Unfortunately, she couldn't drive the weird they got lost. Ah well...they're still in it due to the hours of operation on at the internet cafe. I think Aaron called her a psycho...

Rebecca and Adam figured that Checkpoint Charlie was where the Gestapo hung out. Perhaps they need to do some of Kendra's research. She wouldn't let him do the bungee thing because of his wussy boy status. They had big car problems as well...but some Hungarian with really tight short shorts was nice enough to help them out.

Team Roid Rage is WAAAAY behind. They had so much car trouble and I think navigating trouble that they missed the last train of the night back to Budapest. They thought they could make time up with the cannon ball task since they're so strong...but when they finished they had already missed the train. So our episode ended with them sleeping at the train station. Now the Internet cafe opens at 10pm and their train doesn't leave until 7:25 they are pretty far behind. Not sure they'll pull through.

So there we have it...not an elimination, not even a non-elimination. I don't even know if the scenes from next episode are before an elimination or not. BUT...looks like an eating challenge and Victoria is doing it. I bet Gus kills that challenge.

Hopefully the next episode brings me some closure.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

it's amazing race tuesday once more

Next on The Amazing Race
SPECIAL TIME: Tuesday, December 21 8PM ET/PT (That's 9pm MST)
While riding in a taxi, a Team member irritates the driver to the point of getting the pair kicked out.

Teams are required to drive cars unlike any they've ever seen before.

During a run-in with the law, one Racer pours on the charm to miraculously turn the situation to their benefit, while the teammate looks on in amazement.

Transportation proves disastrous for one Team as they find themselves left behind. How will this setback affect their game?

Sounds like a good episode to me. I'm quite happy about the earlier time for this week. I was worried I wouldn't be able to watch it "live" because I have to get up really early tomorrow. Hooray.

Monday, December 20, 2004

when does the tickle hating begin?

So many mentions of tickling lately have got me wondering: when does the tickle hating begin? Lets look at this picture. That is clearly a face of joy versus the face of horror that I am convinced dominates my face at the though (much less action) of being tickled. I can't think of any adult person that enjoys being tickled, yet kids seem to like it.
I remember torturing my sister with the "almost" tickle. For her, the anticipatory tickle was far more laugh-prevoking than the real tickle. Perhaps it is for that reason that we all don't like being tickled anymore...we were tortured with it.
Maybe we should get rid of weapons and just use tickles...I would do pretty much anything to make it stop....

Saturday, December 18, 2004

an apology

The following is taken from
December 16, 2004
London 2:20am
All of us have our faults. Unfortunately for me millions of viewers are getting to see mine each week. I do not abuse Victoria, what you see is a heighten version of stress and obsession mix with medication for a sickness called Sarcoidosis. What was started as a Publicity Stunt turn in to an obsession to race and be first at any cost. This is a GAME and I set out to be the Villain to others not to Victoria. Victoria and I are working on our relationship to better our self and learn from our mistakes. I am taking full responsibly for my actions on screen. Please allow me to make the effort. I am deeply saddened by the storyline that CBS went with. I am sorry for my actions, I am sorry to Victoria. Most all I am sorry to the Fans of the Amazing Race.

Friday, December 17, 2004

bus fumes and spanish

As I was walking from the parking lot today, a bus drove by. When buses go by, they seem to bring an overwhelming cloud of fumes with them. The same moment I was in my cloudy haze, two women speaking spanish walked by, and immediately I was back in Mexico City. Now, of course I wasn't, because there were only the three of us on the stretch of sidewalk, and if it was truly the "DF" (as the mexicans like to call it) there would have been a thousand people on that stretch of sidewalk.
Bus fumes and spanish I miss Mexico. Although I also want to go to South America...I'm sure that they have bus fumes there too.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

one more amazing race comment

Oh more thing...neither Freddy nor Kendra knew what a stein was. Ahh models, you can't complain that people think you're dumb when you say things like that. But don't worry, they were both more than willing to sample from the stiens on their way out the door.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

the amazing race 6 episode 5

I will call this the episode of the Ugliness. Here are some of the things heard on this leg:
-They just keep breeding and breeding
-This city is wretched (said in a cab, in front of the cab driver)
-I'd so like to be in Paris right now eating a croissant
-I would love to get out of Africa, no wonder so many people escaped (last time I cheched, these "escapees" were actually sold into slavery
-It's a big difference from the ghetto third world (while stepping into a Mercedes in Berlin)
Now none of those were spoken by Jonathan, because they are degrading places, not his wife.
The tasks in this leg included:
-a tribute to the slaves
-soabpox racing
-beer or brats (serve beer or make bratwurst)
Here's the breakdown of the teams in order of arrival at the pitstop bathmat:

Fredra aka Freddy and Kendra had a successful leg race wise. Unfortunately, 4 of the 5 above lines were spoken by Kendra. I'm surprised that Freddy didn't say anything to her about it (perhaps he did and it was edited out) because it was a very ugly moment for Kendra. Now I do understand that everyone has different reactions to situations that make them uncomfortable and this was clearly Kendra's way of dealing with it. But it seemed like a total lack of compassion. The only reason I'm glad they were first is because it meant Jonathan and Victoria weren't first.

Abuse is really the only word for the was Jonathan treated Victoria this leg. I apologize if I go on and on about it, but it was really unacceptable behaviour. Jonathan was looking a little better last leg...but all that is now forgotten. Some may say that editing can make nice people look like bad people...I mean I'm sure that Flo from the third (I think third anyway) season isn't normally nearly as whiney as they made her out to be...but even she said that you have to give them the material to make you look bad. Ok, so where do I even start. Things were actually going quite well for them (Jonathan was yelling at another team instead of Victoria at first) and then the put downs started. First, she wasn't moving fast enough after the detour, then she couldn't find the map to help him get where he needed to go. So he pulled the car over and told her to drive (not nicely)...when she couldn't get the seat forward, he wouldn't help her by pushing it (he was sitting RIGHT behind her it wouldn't have been tough) so he told her to get out of the car again and he went back to the driver's seat (yelling at her to hurry up and close the door. And then disaster struck...both them and Fredra arrived at the pitstop about the same time, so they had to run. Now Jonathan was whining about running with his backpack he was all "i can't do it Victoria" and she was all "come on Jonathan yes we can" so she (with a heavier bag than he) keeps on running (meanwhile Fredra is catching up and you can hear Freddy saying "all you have to do is beat let me take your bag"). All of a sudden you see Jonathan without his bag...he has dropped it on the side in the middle of Berlin. (keep in mind she is being yelled at the whole time) So she picks up the bag and is running with both of them. Of course she is having a hard time doing this...and starts to cry and Jonathan finally comes and gets his bag (whilst berating her)...they arrive at the curb by the bathmat and he pushed her bag(causing her to drop the stuff she was carrying and almost fall over). So she's sobbing, Jonathan is yelling, and Phil is looking VERY uncomfortable. He tells them they are second and Victoria runs over to sit down as she is really out of breath...Jonathan is still fuming and screaming and Phil says "Jonathan, maybe you should go talk to Victoria". Thanks Phil...I know you can't comment, but that was SOMETHING. The quote on their website is: If your going to lead, lead. If your going to follow, follow. Anything else get the fuck out of my way. We areplaying a GAME for One Million Dollars. Why am I hoping Jonathan wrote it? Because there is a grammar mistake. treating someone like that worth a million dollars? Clearly a wrecked marriage is worth it for him. I'm sorry but if I was treated that way, even in the context of a game, I'm not sure how easy it would be to forgive and continue with a marriage.
Ok, enough about them.

Hayden and Aaron were once again boring. With the exception of a run-in with Lori and Bolo whilst buying tickets. Roid rage was mad that Hayden and Aaron were going to buy Fredra's they were arguing about it and this is when Hayden made the "5'5 on steroids comment" Bolo shot back with "I'm not on steroids"...they seemed mad but after awhile he then joked "I'm still not on steroids" and all had a good laugh about heartwarming.

Kris and Jon made the mistake of taking the train to the pub to serve beer instead of a cab so they took awhile...therefore their position suffered a bit, but they were pretty quick with it. She ALWAYS has a smile on her face. It's quite refreshing.

Hilarious and emotional leg for Gus and Hera. It started with the tribute to the slaves. Each team got to walk down the walkway to the door where the slaves were taken to the boats and place a rose at the doorway. I think it was powerful for most teams, but especially powerful for Gus and Hera...they actually took a little time to think and reflect about their own ancestors having to take the same walk. He later apologized for embarassing her by crying (don't worry, she told him she wasn't embarassed). The hilarious came during the beer detour. Gus kept drinking the beer he was supposed to serve and Hera kept scolding him, telling him to stop being such a lush. He wanted to "enjoy the beer". The best came when they were leaving the pub and he was all "Hera, just go ahead, I'm picking up my bag" as he was reaching for a beer. She would have none of it and made him leave, telling him "he had problems" once they were in the cab. I like this team.

Team Hellboy had an ok leg. She was the one who talked about the people escaping from Africa. Ah to be that sheltered. He didn't threaten suicide and she didn't call him a wussy boy. They made HUGE bratwursts...a little overkill.

Apparently, team Roid Rage isn't on the 'roids. He told us so. The grossest moment of the episode came from this team. As they are making brats (let us be reminded that the meat is raw), Bolo ATE some of it. Seriously man...this is raw meat and not the "nice parts" of meat either. Then for the rest of the episode, he had a little but of sausage bit stuck on the corner of his mouth that just made me want to barf. Their big mistake was taking the train to the soapbox course; first they got on the wrong train, then they ended up with a huge walk. Ah well, they didn't get the Philimination.

The Oldersons were finally Philiminated. Since they were the last in the non-elimination leg last episode, they didn't have money. But, being good people, they couldn't bring themselves to ask the people of Senegal for money so they asked the other teams. Jonathan's one good moment was when he gave them $20 (but they had to promise to pay him back...ooops, they were eliminated so they can't). So they got lucky that the teams would do that. They got lost in Berlin and couldn't find a route marker, had to take the train everywhere...and were just generally slow. Mary Jean happened to see her reflection and said she looked 40 years older than normal. It was funny to watch her in the soapbox...she looked terrified and focused at the same time. Then she crashed at the end...quite humourous.
They had a good run...but I don't think they had the stamina to compete.

Can't wait till next week...looks like Kendra gets sick on the reverse bungee....

Quote of the week by Mary Jean: 7 inches is REALLY BIG

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

it's amazing race tuesday

It's the best day of the this episode:
-One Racer is overwhelmed with emotion, breaking down with tears at a stop along the course.
We know this is a tribute to the slaves. I can't imagine what that would be like. Much like jewish people visiting a holocost memorial. I'm sure it was a powerful experience for him, hopefully it spurs he and Hera along.

-While completing a Detour, one team member takes the liberty of sampling the handled goods to the exasperation and disgust of fellow Racers.
Why do I have the feeling it's Jonathan??? Or maybe Bolo?

-Tempers flare during a rush for tickets at the airport where one Team is angered by two Teams working together.
Maybe this is the incident that causes Hayden to say to Bolo "just because you're 5'5 and on steroids"...we saw this in the preview last week.

-A footrace to the Pit Stop brings one team to the breaking point.
Hmmmmm.....I'm hoping it's drama queen Hellboy and Rebecca

I'm sure it will be a fun episode for Don and Mary Jean as they will have to beg for money in Senegal. I wonder if they will have changed the rules from last year where some teams asked people for money even before it was their time to start the leg of the race. For some reason that seemed unfair to me.
Anyway, happy viewing...

Monday, December 13, 2004

busy weekends

I need a rest already and I've only been at work for 50 minutes. So much to do over the weekends. The good news is, I'm almost done my Christmas shopping. The bad news is, I'm not done yet.
Oh well...I will rest when I have my week off.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

smells like camping

I have been sitting here for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out why my house smells like burning. Then I realized it was me. I was near a fire this evening.
I never said I was a smart one now did I?

Friday, December 10, 2004

christmas shopping

I have decided to be relaxed whilst shopping for the rest of my christmas stuff.
I think the only thing that may foil my plan is if it is too hot wherever I am shopping. That always cranks me up.
Here's to cool temperatures everywhere...(except outside)

Thursday, December 09, 2004


It's crazy how fast a chinook can warm this place up. This morning it went from -14 to -4 in about 2 minutes. 2 MINUTES!!!!
Oh warm winds, how I love thee (except for how much you hurt my head)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

amazing race 6 episode 4

I can't help but think how much funnier the episodes would be if the Jewish boys were still in the race...but alas. For me it was a pretty obvious non-elimination by the end. It just didn't have that tense build up that made me think someone would get eliminated....though perhaps I wasn't paying enough attention because I am sick.
What a comeback by Kris and Jon. Ok so I guess if you look at the results of last week versus this week, not a comeback. But considering they made a pretty big mistake, it is. I guess that's what you get for trusting the local opening times. They have now learned to go check the sign I guess. I liked their reaction to making the mistake yelling, no berating eachother just a few "man we're stupid"s and back on task. Plus, she was so happy to be in Africa even though it was smelly. Oh yeah, and Jon loved watching his girlfriend all wet and hauling salt...I'm sure he wasn't the only one.

Jonathan and Victoria had a surprisingly quiet leg. We saw a little bit of Jonathan's "softer side" in that he gave some candy to the Senegalese children and only yelled at Victoria once or twice (that we saw...and something tells me they'd show it if it was there). Jonathan did rant about finding someone that spoke english...and found one. They had him come with them for every task of the race. I hope they paid him handsomely.

Is this Lori and Bolo's highest finish so far? I think so but I'm just too lazy to check. Pretty good leg for them. Lori showed her superstar muscles with the salt carrying task. That looked like it wasn't fun. I bet if you had any nic or cut on your body it burned and burned.

I don't remember much about Hayden and Aaron this leg. She did the salt and was upset that Kris kicked her ass. Not only that, but Kris looked much hotter doing it. Ah well. Big loss of position for them on this one, but I doubt it ends up being that much time.

Freddy and Kendra might be heading for a breakdown a la Nicole of last season. I think the lack of sleep, food and comfort is getting to Kendra. She had a bit of a whiny leg and I think she realized it. She was angry with Freddy a lot about spending their money on cabs instead of hotels. I don't think Freddy has much faith in her intelligence because he was all "I shouldn't have let her do this task" when she wasn't really sure what to do with the salt. Honestly people...just READ the clue before you start the task and all should be well. (I still think he's cute).

Oh Adam and are going to loose by self distructing. Again, we see Adam's "immaturity" (for lack of a better word) come out with his "I still live with my mommy and daddy" (I'm sorry but a 27 year old should not refer to their parents that way...perhaps to their face...perhaps...but not in public). He again threatened suicide to get what he wanted buy offering to jump off the ferry because Rebecca was saying that she was having a hard time dealing with him. She was also being a bit of a bitch by berating him for getting "beat by girls" at the salt hauling challenge. First off, she was upset about him being beat by Lori...not fair, she's all muscle. But he did get beat by some others too. Mostly, he whined the whole time and that's why I would be upset. She was out of line as well. Somehow they are sticking in there.

Gus and Hera clearly chose the wrong task when it came to "stack up or pull up". They chose to fish instead of stack fish. I guess what they hopefully learned is to do the task you have the most control of. You can't control whether a fish will be caught, but you can control putting fish on a table. Hera was puking while fishing...eww. I think they're working well together. Perhaps they'll pull through. Oh and Gus...PLEASE PLEASE keep your shirt on.

Again, an emotional leg for Don and Mary Jean. He was puking all over the place when they were fishing and apparently that helped her catch fish. Who knows, maybe the puke attracted fish. Because he was sick, she had to haul salt and he felt bad about that so he cried about being proud of her...good on you Don, not afraid to show your emotions. I think that happens more with older men. Anyway, when they missed the ferry that Gus and Hera were on, Mary Jean said "son of a bitch"...for some reason that really cracked me up. They got lucky with it being a non-elimination leg. I'm wondering how easy it will be to get some money in Senegal since they got their money taken away and won't get money for the next leg as "punishment" for finishing last. Hmmm...good luck.

Overall, good episode. Line of the week: "If you're going to be my boyfriend, you have to cut your own toenails"

Monday, December 06, 2004

tomorrow is amazing race tuesday

From the cbs site:
-Four Teams fall behind when some locals give them bad information.

-One teammate gets sick while trying to complete a Detour. To the Team's surprise, it helps them accomplish the task quicker.

-One seemingly fit Racer struggles through a Roadblock, watching others easily complete the task, taunted and chided all the while by the teammate watching in frustration from the sidelines.

-Overcome by his partner's effort during a task, one Racer breaks down in tears of appreciation.

Ok, so I know that the racer that breaks down is Don because I saw that on "scenes from our next episode" last week. Also, I think it's Hellboy/Adam that gets taunted and chided due to the "you're letting a girl beat you" comment from Rebecca on last weeks preview...I'm sorry but the "girl" she was talking about was Lori and she's stronger that most people. I don't really have any guesses about the other two...getting sick making you quicker eh? Not sure if that would work in a food challenge, but maybe.

Any other guesses?

national day of remembrance

Today is National day of remembrance and action on violence against women.
15 years ago, Canada's worst multiple shooting occured. 14 women died because they were women.
It's sad that I feel like I should be lucky that something like that hasn't happened to me nor someone I have known. It makes me angry that I should have to feel lucky. But I do. I'm also happy to be living in a country where we can recognize that it is wrong to discriminate against women and also happy to be living in a place where a man can go to jail for beating his wife.

note to self, learn to edit before posting.
also, men, i am also glad that women can go to jail for beating their husbands...i just thought that the wife comment was appropriate for such an occasion.

christmas cheer

Nothing fills me with Christmas cheer more than a group of yodelers yodelling 'till the cows come home.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

"insider video" information

Well, being the true geek that I am, I watched some of the insider videos on the TAR website. Apparently first and second place for this leg were decided by the old rock/paper/scissors method (which is trully infallible, especially in trivial persuit). Aaron picked paper and Ken/Jon picked rock. So that's how they did it.

Another revalation from the insider video...the producers and Phil CLEARLY dislike Jonathan. One of the videos has Victoria talking about Jon and how if he only commented on her downfalls once it would be ok, but he persists and repeats it until she snaps. The caption on the video says something like "Victoria talks about what bothers her about Jonathan...surprise it's about his attitude"
Also, Phil seems increadibly sarcastic when he talks about Jonathan in his "Phil's Diaries". It's like he's disappointed they're still in the race.
Good times.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

the amazing race 6 episode 3

Yesterday was a fun day in TV. Not only was it Ken Jennings' last day on Jeopardy, but of course, it was Amazing Race day.

It was a tough episode.
Hayden and Aaron had a pretty good episode. They expended a lot of energy trying to beat kris and Jon up a hill on a bicycle built for two. Whatever pumps you up I guess.
Ken and Barbie again showed that staying calm and working together is a good idea. They pretty much let Hayden and Aaron come in first. They could have raced to the bathmat, but they all ran together these two let the others go first. Lack of killer instinct? I think they know which battles to choose.
Gus and Hera got lost in Stokholm trying to find the Ice bar...but managed to keep it together and completed the ice bar task before some people that had been there quite awhile. It's Gus's sick CIA skills. He did show his out of shapeness though...this will be their downfall.
Team Abuse was in fine form. Her nice thing to say about Jonathan was that she likes it when he yells at her. He did say "nice work" when she found the haybale clue quite quickly. Unfortunately, she was forced to do the task even though she was having a hard time breathing and he is CLEARLY stronger than her. Bah...
Hellboy and his master chose "count" instead of "build". Why oh why would you choose to count 2000+ items when you could build an Ikea desk? They have those nifty diagrams to help you even. They managed to do it after about 5 tries.
The Models did ok. I think he's cute even though he can't pronounce Ikea (he pronounced it I-key-eh). He tried to reassure Lena in the hay roadblock. I think he felt bad that she had been at it so long, and they arrived and found it pretty easily.
Team 'roid rage couldn't count pots, pans and stuffed animals either. They tried for so long without getting it right that they switched to the desk building. They managed to do that. Never pick count.
The oldies ended up getting a 30 minute penalty for stealing hellboy's car. So they left the pitstop later than they thought they would. Oh well. He almost died this leg. He also tried to cheat by telling the ikea lady that because they were 40 years older than everyone else, they had trouble with counting. He was panting while trying to talk. Finally they gave up on counting and put together the desk. I'm not sure they did it right, but the Ikea girl told them they did.
Los Mormones were the victims of bad luck. Sure they chose count, but they were the first to get it right and left Ikea in 4th place. They did nothing stupid. There were 270 haybales and 20 of them had clues in them. Somehow, Lena (who was doing the roadblock) could not catch a break and get a good hay bale. As the other teams came and went, she just kept trying. 8 hours of hay. At one point she talked about giving up but they as a team decided she should keep going because it could be a non-elimination leg. I think even Phil wanted it to be one as he came to the hay field after 8 hours of them being there and let them know that the last team had checked in over 2 hours before. He let them know it wasn't a non-elimination leg (as you could see Lena fighting the tears) so they were eliminated. When Phil asked her why she kept going, she said that she didn't want to let her sister down.
That is the major downfall of TAR...they were a good team, made smart decisions but had some really crappy luck.
I guess I need a new favourite team now.

today is world aids day

More can be found out about it at the world aids day website
Apparently I can show my support by wearing a virtual red ribbon. We'll see if it works

Support World AIDS Day