Tuesday, November 30, 2004

want to make me swear?

It's pretty easy really.
At 7:35 am (that time where it's not really dark but not really light) start running accross the street just as it turns red. Then, start crossing your next street on the green arrow and make a "what the fuck do you think you're doing, I'm the pedestrian, I have the right of way" face as the line of cars starts to go....pause in the middle so that the car in front of me thinks you've come to your senses and starts to move (hence I also start to move) and then take that back and start walking again so that we all have to hit the breaks because not only are you in the way, but the arrow has ended and the car in front of me is about to get hit by oncoming traffic...why? BECAUSE YOU ARE STUPID!
(i love mornings....)


The Rev said...

Are you complaining? I love that this post comes IMMEDIATELY after your "complainers" post.

K said...

yup...i couldn't have planned it any better myself. oh wait, i did plan it...ummm...yes.