Monday, November 15, 2004

things that make me wonder...

Why are we so obsessed with "stars"? So we really think that their lives are really that much more fabulous than ours because they have so much more money than we do?
Sure, Brittany has bajillions of dollars, but do those dollars buy class? Do they buy happiness? Is she really that much better than I am? I will admit that she looks a lot better in a bikini than I do...but besides that, what makes her better than me or you or the guy sitting beside you on the bus? AND...what makes us think we have the right to know what's going on in her life. There are hours and hours of television dedicated to her and her alone (well, and that guy she had the one day marriage with, and that guy she's married to now...and that lady that has had the children of the guy she's married to). Why oh why on earth do we care? And why do people use the phrase "it's the price she has to pay for being famous" to justify prying in her life. People wonder why Shania lives in a hidey-hole in Switzerland...I DON'T

That Jessica she has set herself up for prying. It's her own fault for agreeing to have her life on TV. But she doesn't seem to, she has seen a huge boost in her career because of that. I feel a little bad for her husband Nick though. His career is going nowhere...and I sincerely doubt it will ever go anywhere ever again. She likes to flaunt that in her underhanded passive agressive "we'll take my card because I have more money" way. Don't worry Nick, you've known how to do your own laundry since the age of 10...your wife just learned last year.
My least favourite moment of the first season of the Newleyweds? That damn Christmas episode where the then blonde Ashlee Simpson kept on with her "Merry Christmas" talking during the song.
My favourite moment on the first season of the Newlyweds? When Nick falls whilst skiing, throws is ski pole into the ground and it bounces back and hits him on the head.
That is all....


revswife said...

Britney does not look better than you in a bathing suit, she is a cow! Mooooo! My favorite part of Jessica and Nick I don't know what episode or what season, was the one where she was trying to cook chicken and she was practically naked. The chicken was spattering everywhere on her! Cheap entertainment is all it is.

Anonymous said...

My favorite was when she was eating "chicken of the sea" and didn't realize that it was tuna.

Bumbling Bav said...

The skiing one rocked! My husband laughed so hard... he said it reminded him of me trying to ski. Ha ha!

Is it true that they have split up? Not that it matters, well ok he is hot.

Love your blog!