Tuesday, November 30, 2004

it's tuesday

And that means it's Amazing Race Tuesday.

Next on The Amazing RaceTuesday, November 30 10PM ET/PT
-One Team is hit with a surprise leaving the Pit Stop that lights a fire under them to race hard for the entire leg.

-A simple Detour task turns grueling driving several teams to switch tasks out of frustration, and bringing another team to its knees with exhaustion.
-One Racer is touched by the effort of her teammate, who battles through what seems like an impossible task. Will the Racer's persistence pay off in the end?
-During a Detour, a screaming match between teammates prompts sideline comments from other Teams. Could the constant bickering cause the Team to break down?

Hmmm. Not sure what this surprise will be. Maybe a new rule is revealed.
I'm thinking that maybe gus battles through an almost impossible task or perhaps it's Mary Jean. For some reason I think it's someone a little older.
And the screaming match has to be either a Jon/Victoria moment or a Lori/Bolo moment. Because of the sideline comments, I think it's a Jon/Victoria thing.
They have a website by the way: jonathan and victoria. She also has her own website...I guess she was a playboy bunny. She's small and cute like a bunny I guess.

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