Monday, November 22, 2004

interpretive dance

Interpretive dance is probably quite lovely in the right setting.
It felt weird to see it today. I couldn't understand why she would want to do an interpretive dance in a skirt and heels.
To each her own I suppose.


The Rev said...

I trying my hardest to not say (write) something because Lori and I agreed that we wouldn't "pick apart" the service. You don't understand how badly I want to write a big long post about the whole thing.

revswife said...

At least she was having fun up there :)

To comment on Steve's, we were just rather perterbed that there were so many special things going on because the kids would not stay that long in service or out. They have a one hour time slot and when it is up, it's up. It was nice to whisper a hello though to our friends "Uncle Jordan" and "Aunty Kristen".

K said...

I could not believe how looong it was. And the utter shock when there was yet another songster song. I'm sure that for the people who were moved it was a great service...but I got lost along the way. I guess I just can't sit still for that long.