Saturday, November 13, 2004

diversity in the hood

My new "hood" is definitely interesting. When I left my back door today, I walked by:
-2 Christian churches that aren't exactly known for their acceptance of differences
-2 Bhuddist temples
-one of the best Chinese restaurants in the city
-one of the best italian restaurants in the city
-the best italian market in the city
-a store for real witches
-4 toyotas of varying shades of boring parked in a row
-a honda civic with the words "Proud Pagan" on the back

This is the same hood in which my sister (whilst waiting for the bus) was told she was going to burn in hell for eternity if she didn't accept Jesus Christ into her life at that moment. Why oh why do people think that sends a good message?!?! Ok, maybe it works for some people. But for the vast majority, they see that as a sign of ignorance and well, just plain mean-ness.
I once saw a bumper sticker that said "God save us from your followers" and even though I think in that particular case, it wasn't really meant as a good thing, sometimes I think stuff like that is bang on.

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The Rev said...

So can I put a link on my blog to you or what? Please don't erase everything and give up. I too (like Lori) have been waiting for you (or anyone from Calgary for that matter) to blog. Looking forward for posts to come.