Wednesday, November 24, 2004

the amazing race 6 episode 2

Tuesday hath come and gone, as has another episode of the best show on television. It looks like judging from the previews from next week's episode (some sort of frustrating task in an Ikea warehouse) they are hitting most of Scandinavia this season. The poor poor people of Scandinavia...
I think we had an amazing race first in that the teams had to form two teams and work together to row accross a fjord in a viking boat. One boat rocked, the other was disasterous. We also discovered that there is a "new rule" stating that any one individual can only do SIX roadblocks in the race. This would have killed Chip and Kim last season.
Team Boring(Kris and Jon) had a great leg of the race. Again, even though they finished first, not much focus on them because they seem to be focused on winning the race. So far they are nice to eachother and supportive. Apparently that doesn't make good TV.
Team Abuse/Botox(Jonathan and Victoria) managed to come in second. Clearly because of Jonathan's stellar map reading skills because he was "so proud of himself" whilst his wife needed to "look inside herself". In one of those out of race interview moments, Jonathan said that Victoria's big weakness was that she was a person who panics. Well dude, your big weakness is that you're an ass. Maybe you should use your Jedi mind tricks on yourself. You must actually have them and are using them on your wife so that she stays with you.
Team Comeback(Gus and Hera) had a GREAT leg. Maybe his CIA skills are what helped them navigate and play those Viking games. I wonder how the people of Norway feel to be represented by Viking games...ah well. I thought they worked together quite well. We learned from Gus that they are both stubborn. In this case though, I think daughter will usually back down to CIA man's convictions.
Team disaster iminent (Hayden and Aaron) had a frustrating leg. Kudos to Aaron for keeping it together after a disasterous roller ski experience. When he cracked himself on that stone wall and managed not to blow up I was surprised. I could see the danger a rumbling as she kept up with the "sorry baby" the entire roller ski trip. They fought most of the way in the car. My favourite moment was his out of the race interview where he said "she's bossy...but I like that about her". He sounds kind of whipped to me.
Team 'roid rage (Lori and Bolo) seemed a little more laid back this leg, though their roller ski experience wasn't very good either. Actually, I'm having a hard time remembering much about their performance this leg. I do know it was funny to watch the muscle twins roller ski though.
Team hellboy (Adam and Rebecca) know how to manipulate eachother. She made him take his sunglasses off in the boat so that he could see better while rowing. He left the glasses in the boat and yelled at her for it. He is not going to speak to her ever again if she says something about him taking off glasses ever again. She chose the perfect time to tell him that she wasn't sure she was 'feeling it' between them the train station. He decides that the best way to deal with that is to threaten suicide by jumping on the tracks. Good move hellboy. She was glad that he was "very remorseful" about their fight. Good luck to the two of them. (oh yes, and he cried for his mommy whilst doing the zip line down the ski jump)
Team Oldy Olderson(Don and Mary Jean) had one of the best lines of the episode. When buying train tickets, Don asked if there was a senior discount, "you know, for old people". It was fantastic. They had a couple of falling outs. Mary Jean was "pissed off" because they had agreed at the beginning of the race that she would do all of the non-strength height related detours. When it came to this week's, Don immediately did it. This might bite them in the ass if they make it more than 6 episodes. They ended up in tears on the way to the pit stop because they were apologizing to eachother. It was cute.
Team more models (Freddy and Kendra) almost lost the race on a technicality this episode. They thought they had lost the clue (cue the shot of the clue on the ground in the parking lot not far from where they were standing) so they took another envelope from the clue box. Now, it's not as if they were taking one that another team needed, because they were the last to leave. BUT apparently it was against the rules. So once they got to the pit stop, they were assessed a 30 minute penalty. Oh the crying, fretting and worrying that went on. But they still managed to hang on. As I thought last week, Kendra did get a bit annoyed with Freddy's encouragement and told him to shut up while she was trying to be an archer.
Los Mormones (Lena and Kristy) had a brilliant first part of the race and a not so brilliant finish. They found a teenage boy on the plane to Norway that was willing to be their guide for as long as he could. This worked very well for them thought he admitted that if they were "big hairy men" he wouldn't be helping them. Once this guide left, they got horribly lost on the way to the pit stop and just squeaked in (maybe, you can never tell with the editing) in 9th.
Team Queens (Meredith and Maria) should have learned to drive a stick shift before the race. Poor Maria in her Carebear themed headband had a really rough go at driving. Because of that Meredith "let her" do the zip line. Thank goodness Meredith didn't let her impatience show when Maria couldn't drive because she didn't even OFFER to try it herself. When Maria started crying I thought it was pver, but she sucked it up and went on. Good for them. Too bad they were so far behind.

Anyway, that's how I saw the episode. I definitely like the new rule about the roadblocks. I think it could get interesting near the end when people are weighing out which team member should do it. Do you risk losing this leg because the next roadblock could be even harder for a particular team member or do you take it one leg at a time?
I'm guessing the Yield will not return.


revswife said...

Thank you Kristen. Team Oldy Olderson here could not stay up and watch our fuzzy snowball version of the race, your is much better anyhow. I look forward to next week's break down.

K said...

perhaps you will get to see it. i have set my mum's vcr to tape it just in case i can't stay up that late. so perhaps i can deliver a few episodes to you in a few weeks.

Tinkerbell said...

I watched The Amazing Race last night and I thought it was good!!! I agree, I like the new rule with only doing six roadblocks. This is great, I like coming here and getting your thoughts on the show. I hope you keep it up for the rest of the race!!!