Wednesday, November 17, 2004

the Amazing Race 6-episode 1 we all know that the best show on TV is The Amazing Race. I have been watching since the first season and I'm an addict.
Here's my rundown after episode one:
Pretty good first episode. They've done a good job of letting us know who the "villains" are and who the "good guys" are. I'll talk about the teams in the order they arrived at the pitstop Bathmat.
Hayden and Aaron (no nickname so far): good leg for them obviously. She seems to like to talk about how the other teams treat eachother. I think she's trying to talk as much as she can so that her model/actor dating partner doesn't tell us all how much of a bitch she is.
Kris and Jon (I'll call them team boring for now): For a team that came in second at the pitstop, I sure don't remember much about them. She was wearing a pink bandana right? I'm sure they'll get less boring as time goes on.
Lena and Kristy (los Mormones): I was looking forward to this team when I found out they were mormons. You see Lena is a bit of a "bad girl" at heart. She has taught strip aerobics plus she's 23, mormon, and not married yet. But don't let innocent Kristy fool you...she said "oh my god" at the ice climb. Clearly she should have said "Oh my Joseph Smith" so she can't be totally mormon. I am wondering if her husband died or if she is a single mother. Anyway, they seem like nice gals and they seemed to be having a lot of fun as well.
Freddy and Kendra (team more models): More models...hooray. He let us know how much older and more mature he was because he is a whole 10 years older than Kendra. According to the bio page, he is actually 9 years older...this makes him a liar. They seemed to do ok this leg. I would have jabbed my ice axe into his eye once I got up the ice wall if I had been Kendra. "That's it, nice and methodical" (does he know what that means?) "come on baby, you can do it" gets REALLY old after awhile...I think he said it the entire time she was climbing the wall. You need to save that stuff and say it sporadically...that's when it helps.
Jonathan and Victoria (team abusive husband): Where do I start with these people? The only thing more humiliating than being verbally abused your entire life is to have to go home and watch yourself being humiliated like that on TV and knowing that not only are millions of people watching it, but so are your friends and family. "I'm getting a divorce" actually came out of this scumbag when they were looking for the best time at the tents. So did "I should have brought another partner" Honestly short man, where do you get off treating her that way. Yup, you're short and rich. And a jerk. I hope she realizes that and gets out of that marriage with an ounce of self esteem remaining. I loved that the boat driver told him to sit down and move right after he yelled at Victoria for telling him to sit down and get out of the drivers way.
Lori and Bolo (team 'roid rage): If nothing, they are entertaining. Professional wrestlers eh? They bragged that they weren't worried about pain...fewer than 10 minutes in, he was complaining about hurting himself. They were doing pretty well until she freaked out when Bolo was getting directions and she noticed that another team drove by. Instead of calmly finishing getting the directions so that they wouldn't get lost, she made him leave in mid direction getting (and it was a bus driver giving them...he drives around iceland for a living, i bet he knows where to go). Because of that, they went from a potential 2nd place to 6th. Lori-you have to learn that saying "we're last, i know it, and it's your fault" means that you aren't and you'll look like an idiot. Bolo- you're huge. Best line by them was when she yelled at him angrily AFTER they found out they were in sixth not last with "blue hair beat us". I thought she was going to explode.
Adam and Rebecca (team hellboy): They are weird. I'm wondering what their relationship was like. They are also dumb. I'm sure they saw season 3 where pretty much everyone wrecked their cars by putting regular gas in deisel engines. Why do I know this? Rebecca said (at the gas station before filling) "this doesn't take deisel does it?" to which Adam replied "no". Cue shot of her putting regular gas into the car and a close up of the big red "deisel" sticker on the fuel door. At least they realized their mistake at the gas station. To show how dumb he really is, when the mechanic told him how a siphon works (in that you have to suck it a bit to get it to work) he said "we're going to have to suck 90 litres of gas out". Riiiight. How many things are wrong with that sentence? He also walks and runs funny. I don't remember much about her...except for the good hustle racing to the bathmat.
Meredith and Maria (team queens/won't be around much longer if they don't smarten up): L-u-c-k-y you ain't got no alibi you LUCKY *clap clap* you LUCKY!!!! The race people really want to make it a "good race" by bunching people up clearly. Otherwise these two would have been very last. I feel a little bad for them, they seem like they're in over their head. They were about to turn into the waterfall and followed people an hour and a half past it. Oh dear. Previews from next episode show pink headband girl crying...not surprising.
Don and Mary Jean (team oldy olderson): We'll see about them. She would rather die than finish last. She didn't care if they died in a footrace to Phil and the blonde Icelandic princess. What she didn't think about is that if they are dead, they are eliminated from the race. You can't win the million if you're dead. Try to at least stay alive.
Gus and Hera (team bound to lose): They will not win. Do they not realize that parent/child teams don't win? They don't have the killer instinct. His hat cracked me up, while everyone else was wearing a toque, he was wearing his Panama Jack hat. He used to be in the CIA so perhaps he can get the other teams picked off one by one by international spies. That is the only way they'll win. I loved the look of utter disgust that one girl (Kris maybe?) gave him as he was bathing in the snow. I imagine Hera appreciated the attempt at cleanliness because he seems like he would be a smelly guy without a shower. apparently he has flown in an open cockpit plane in Antarctica...perhaps they have more of a chance than i thought
Last but not least:
Avi and Joe (team oy vey): I always feel bad for the first team off, so I feel bad for them. But...NEVER PICK SEARCH!!! Only search for stuff if you HAVE to, it sucks and it's frustrating. Plus it's never as much fun. It's probably best that they didn't last longer because it would have been tough to win with such strict dietary restrictions. I think it's only Avi that refused to eat anything non-kosher...but that would likely still get in the way of some challenges. I kept wanting to call them Ari and Fleisher. Oh well. Anyway, they were the first to be Philiminated on the bathmat of shame. Better luck next time boys. I guess Brooklyn isn't better than Queens (as indicated by Avi in the race).

I'm sure I'll think of more to say about the race...but it will have to wait.
I love this show!


revswife said...

A millions thank yous to you Kristen. We have no reception for our t.v and can't get the show. I love that you mapped it all out for us. Thank you!

K said...

do you have an antenna? (is that how you spell that?) that should help if you don't. also apparently changing your tv setting from "cable" to "air" is supposed to do something too...i tried it and it didn't work for me but i have heard claims that it works.
I will be taping the episodes starting next week because I usually have yoga until 9 so perhaps you can borrow my tapes.

revswife said...

Thanks, you are a dear. that how you stay so skinny?

Tinkerbell said...

I watched the Amazing Race in the summer and found it to be an awesome show!!! I watched Tuesday's show and couldn't believe all the yelling going on. I hope the people that are doing the yelling will be gone and soon!!! Thanx for your input on the show, great summary!!!